High Blood Pressure caused by Liver Constipation, Kidney Loading and Colon Constipation

The healing of our driver Oliver continues. Oliver used to have recurring kidney infections, UTI, and erectile dysfunctions and later on high blood pressure with pain on the nape. Oliver got into kidney cleansing herbals and raw meat and healed his UTI and cured his erectile dysfunction. Oliver then did colon cleansing via the herbal invention Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea and got rid of black stinky mucoidal plaque and eventually big black marbles of old stuck up poop. He drank 1/2 cup of the miracle tea at evenings for a total of 5 times.

With his colon and his kidneys clean, Oliver was now able to venture into liver flushing. His choice was egg yolk liver flushing. It is very easy. Just sleep. Wake up in the morning and drink 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed calamansi juice and 1/2 cup of duck egg yolks or chicken egg yolks plus 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Drink all this as your breakfast. Lie down on your right side for 30 minutes and that is it.

How to do egg yolk liver flushing:

Egg Yolk Liver Flush Ingredients
Egg Yolk Liver Flush Ingredients

The first time Oliver did an egg yolk liver flush, no result.

The 2nd time Oliver did an egg yolk liver flush, he suffered intense tummy pain. He did not have epsom salts with him to force the poisons from the liver dumped into his stomach to be escorted out fast. He had to drink a lot of coconut juice and coconut meat. When his bowels had emptied, his pain was gone.

What was that pain? That was the pain caused by the poisons locked from his liver dumped to his stomach via the liver flush. Those poisons when expelled smelled intensely horrible. Smelled like the worst canal, septic tank. Oliver’s liver expelled black septic tank poisons.

The 3rd time Oliver did an egg yolk liver flush he expelled more of the same black septic tank poisons. This time he had epsom salts ready. When the tummy pain came in, Oliver mixed 1 tablespoon of epsom salts with 1 cup of water and drank. Poop them out. And Oliver is feeling better.

Oliver also observed that he needs to do a kidney cleanse after a liver flush as the flushed poisons from the liver that gets dumped in the tummy gets reintroduced in the blood stream and his kidneys are loaded again.

Now Oliver understands, it is all these locked in poisons that were making him sick: Liver Cirrhosis? Mucoidal Plaque in his colon? Loading his kidneys and dirty blood? Now Oliver wonders how such immensely foul septic tank stench from his colon and from his liver with still much more poisons still in his liver remain has been making him sick. How strong the human body is that it is a wonder why he is still alive with such poisons in his body.

I have taught Oliver to expect at least 10 liver flushes. He may need to do olive oil liver flushes in the future. Maybe coffee enemas.

Oliver is experiencing healing. Oliver is learning about healing, first hand.

I have taught Oliver to drink pounded raw kamote tops leaves juice and some raw red meat to help rebuild his liver.

Oliver looks forward to even more healing with his next liver flushes.  He may need to do a minimum of 10 liver flushes.  He needs to cleanse his liver until all septic tank dirt and stench has been ejected from his liver.  I estimate that after 2 or 3 consecutive stench free liver flushes, you can consider yourself done with liver cleansing for the moment.