Tung Shueh Pills Paused on 11 yr old Boy, Started on 9 year old Boy

I consulted again with Sifu Jen Sam regarding my concern about the intake of the herbal concoction called Tung Shueh Pills Cowhead Brand for my 11 year old boy who has a long history of ailments. The last vestiges of his old ailment was externally indicated by eczema in his legs. Taking these Tung Shueh pills for 2 months has made his digestion more powerful. Powerful enough for him to dare eat organic white rice every day. Something that would have given him tummy aches in the past.

So after 2 months on the Tung Shueh pills, I’ve given my 11 year old boy a rest. No more herbs, no nothing. Just sane food. Some cooked paleo diet, soup stocks, fermented ginger, fermented saurkraut, fermented young papaya / atsara… and looking out for other yang increasing foods and habits.

With my 11 year old boy seemingly cured for now, I can concentrate on my 9 year old boy. My 9 year old has always been big and strong. He does have his own digestive issues that cause dirty blood. He has exhibited continuous eczema itches on his legs and some on his arms. In the past he had blood splotches at the soles of his feet. Those were addressed via strict paleo diet, even cooked paleo diet. When he was 5 years old he had a bad case of painful eczema eating away at his left hand, 7 days of raw paleo diet cured it. His legs get cleared up on raw paleo diet, but his willingness to adhere to such a regimen is non existent. Perhaps he is not in yet too desperate a state to do raw paleo diet for lengths of time.

Enter Sifu Jen Sam’s recommended Tung Shueh Pills Cowhead Brand. Seems like a crutch that may help his digestive issues and clear away his itches and make his digestion even more powerful. It’s taken 3 days for the pills to take effect and stop his itching. This boy is not as game into drinking soup stocks and not as game into eating fermented ginger.

Let’s see if my 11 year old does not relapse into a sick state. I’m trying to convince him to give up the rice combination and just stick to paleo diet, even cooked paleo diet.

Let’s see how much improvement I can get my 9 year old to have, if his organic rice eating + cooked paleo diet can be tweaked enough so that eventually after he stops taking the Tung Shueh pills he will be independent of herbal aids.

I’d like to remind myself and my sons that herbs are merely aids… crutches… or temporary tools just to get your body back on track. Then stop all herbs. Stick with good food and drink.

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