Women’s Day Nothing. Record Infertilities. Celebrating The Poisoning of Women Through Birth Control.

Ho hum, i heard it is women’s day, was it today or yesterday? Heard over in Congress they were discussing the forced poisoning of even more women through contraceptive drugs via pills, patches, injectables, IUDs via public funding and forcing the entire nation to be accomplices in the even more mass drugging of women nationwide. And this dear friends is how the foreign powers that be make us celebrate their imperialist women’s day. Remember, it is US vs THEM. They wish to drug our women. They wish to poison our women. They wish to neuter our women. They will brainwash you and your ilk to harm, injure, maim, kill your own women in the name of “choice”, in the name of “contraceptive rights”… in the DOUBLESPEAK language (UN)Reproductive Health.

It is still the same imperialists fooling you and the masses game. They will do anything and everything to entice you to willingly offer the mutilation of your women so they can CULL our Filipino genes. Know this: They don’t like YOU. They think YOU are ugly. They think OUR FILIPINA women are UGLY. They think our kind should not reproduce. They pour money in our country to finance the poisoning of our women to stop our women from reproducing future Filipinos.

While THEY, the imperialists in THEIR OWN COUNTRIES lavishly PAY their own women to REPRODUCE!!! They Beg their own women to REPRODUCE.

Did you catch what I just wrote? They want us Filipinos, our women to do the complete OPPOSITE of what THEY want their women to do. They fund our government to prevent our women from reproducing. While they pay their own imperialist women to reproduce.

Have you woken up yet from your slumber? Will you still be a slave to this direct, blatant imperialist poisoning of the Filipino women?

Do you actually believe the imperialist’s mis-education lie that birth control pills are SAFE?

Big website resource against Birth Control Pills


more bad news about birth control pills


Remember, the imperialists PUSH these poisons to OUR FILIPINO WOMEN.

While they shower with tax breaks and instant cash on the spot THEIR IMPERIALIST WOMEN to give birth to MORE of their IMPERIALIST kind.

The Philippines is already at RECORD Lowest Fertility Rate EVER in the entire history of record keeping. Yet they, the imperialist lobby will not stop until every last Filpina is poisoned with their drugs, poisoned with their twisted teachings to see that being PREGNANT to the next generation of Filipinos will “destroy their future”. Hello… the imperialists want US FILIPINOS to have No Babies = NO FUTURE.

Think hard, think fast. Women’s day is a CON GAME.

See the movie trailer for Children of Men (2006)
“Since women stopped being able to have babies… what else is there to hope for?”
“Why are women infertile?”
“Why do you think we can’t make babies anymore?”
Watch this movie. This is the end game. This is what they want the RH Bill to do to our country.

Children Of Men – Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Children of Men

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