Entire Family Does Hulda Clark Liver Flush at the start of Long Holiday

Amazing liver flush opportunity.  We are starting a 4 day holiday.  5 members of this family all agreed this is a good time to do a Hulda Clark liver flush.  We have everything we need: epsom salts, lemons, extra virgin olive oil that is fresh and not rancid from Braggs.  We are 4 women and 1 man.  Ages 72, 45, 43, 40, 29.  The ladies were surprised to find out how powerful epsom salts make you go to the toilet.

Witness our liver flush materials:

epsom salts, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil – note 5 cups were prepared for 5 different people

Liver flushing is a very important maintenance regimen to detox your liver. However careful you are with your food, there are chemicals and pollution everywhere. Liver flushing is as vital as changing the oil in your car!  A bell was handy to call everyone at 6pm, at 8pm and at 10pm to do the various stages of this liver flush.

Learn more about the liver flush we did today at http://www.curemanual.com/detox-protocols-and-treatments/liver-gall-bladder-flush/hulda-clarks-liver-flush-method/

Updates from individual liver flushers:

– Our 72 year old felt the power of the epsom salts as some kind of thorough colon cleanser. In the morning she said she released hundreds of green liver stones.

– Our 45 year old had heart palpitations at night… maybe due to dehydration? Seems she may need to have drunk extra water in between epsom salts intakes

– Our 40 year old had complained of the power of the epsom salts as colon cleanse but that had immediately improved her headache and colds. She released a some 4 small green stones. She awoke at 3am and found it hard to sleep again.

– Our 29 year old had nightmares of reliving the horrible drinking of that much olive oil and had trouble sleeping.

– Me the 43 year old had botched this liver flush but modified it to still make it push through. I had a long day at work and was stuck in too much traffic and meetings I came home at 8:30pm so missed the 6pm epsom salts dose. I took the epsom salts dose at 8:30pm and got to try drinking the olive oil and lemon combination at 11:30. But my tounge and stomach were absolutely refusing the drink. I probably tasted 1 tablespoon in my mouth, forced drinking it and my body just flat out refused any more. Maybe it is because I had done this last week and the previous week as well? Maybe I already had olive oil overdose?

I slept and thought maybe that 1 tablespoon of olive oil and the epsom salts might have done something. In the morning I tried saving the flush by eating some 2 tablespoons of raw beef bone marrow with 1 whole calamansi squeezed in a tablespoon and then lay down again. By lunch time I ejected green stones as well. Good flush, botched at first but eventually pushed through.

Seems our family liver flush has inspired our 76 year old resident to try this himself tonight. I just reminded the family of maybe allowing more water in between epsom salts drinks as we do not want heart palpitations due to dehydration on a 76 year old. Will let you know what happens.

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