Announcing: Paleo Diet Cure Website

I would like to announce the launch of my new website . This website is meant to stress that RAW paleo diet is the basis for curing all diseases. A diet of organic raw animal food, raw fruits and select raw vegetables is the diet humans evolved on. Raw Paleo Diet can be thought of as the zero allergy diet, most nutritious diet, the easiest to digest diet when eaten sequentially.

If you have been following my blogs you will notice over the years the diet I’ve settled on is raw paleo diet. The diet I use for healing people is also raw paleo diet. And the people I socialize with are raw paleo dieters.

Even for healing treatments elements of raw paleo diet are used for the diet resistant people. Raw oysters to cure inflammations or raise sperm counts. Lots of raw fat to cleanse livers or tone intestines. Lots of raw fat to heal kidneys. Raw honey to raise metabolism. Lots of raw fruit to detox the body. Raw green juices to instantly add iron and other life saving nutrients.

I will be adding pictures and will be writing a book to accompany the website. Visit

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