Magnesium Deficiency, Magnesium Oil, Transdermal and Beach Cravings

I am beginning a magnesium oil supplementation via transdermal means… via skin absorption. It seems me and my family have a magnesium deficiency. In my readings some pundits say majority of the urban population is magnesium deficient. And it is not just because of the food. In fact, magnesium via food can only do so much. It has more to do with the environment.

Just like breathing for our lungs, there is no substitute for getting fresh air. Driving out to the mountains or the the ocean, or to the golf course.

magnesium oil sampler
magnesium oil sampler

Our skin absorbs nutrients it comes in contact with. In the air, in the soil, in the water. And just look around you fellow urban dwellers, what kind of air do we have? In our homes, in our car, in our offices? How about the water that touches our skin? We take showers with city water with chlorine. We buy from the water store empty water via reverse osmosis or other filtering method.

Real natural water is alive, with micro-organisms, with natural fresh electrical flow, with trace minerals such as magnesium. Do you remember how refreshing it is to take a dip in a fresh mountain pool? Shower under non stop mountain spring water? Freshen up in a clean river, brook or stream? Freshen up by the beach? Oh yeah… lots of us do not remember… we were born in the city and were deprived of all of these natural waters.

A big missing ingredient in our lives experts say then is magnesium. We urban dwellers are mostly magnesium deficient. And you cannot eat your way out of this magnesium deficiency. You cannot supplement orally out of magnesium deficiency. It has to be transdermal.

We could do epsom salt soaks, epsom salt baths… and the new in-thing these days is magnesium oil. Where magnesium oil is not technically an “oil”, it is a super saturated magnesium in salty water so this allows absorption through our skin.

Testimonials from formerly magnesium deficient people are encouraging. Many reports of 1 day and 2 day results are amazing. Hopefully me and my family will be one of those who will report immediate stellar benefits from magnesium oil transdermal supplementation. I will be blogging more about magnesium deficiency and the symptoms and our current health complaints that I foresee will be resolved with this new knowledge.

In the meantime you may be interested in viewing this how to use magnesium oil video:

A big thank you again goes to Jackie Dellota for providing this magnesium oil sampler bottle for me to try.

After a back to back liver flush with activated charcoal before the 2nd liver flush… this morning I began the magnesium oil transdermal supplement under my 2 feet, on my back, on my under arms (they say it resolves body odor), and on my belly and more below my right rib cage. Of course my hands were used as applicators. None on the nipples, reports say that will burn.

As usual, me father, me guinea pig, test subject. So I will wait a few days to see any results on myself before giving this magnesium oil to the rest of the family. Ah summer vacation is near and I will have to save up for long beach vacations… 1 or 2 weeks should do it for starters. Have to see how we can dip in pristine waters regularly and cheaply.

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