Tuberculosis Fighting Diet of my 8 year old boy this 1st day of September

This is a run down of my eldest boy’s food intake for the day.  This boy has been through the beam ray treatments so any tuberculosis germs should be obliterated.  He’s not coughing and he has no mucus no cold.  We got rid of all colds and coughs in the house when I clamped down on the diet to an almost paleo diet.

Today they left early for school and the boys were able to play for 20 minutes in the playground and exposed to sunlight.

Breakfast was rambutan fruit plus 1 fertilized raw duck egg yolk.

In school my boy had for lunch lightly seared in ghee (3 seconds per side) – tanguige fish filet from a 5 kilo whole fish I bought yesterday.

Strange he said he ate no merienda.  We ran out of rambutan.  The kids did drink some freshly squeezed maasim (sour?) dalandan juice plus water when I got home around 5:30pm.

Dinner was a feast of oysters in several disinfecting dips: freshly squeezed lemon + some sea salt, sukang tuba (coconut vinegar), sukang iloko (sugar cane vinegar from ilokos)

I supplemented his dinner with freshly killed raw beef bone marrow and freshly killed raw beef sirloin.

He ate mostly oysters.  He loves oysters.  I remember gorging on a lot of oysters a few months ago until I hit my limit.  Seems my boy hasn’t hit his limit yet.  Maybe my boy is zinc deficient.  Zinc deficiency makes children fail to thrive.  Maybe this is why he likes oysters so much.  Now he wants me to buy live oysters in the shell instead of shelled oysters in a bag.

Last night he had halaan (clams) plus white rice with raw duck egg yolks on the rice.  Trying the high everything diet on him once a week.

I have been supervising his major meals every single day to the point of spoonfeeding him and me doing the marketing and food preparation / food preparation supervision.

Maybe every single day of nutritious meals will make him bounce up in weight.  Right now he is still slim, but I noticed he is very active and very strong and very playful.

Raw oysters, raw beef bone marrow, raw beef sirloin
Raw oysters, raw beef bone marrow, raw beef sirloin

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