8 year old Boy’s Primary Complex / TB cure progress – Solid Stools

Our 8 year old boy is progressing nicely.  I’m satisfied, my wife is satisfied.  From my wife’s point of view, he now seems to be gaining weight.  From my point of view, there are several symptoms that have been resolved and all are linked to his digestive and food absorptive capacities.

Remember when muscle testing Mr. Dy Liacco said he had polyps in his large intestines?  And when Dr. Bien Castro said the rough spot on his right arm is linked to his large intestines? And he had eczematic excretions on his right arm which could also be linked with the large intestine?

I concentrated on healing his large intestines with fully cooked fatty pork liempo and Henry Bieler’s soup made with zucchini, parsley and string beans.  The improvement is as follows:

  • no more gurgling in his stomach, my boy now has a solid gut
  • solid formed poops instead of scattered poops
  • eczematic lesions in left arm disappeared
  • right arm rough spot is receding

To make sure he maintains this, I feed my boy bieler’s soup some 2 or 3 times a week.  I still feed him rare fatty beef.  But I have allowed him to eat some rice.

I have banned him from eating raw vegetables as I do not want upset stomachs, and I have told my wife not to give virgin coconut oil for hard stools.  As long as he eats non tummy upsetting fruit and lots of beef fat, he should move his bowels well even if fully formed.

I have noticed he does not like eating raw or cooked eggs lately.  He has reached the saturation point with durians.  He now likes hydrating fruit with ponkans, melons, watermelons and papaya. His meat appreciation now has turned to tamban and freshly ground beef with carrots.

His diet today is basically cooked and raw paleo diet with the addition of some rice.  And absolute ban on all wheat, my wife is now on board against all wheat.

Last week my boy weighed in at 44 lbs in a balance weighing scale.

My office has moved to Cubao beside Farmers market so I deliver fresh fish every afternoon.  He likes the souped fishes and lightly fried in ghee fish.

Gaining weight: November 22, 2009
Gaining weight: November 22, 2009
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