Leaky Gut Root Cause: BT Toxin Being Created by Bacteria in our Gut Due to Previous BT Corn Ingestion? Rife Frequencies Needed!

A very recent video by Jeffrey M. Smith, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology caught my attention. BT Toxin in the blood of 90+ percent of pregnant women and 80+ percent of their unborn children… where there is no blood brain barrier yet, so he expects BT toxins in the brain of newborns. Then there is the study of BT toxins in the small intestines that have not been disintegrated in stomach digestion. And his hypothesis that human gut flora is imbibed with the genes to create BT Toxin continuously thereby being the major cause of an epidemic of leaky gut syndromes and related illnesses such as eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, etc. since 1996.

Please view this video first:

Is the genetically engineered corn you’re eating, “eating” you?

Published on Oct 26, 2012 by GeneticRoulette

“Do you have gastrointestinal problems or know someone that does? If so, you definitely need to watch this video…it could reveal the reason why you are suffering and offer important steps you can take.

We’re talking about genetically engineered corn that creates it’s own insecticide. The toxin (Bt-toxin) breaks holes in cell walls. It’s found in our food, in our blood, and in the blood of unborn fetuses. Could it be contributing to the rise of GI tract disorders since its introduction in 1996?

Watch the video, learn the facts, decide for yourself.”


A supporting article from Natural News:

“Rid the body of dangerous Bt-toxin found in genetically modified food with these tips”

Jeffrey M. Smith, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, suspects the rise in Bt levels is due to another reason: colonies of the bacteria are replicating within the intestines, long after the GM food was ingested.

As someone concerned with eczema and psoriasis running in the family (leaky gut related usually), I’m looking at these BT toxins in all of our guts… possibly… and looking to awaken the guys over who do RIFE, Beam Ray, Energy Medicine, etc… where the culprit bacteria that carry and produce these BT Toxins can be researched, studied and eliminated.

Imagine if it is true that these BT toxins have run rampant out in the wild in the populations of the world. If the rife guys come up with the program / set of frequencies to eliminate these bad, very bad BT producing “things”, you could eliminate leaky gut around the world and cure a plethora of diseases associated with leaky gut.

Here is a review of GMO and the BT toxin in the middle of this clip.


I had posted this inquiry in the Rife Forum and I had contacted my friend and Beam Ray expert in Manila Mr. Romy Macapagal and contacted my Canadian friend Alan Faulkner so hopefully they can be alerted to work on rife frequencies to fix this problem of the world. A problem revealed by Jeffrey M. Smith.

Rife frequencies referred to really as mortality frequencies of parasites and germs, when you hit them at their mortality frequencies, they die or disintegrate. They may be immune to drugs, but not to frequencies.

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