Gall Stone Cure or 1 Million Peso Gall Bladder Removal Operation?

I have this long standing joke that my gall stone cure protocol is a home remedy that will cost you 200 pesos versus 200,000 pesos for a hospital gall bladder removal surgery.  Now I heard from a doctor friend that in the new hospital in Taguig, there was a patient charged for a total of 1 million pesos for gall bladder removal surgery!  Exorbitant! Crazy!

Life is full of choices.  And a 1 million peso gall bladder removal operation is a bad choice.  Very bad.  Worst choice.

Did you know that for around 1,000 pesos total you can do several shots at home gall stone cure protocols?  Totally safe, painless, effective, and you get to keep your gall bladder for the rest of your life!  No surgery!  Totally superior!

I can say this because I have done this, my brother has done this, my wife, my mother in-law, my 2 sister in-laws, my aunt, my 82 year old grandma, my 98 year old grandpa, I even did this to my 8 year old son.

We reject surgery.  We want to keep our gall bladder.  The gall bladder is a very important organ.  The gall bladder regulates the amount of liver bile used for the digestion of fats and protein when we eat.  We want to live long healthy lives and to do this we wish to keep our gall bladders.

One of my gall stones, pooped out hundreds of these
Some of my brother's black toxic gall stones

Home gall stone cure is too easy!  People have been doing home call stone cures for thousands of years!  The hospitals don’t know this and their doctors are not taught this in medical school!  Why?  Why do you think?  Does it get in the way of hospital profits?

How to do Home Gall Stone Cure.



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