Back Pain Cure et al: Holistic Master Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kung Fu and Tai Chi Master – Caucasian, English: Sifu Sam

Sifu Sam is someone you dream about visiting and treating your entire household on a regular basis. He is a true holistic teacher and healer. Sifu means master / teacher. Sifu Sam a master at the highest levels of acupuncture with moxy plus massage plus tens machine, which he combines with his holistic approach to diagnosing and treating diseases, injuries and blockages in the human body. He combines this with his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine where he also prescribes to you a recommended diet and Chinese herbs. He combines this with exercise where he teaches you hands on about Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Yoga. Sifu Sam is the complete house visiting healer. And he has the ripped physique of a martial arts fighter. A good role model for children. Sam is a treasure.

Racially, Sam is of Jewish descent. Sam grew up in Australia. He learned from his Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Australia’s Shaolin Yau Kung Mun. Sam in his younger days liked competitive martial arts. Then he got interested in healing and learned Traditional Chinese Medicine and a whole lot of acupuncture. His style of acupuncture is both diagnostic and healing at the same time.

Diet wise, Sam’s own practice is of organic nutrition, more or less paleo diet in content such as raw vegetables, raw fruit plus raw sea food and seared sea food. Sam partakes in healthy carbohydrates for his athleticism with brown rice and whole wheat. (he’s not allergic to wheat)

Best quality of Sifu Sam is he speaks straight English and some Tagalog! The secrets of Chinese medicine de-mystified in straight English for you! He has been in the Philippines long enough, his mission in life is to be a healer in the Philippines, to teach the Filipinos a better way of life, and probably set up many healing centers so that an army of future Sifu Sam’s can heal the entire country.

And Sifu Sam is a great story teller and teacher. Fun to be with. For Grandparents, for the parents and for the children.

So how good is Sifu Sam’s healing?

Cured my 75 year old father in law of 10 years of “incurable” back pain. Plus improved his fading hearing on his left ear. Effectively rolled back the years, given my father in law new youth. 3 or more sessions of his masterful acupuncture, some Chinese herbs, a prescription to partake in eating raw oysters regularly and ta dahhhh…. awesome results. When all the western MDs have given up, all the Chiropractors and Dorn healers had given up, Sifu Sam delivers and cures 10 years of back pain. How about that huh?

Some pictures of Sifu Sam

Here is a video of Sifu Sam teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Diseased? Sick? Back pain? Nerve problems? You are in luck! Sam is usually either in Metro Manila or Boracay. You might be able to get into Sam’s busy schedule by replying here in this blog post. Tell me your problem, your name and cell phone number, and I will get Sam to text you back.


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