Antibiotic Therapy for Pneumonia is All Bunk: See Driver Benny Get Well Part 2

24 hours had passed under my care and of course as expected, driver Benny is getting tons better.  He’s not out of the woods yet, I’m concerned about a recent (2 day old) sudden left front shoulder pain he has.  What’s that?  Called the ventosa girl this evening for him.

The pyro energen and the nebulizer together helped Benny get some much needed sleep.

In the morning I tried quantumin plus drops as his nebulizing agent.  Not good.  He found it more difficult to breath.  So I gave Benny the salinase as nebulizing agent and that relieved him.

But Quantumin proved a winner when massaged on his forehead to clear his sinuses.  And to put in as drops in the nostrils.  Super winner.  1 week of cannot breath through his nose and clogged sinuses cleared in a few short minutes by Quantumin.

Had him get some sunlight.  Had him drink more apple juice, drink more raw eggs, drink more probiotics, taste some wheat grass juice, drink some apple cider vinegar, drink more calamnsi and honey, papaya, rambutan, senorita bananas.  And had him do more nebulizing and pyro energen and more naps.

Vander Gaditano advises “maasim” tastes to relieve of hard sticky phlegm.

Evening I bought some fresh raw oysters and made a kinilaw dish from malasugi fish.  Asked him to eat a lot.  He ate more than 1/4 of a kilo… not bad… with the kinilaw recipe and some cayenne, that got his mucus flowing again and he sweat some.

In the evening the final straw was that shoulder thing.  New thing 2 days ago.  Lucky me.  I thought this was just about asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis.  Now it seems if the ventosa does not work we need to call in Sifu Sam to fix Benny via acupuncture.

Day 2 tomorrow.  Look… no anti-biotics.  Antibiotic Therapy for Pneumonia is all bunk.

* Update 7am: Benny did an egg yolk liver flush around 6:10am.  He lied down on his right side for some 30 minutes.  Said he was hungry.  Good appetite is good.  He will have more kinilaw malasugi fish later… and oysters.  And later I will teach him seared beef.

** Note: NO ANTIBIOTICS used in this healing process.  Exposing the FACT that the bacteria found in mucus are mere garbage men cleaning up the trash / mucus.  Mucus is a detoxification process.  Nothing to detoxify, no mucus.  Get a clue and grow out of the antibiotic dark ages!

*** This afternoon Benny dumps out lots of black sewage stinky stones from his liver.  Now we are getting somewhere.  Seems we will have to continuously liver flush Benny until all the black stones disappear.  And at the same time rebuild his wrecked liver by using raw red meat and wheat grass and henry beiler’s soup.  I want him for a week total.  Get him all fixed.