The Power of Raw Animal Foods for Cancer Cure: Duck Eggs Flush Uncle A’s Constipated Liver

Uncle A has a lung tumor and a brain tumor. Since I got into the picture early, he was well advised to never do a biopsy. Only the insane doctors and hospitals would demand a biopsy that punctures the very bags that isolates toxins to keep the body safe from harm. I as a healer do not care whether the tumors are malignant or not. It does not change a thing from my cancer cure protocol aka cure everything protocol, buy 1 take all.

Uncle had done his colon cleanses, kidney cleanses and had been drinking a good amount of apple juice that got his liver for mobilization. He and his wife were very apprehensive about finally doing their olive oil liver flush via the Andreas Moritz method. I finally found a way to send duck eggs via LBC. Sweet talked the guy at the package counter to accept my eggs. Gave a cancer cure lesson with another customer. Found out the package counter guy had acid reflux problems, taught him how to cure that in 5 days.

My first batch of eggs were sent. I put 30 eggs in a carton and only 6 survived the trip. This was enough to produce 2 egg yolk liver flushes.

Uncle A’s first egg yolk liver flush pooped around 15 corn kernel sized green stones after around 20 hours. The following day with a 2nd egg yolk liver flush this time produced around 20 mostly green stones in batches of 10, a few were orange. My aunt called these gall bladder stones. For me they are liver / gall bladder stones, all the same.

Eat your heart out you anti-liver flush naysayers who say the green stones are from the olive oil. We used orange duck egg yolks, yellow calamansi juice, and transparent virgin coconut oil… not a tinge of green there you anti-liver flushing naysayers. May you bury your heads in shame.

I sent a second batch of a dozen duck eggs in a hard plastic container and they arrived today, 50% cracked but all usable. So the flushes continue tomorrow after a break of 1 day.

I predict my uncle has to do some 40 egg yolk liver flushes 4 days straight at a time and then take 3 day breaks. While this progresses he eats progressively more and more rare / raw red meat and yellow fat from grass fed beef. Plus some good raw liver. The trick is how to send these supplies to Uncle A in the province. I’m thinking of sending it by plane airport to airport cargo.

Listen up fellow cancer healers, I’m smashing through the raw paleo diet way. This is going for the jugular and staying cancer cured via the human appropriate diet, raw paleo diet with lots of healthy raw animal foods, mostly rare and raw if my uncle can hack it. I’ll teach him of course. Humans are obligate carnivores. My uncle will heal faster than all those vegan approaches ever will. Drown those tumors in raw animal fats.

I’m thinking of seizing the day with a dramatic 3 day VCO detox but I would rather see a gradual healing with raw animal protein and raw fat. First, it is safer and easier. But there is the excitement of a 3 day vco detox. It all depends on the satisfaction of the progress.

I am human, I need meat for maximum nutrition, hear me roar. Think about these liver flushes, these are just the duck eggs doing the work. Think about how much more powerful raw bone marrow and raw liver will be and raw red meat. My uncle will be eating fatty rare steaks like a king in due time. Must make sure he does rare / seared right. Then eventually 100% raw. Will turn him into a raw paleo dieter and he will never ever get cancer again.