A Brief Introduction to ‘Dirty Electricity’ – Dr. Sam Milham who also has a book! Plus Radio Podcast Interview!

Dr. Sam Milham

Electro-Magnetic Pollution

This 17-minute briefing is one post in a new EON series of videos on the work of Dr. Sam Milham, an epidemiologist and author of the book DIRTY ELECTRICITY.

Dr. Milham’s ground breaking research demonstrates a strong correlation between the rise of the so-called ‘diseases of civilization’ and the historical spread of electrification.

He explains how the harmonics and frequency distortions generated by appliances and microwave antennas and riding on the 60 cycle current running through household, school and office wiring can seriously impact human health.

This information is especially relevant in the context of the current controversy over wireless so-called ‘smart meters.’ Milham’s findings show that just turning the ‘radio off’ in the ‘smart meters’ will not solve the full problem of the human health risks posed by the devices – and already experienced and testified to by thousands of injured and outraged customers. Also contained in the poorly designed devices is at least one more source of electro-magnetic pollution; a ‘switching mode power supply’ (SMPS). known to be a source of ‘dirty electricity’ capable of making many people sick.

Dr. Milham also looks at farm animals to prove this theory. So grounding yourself is not necessarily a good idea because the ground itself has been polluted by the electrical grid.

Oneradionetwork.com’s Patrick Timpone interviews Dr. Milham

THE MORNING SHOW with Patrick Timpone
Dr. Sam Milham on Dirty Electricity

Listen to radio podcast interview here http://oneradionetwork.com/environment/sam-milham-md-dirty-electricity-electrification-and-the-diseases-of-civilization-march-18-2013/

When Thomas Edison began wiring New York City with a direct current electricity distribution system in the 1880s, he gave humankind the magic of electric light, heat, and power; in the process, though, he inadvertently opened a Pandora’s Box of unimaginable illness and death.
Dirty Electricity tells the story of Dr. Samuel Milham, the scientist who first alerted the world about the frightening link between occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic pollution, and human disease. Milham takes readers through his early years and education, following the twisting path that led to his discovery that most of the twentieth century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by electromagnetic field exposure.
Dr. Milham warns that because of the recent proliferation of radio frequency radiation from cell phones and towers, terrestrial antennas, Wi-Fi and Wi-max systems, broadband internet over power lines, and personal electronic equipment, we may be facing a looming epidemic of morbidity and mortality. In Dirty Electricity, he reveals the steps we must take, personally and as a society, to coexist with this marvelous but dangerous technology.

Show Highlights:
-Looking at the Amish as a control group. Living without electricity, the data shows a profoudly lower rate of cancer, diabetes, ADHD, Alzheimers, obesity and suicide
-When you get an ARC, you get dirty electricity
-Building your dream home? Dr. Milham tells the best way to wire the house
-Stray voltage-The dumping of electricity into the Earth
-The big problem with inverters
-Do all solar inverters send out dirty electricity?
-Stetzer meters
-Single wire earth return systems
-The problem with solar and wind turbine farms
-Dirty electricity from smart meters and cell towers
-Taking a closer look at a cancer cluster found in a school, Dr Milham found the magnetic fields to be normal, but the readings of dirty electricity were off the charts. Was there a solution?
-Magnetic fields are bad, Radio frequencies are bad…Dirty electricity is far worse
and so much more!

Dr. Sam Milham’s website: http://www.sammilham.com/

Why I immediately latched on to this concept of dirty electricity:

I have been hunting all forms of illness root causes, pollutants and healing protocols for years. There are electrical gadgets used for healing and they absolutely work, at the same time then bad electricity can, may and do cause illness. I’ve been a network administrator since 1986 and in those times we were very much careful that all computers were encased, enclosed, that cables were shielded or twisted and had magnetic shields on some of them. Wifi in the beginning was suspect but its convenience with a plethora of new gadgets makes people turn a blind eye to wifi dangers.

For many years I have been servicing, making websites of the Philippines electrical engineering organizations: www.iiee.org.ph , www.specs.org.ph , and www.apqi.ph and before I even got wind of Dr. Sam Milham’s work I had interviewed electrical engineers at apqi.ph for their annual global power quality conferences. There they briefed me on how the electrical power grids today were not designed for the new devices, the variable speed motors, the CFLs (compact fluorescent lights), inverters, chargers, computers, new TVs and other electronic devices were causing havoc, bad power quality and causing damage to their distribution system. That in the future, the manufacturers of the new devices need to have built in filters to be able to return clean electricity to building and house wirings and the grid.

So it was just amazing for me to experience this convergence of dirty electricity concepts myself… from the side of health, from the side of the electrical industry where I am both privy.


Check out this case study:

Equipment PQ (Power Quality) Performance Standards
by Dean Arnold S. Sempio and Rolan S. Mercado
of the Manila Electric Company

“In the days before computers, most electrical loads consume power linearly – that is, the current drawn traces the voltage waveform. Today, the widespread use of electronics in the industries has created a demand for better power quality as electronic equipment are not as tolerant of voltage waveforms and events as the old loads. Ironically, these electronic equipment are non-linear loads that draws non-sinusoidal current and causes voltage waveforms to be distorted.”


In my next blog posts I will be posting how we are deciding to go about cleaning up our home dirty electricity for our own health.

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