Toddler Boy Needs His Own Dedicated Nannie

We have a 2.5 year old boy toddler in the compound lately. He can be fun, playful and have tantrums… but the hard part is he is at that age that is prone to accidental deaths so he definitely needs a dedicated nannie watching him during his every waking second… not minute… every second counts. I will explain 3 times I had experience nerve wracking incidents while I was there… how about the times I was absent?

Incident 1. Just 2 days ago. Maid 1 was shouting from the garden telling the boy to not climb the balcony railings on the 2nd floor as he might fall 2 stories high. While Maid 1 was yelling outside I and Maid 2 heard the incident and rushed to go up the room to access the boy on the 2nd floor. Damn… the boy had LOCKED THE DOOR from the inside! So Maid 1 asked the boy to open the door for us… the boy refused and played deaf. 2 Aunties heard the commotion and found that the only way to access the boy was for them to climb out of their room’s window and walk on the roof to access the balcony and save the mischievous little boy.

Solution, tape the door tongue so the door never closes.

Incident 2. Yesterday. As me and 3 maids were having a chat in their room. This little boy nimbly climbed up a 2.5 foot table, nimbly opened the screen of the window and climbed out of the window, onto the window ledge, about to jump out the window that was 3.5 feet high. I saw the boy, pointed out to the maid just beside him but who’s attention was away so she caught the boy in time.

Incident 3. This morning 7am, rush hour, as my 3 kids were loading up in the car just beside the side walk. With the maids outside too loading, cleaning the leaves, this little boy tries to open one door on the side of the curb… he probably wasn’t strong enough to open the door… the little boy BOLTS, runs, rushes towards the front of the car, turns right towards the street to get to the other side of the car and try to open doors there… all the while 2 rushing cars from opposite directions were charging through. I saw that and shouted to the maid nearest the boy and she was able to catch the boy just before he could get to the other side of the car and into the road where he could have been hit by either of the 2 cars.

Not to mention the times the boy would rush out to a car moving out of the garage or coming in to the garage. The boy is so small a driver will never see him.

So as a safety plea, it is urgent we get this boy his own full time nannie. For his own safety.