Durian everyday is making me gain weight on my raw paleo diet!

Wow, it seems durian every single day as my fruit for the past few weeks is making me gain weight. This is a good departure from my plateauing weight status on raw paleo diet.

For many months now I have been stuck in the 121 lbs to 123 lbs weight are around 20.5 BMI while on raw paleo diet. My diet is fruits in season in the morning… raw fatty animal food at lunch and raw fatty animal food at dinner.

This time I’m looking at noticing the bowel movement activating effects of fruits. There are some fruits that prove to activate my bowels prematurely. I can feel the subtle aches inside and flush go my bowels. My theory is that there is something good about those all meat diets some people are on because the bowels are kept “solid” feeling.

Durian is technically a fruit but it does none of that gurgling or activating of my bowels prematurely. My theory is that just to be on durian and meat will keep my stomach quiet for a while. Calm bowels will make for optimum nutrient absorption, thus fattening. I’m concerned that my bowel transit times are TOO FAST … 12 hours or less.

I will be applying this lesson I’ve learned on myself to my own 8 year old boy who needs some fattening up. This week we have agreed that he and I be on a durian and meat only diet.

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