Health Freaks on Informed Choice of Birth Control

Not this again. More media bull on the issue of what to brainwash the public with. President Noy Noy Aquino is in the hot seat in between 2 lobby groups. This issue on informed choice of birth control methods was discussed recently in our group of health freaks: the Raw Paleo Diet and Lifestyle forum. We are a bunch of uber health fanatics and only want the best for ourselves. You might be interested at what we came up with.

Since we are all in the first place HEALTH FREAKS, some of us here are asking which form of birth control will pass our VERY HIGH HEALTH standards… for the use of our fellow members.

First, let’s discuss how people did it in the Paleo Times or the old times

I believe the caveman / paleo method is:

Have sexual relations if open to pregnancy.

If not open to pregnancy stop having sexual relations.

Male moves on to the next female open to pregnancy for sexual relations.

Repeat many times.

Now wasn’t that easy? That was the natural way. It actually still is the natural way. Then civilization came and technological advances came. But for all the technological advances still came up with almost next to nothing when it comes to HEALTH and SAFETY. Imagine, people are actually willing to INJURE THEMSELVES, DRUG themselves for the sake of “enjoying” or “indulging” in what is supposedly a reproductive natural species act. Yes, the animal kingdom is identified as a sexual kingdom. There are males and females. This kind of reproduction is supposedly advantageous to the propagation of the species because it churns out enough variety.

So we health freaks sorted it all out for our own consumption:

NOT HARMFUL contraception / birth control?

#1 – No sex = not harmful… but not enjoyable
#2 – Condom = not harmful… but not enjoyable either
#3 – NFP (this is the 21st century) = not harmful… but you have to follow the schedule, plus learn body signals, temperature, mucus quality, and you can use those high tech gadgets being sold on

#4 – the rest of the bunch = all harmful (pills, patches, films, injectables, iuds, spermicides, ligation, vasectomy – all chemicals, hormones, mechanical injurious)

So there you have it. Views from the uber health freaks. Yes, we are the ones who wish to be free from all disease and all poisoning and wish to live very strong, very long quality lives.


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