Surgeon General on Oral Health: “Oral health means more than healthy teeth and you cannot be healthy without oral health” – my Awakening

Mouth Matters BookLately I’ve been waking up to the very important idea of oral health. The idea that if we wish to stay healthy, we need our oral health, and I mean it to the fullest and mostest. It’s not just brushing teeth, it’s not just flossing, it’s not just oil pulling, it is everything. I know by now that mercury in your mouth spells disaster for the rest of your body, and that cavitations and root canals will bring in another kind of disaster. Now I realize how the old dental profession needs to massively upgrade and turn around to even being more than what current biological dentists now. I thought biological dentists were the be all end all, but there is more… lots more.

I’m currently pursuing longevity studies, what’s a healthy raw paleo dieter to do? Me and a bunch of raw paleo dieters are discussing it in our forum right now. I came across a longevity researcher who claims he had found, met, and talked with a 2800 year old man. And one of that immortal man’s tips was oral health. He made a preparation using oregano that cleansed his teeth / mouth every day. His teeth turned black, but at 2800 years old, who can complain?

Then there was the recent interview on with a new author and independent researcher Carol Vander Stoep, RDH, BSDH. She is the author of the book and website I don’t have the book yet, but the interview podcast was absolutely an awakening for me. That there is so much we can do about oral health, how important oral health is. Not just about mercury fillings and root canals. I feel it even goes beyond the cure tooth decay recommendations.

I myself have been looking at how to rebuild my cavity carved teeth. I have lots of fillings, and 2 big ones just popped out. So I’ve got these carved out teeth exposed. I’m not going to the dentist to have them filled because I’m waiting for that cure tooth decay to happen, for the tooth to rebuild itself. It’s happened to several people, I want to be one of them.

Sure, I’m eating my raw paleo diet, but maybe I’m eating too much fruit. So lately I’ve cut down on fruit. And I may lack raw vegetables so I’m getting some. I may need more fat. So I’m eating more raw bone marrow and restarted eating fermented cod liver oil with butter oil. I may need more nutritious minerals so I’m buying more oysters and more liver. I’m oil pulling, but maybe not diligent enough. And that there may be other oral health measures I’m missing. Maybe I should try oregano oil in my virgin coconut oil for oil pulling. This evening I tried brushing my teeth with baking soda. Maybe there is more to improve my saliva to help nourish my teeth to heal.

I’m not yet Superman, and I do wish to live to 200. Maybe that goal is too short even, maybe more, much more. As the longevity expert researcher says, it has to do with programming your mind for immortality. But this has to be supported by physical health. And it seems oral health is much much more important than I thought.

Thus I have to form a new regimen for my own oral health. I have to cure, regrow my cavity carved teeth. And reap even further benefits.

I think you should click on over to listen to the interview with Carol Vander Stoep at

You may then go to her official website to buy her book

There’s so much more for me to learn about oral health. The Surgeon General’s Report summarized, “Oral health means more than healthy teeth and you cannot be healthy without oral health.”

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