76 Year Old Grandpa Does Gall Bladder / Liver Flush For the 1st Time! Black Stones!

Last Saturday 5 family members did a maintenance Hulda Clark type Liver Flush and we all got great results. The highlight was our 72 year old grandma with hundreds of green stones expelled. This inspired her husband, 76 year old grandpa and the following day he decided to do the same Hulda Clark type of gall bladder / liver flush with the left over materials we had. It’s great when the entire family is happily detoxing and getting nutritious food and sharing our collective knowledge and experiences.

I made extra warnings about dehydration to our 76 year old grandpa. If the epsom salts intake at 6pm and 8pm causes too much diarrhea, then it is okay to drink make up water to make up for the fluids lost. I don’t want any dehydration symptoms such as the heart palpitations felt by our 45 year old the other night. Grandpa drank his olive oil and lemon juice like a champ. Too easy compared to the younger crowd who had problems drinking that much fat in one go.

In the morning grandpa did dump his load and what came out from him were black stones! Too awesome. What 76 years of no liver cleansing whatsoever and this is his first time. Yes! That is a sure way to turn back the clock. I explained that black stones are the cirrhotic liver type of stones. In pictures you can see how a cirrhotic liver looks like and emptying it of stones will make those spaces hollow. So our next job is to fill in those spaces, rebuild the liver.

The liver can be rebuilt with a combination of raw animal proteins from raw fish, raw beef, and raw animal fats, and raw green juices from wheatgrass and even cooked zucchini in the recipe of Henry Bieler’s soup. We will do all of them for our grandpa.

I encouraged a repeat of this Hulda Clark type of liver flush in 2 weeks as my experience has taught me that this is a good pace for liver flushing. I could also bring up the notion of coffee enemas since his wife is into coffee enemas. Let’s see if he is receptive to the idea.

Grandpa is also reading a book that teaches detoxing with raw food which has enzymes. I advised him that yes, that works but only if you can eat purely raw foods like me for weeks at a time.

The great thing about this experience is the entire family, including the seniors are into the health kick. It’s a way of life that just becomes the norm. Hope to see grandpa turn back the clock for at least 10 years. Hope his aches and pains go away. He’s pretty fit for a 76 year old. And he will be even more fit as the weeks go by.

Now I think I should get him to take the special grass fed ghee of his daughter 3x a day… great saturated fat. His youngest daughter is in the healing and nutrition kick too.

We are chipping away at the discarded western medical paradigm that is anti fat. Great fat and lots of it is healing!

The liver flush recipe grandpa did was this: http://www.curemanual.com/detox-protocols-and-treatments/liver-gall-bladder-flush/hulda-clarks-liver-flush-method/

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