Is it time to stop taking the Birth Control Pill?

Is it time to stop taking the Pill? A new book asks whether the tide of risks has gone too far

By Sophie Morris
Last updated at 8:46 AM on 24th August 2009

So, the common person still has some sense left in them that drugs / pharmaceuticals are harmful for your health. These “pills” are so non-paleo diet – so non-paleo lifestyle – they are outright harmful to people’s health pretty obvious if they still had some common sense left in them. Hello… fertility is a sign of good health… infertility is a sign of poor health.

I always loved my wife too much to allow her to poison herself. Even in those times I was non-paleo and did not know anything about healing I knew these things were harmful.

Posted this here because women are made to “eat” this harmful stuff.

My answer is: There was never a really good time to take these monstrosities that pervert the natural healthy human body. What has happened is the same greed for profits and the human greed for sex without “consequences” they call babies… which they now promote as a virtue calling it “safe sex”.

No decent true healer will ever recommend taking birth control pills.


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