Road Trip: Made it Halfway, Stopped over at Bayombong

We are on our first family road trip. We are using a Toyota Fortuner. Loaded with our supplies. We are on the way to our first leg, Banaue rice terraces. SCTEX was fast and easy. We stopped over for lunch in Cabanatuan. I had my raw beef while the family ate at a commercial place.

I stopped by at Zaragosa market and took some market pictures. They had a different way of presenting their produce and fish. Circular was the market fashion. I found some tiny river shrip, the kind used to make live jumping shrimp with onions. The locals ate it that way too but at home, not on the street. I tasted a small shrimp, delicious. No condiments. And it was clean. Much cleaner than the usual river shrimp in our markets sourced from Laguna lake.
We were looking for a certain River Rock resort in Dupax del Sur, but we didn’t find it. We found ourselves in Bayombong City. Found a friend and she suggested hotel Balay Gloria. Adequate accomodations. My son and I went on a killing spree of 5 mosquitoes before sleeping. Dinner time was in Mrs. Baker restaurant. A formal restaurant that is well publicly reviewed as one of the best. I had lamb, told the lady to have it seared, you know, less than 5 seconds, it somewhat came out still rare, no matter, I ate it. It was good. Cooked paleo diet, rare enough that will not upset my tummy.

Annoying was the internet. Somehow my smart cellular internet died. The sun internet cannot connect. Luckily the Globe cellular internet was working bearable, like I’m blogging right now. The hotel wifi is blah bad. The first wifi is totally broke. And the 2nd wifi is buggy broke, connect once, click a site twice and the connection stops. Yes, we are in the provinces.

By 7am we plan to go to market and look for honey, then go up the mountains of Banaue.

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