Birth Control Pills make you sick. They are down right harmful.

Here is a sample of a lost soul who has finally gained some consciousness that the birth control pill she has been on makes her sick:

“i have been on the pill for 6 yrs and now i think it’s making me very sick! i feel like i have the flu but its not! i didnt think something was making me sick tell i had to stop taking my pill and it went away! now im back on it and im once again sick and tired! HELP!!!! i need my life back! (Found on Yahoo Answers)”

Of course birth controls make ALL WOMEN sick. Birth control pills prevent women from getting pregnant, so it does this by making them unhealthy and the body therefore does not get pregnant. A healthy woman is a FERTILE woman.

So if you are a man and you love your wife / girlfriend / significant other — please have a heart, do not slap the burden of “the pill” on her.

The consciousness I’m talking about here is where you go above the fray of advertising, of money constraints, of sexual greed.

Just this afternoon I was talking with an old friend who lives in the USA and we’ve grown apart with differing experiences and different surroundings. He truly believes that various birth control methods like the pill, vasectomy, ligation are “safe” and “healthy” and loving acts. Well we agree to disagree on these issues.

My take is on true science. Science without money backed fake studies to sell for profit products. I’m talking altruistic science. You take any altruistic healer who knows his science and he will tell you that the principle of birth control pills is not designed to make a sick woman healthy.

A sick woman will not become healthy on birth control pills. Healthy fertile women will become barren, infertile and sick on birth control pills.

Excuse me for not poisoning our women as our grandchildren need sane, healthy and strong grandmothers.


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