US TSA Comedy: Give Me Molestation over Radiation

There is a lot buzz going about the US TSA madness going on. At first people were complaining about the radiation of the powerful see through x-ray machines. Lately people are complaining about the groping choice. But if it were me choosing health versus molestation, give me groping molestation any time.

I don’t know about you guys, but security guards patting you on your body is common place in my country, in malls, in banks, and on trains. I will survive a little pat or a little groping, but I may not survive too many x-ray exposures. So the next time I travel to the USA, I choose groping. Strip me down for all I care.

Oh look, Japanese comedy regarding the recent US TSA madness. Don’t worry, the loud Americans will adjust soon and this will all seem normal in a few months.

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