4 Days Only and Already Impatient to Lose Weight on Paleo Diet?

Whoa.  Someone just posted about being impatient about losing weight on paleo diet.  Says it’s just been 4 days and he hasn’t lost weight yet and envious about eating ice cream / frozen yogurt and cookies.  It may be useful for him for me to share my experience so I replied below:

4 days.  Sheesh.

In 2003 when I cut out all wheat from my diet and reduced rice and replaced it with veggies I was happy and made sure I only lost 2 pounds per month.  I didn’t do work outs.  I don’t like gym stuff.  I want real activity that has a point like flying a kite or running with my children.

I was 50 pounds overweight.  When you are obese, walking around is exercise enough.  You will want physical activity later on when you have lost enough weight and gained enough nutrition for excess energy.

Why go slow with weight loss? I wanted my weight loss to be permanent.  I wanted my new diet to be a new habit.

Healthy people have healthy HABITS.

Healthy people’s thinking and desires have CHANGED.

For example:

You are attracted to: “ice cream/frozen yogurt/cookies”

My children open up a christmas gift of chocolates and cookies and say: “Oh crap! Junk food!”

If you were paleo thinking, your mouth would be watering at a butcher shop with glistening yummy meats.

For example the picture below… for me as a raw paleo dieter, this sets off my tummy gurgling and my mouth salivating.  The meat is gorgeous.


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