Fukushima Meltdown: Apocalypse, Worse than Chernobyl, Chernobyl on Steroids

Arnold Gunderson from Vermont USA, nuclear expert says Fukushima Meltdown will be worse than Chernobyl, calls Fukushima Chernobyl on steroids. The only luck so far is the wind blows out to sea.

Arnold studied Chernobyl and Three Mile island. The crisis is out of control. The reactors are on runaway mode. Prepare for the worst. Remember, Chernobyl killed almost 1 million people. How much worse will this turn out?

Nuclear energy proponents should hang their profiteering head in shame. It’s time to explore other solutions. Worst case scenarios for nuclear energy is here and now, worse than all the fictional movies created.

We are already in the worst case scenario folks. If you have Japanese friends, maybe tell them to take a vacation in your country with you for the next few months.

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