Yasmin Lawsuits Ortho Evra Lawsuits What do the RH Bill Lackies Have to Say?

Birth control pills lawsuits and birth control patches lawsuits severe side effects are in the news, including that side effect called DEATH. Yasmin lawsuits are rife. Yasmin is one of the top birth control pills being sold in the USA and Canada. Also called Yaz and Ocella. Class action law suits are being filed against the pill manufacturers. Lawyers are advertising their services left and right.

Witness a collection of Yasmin Lawsuits advertisements here: http://birthcontrolsideeffectslawsuits.com/category/yaz-lawsuit/

Witness a collection of Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch lawsuits advertisements here: http://birthcontrolsideeffectslawsuits.com/category/birth-control-patch-lawsuit/

These birth control pills and patches are being promoted as essential medicine integrated in the controversial RH Bill in congress today! Does this sound like those companies where their drugs are being sued out of the market, will they be dumping their dangerous drugs here in our country?

Are the RH Bill proponents via government departments going to poo poo / downplay the well known HISTORICAL side effects of birth control pills and birth control patches merely to further their agenda to further depopulate the Filipino people? Questions. Questions.

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