CFL Dirty Electricity Being Replaced by 4th Gen LED. Cleaner Greener Technology.

The green movements should throw out the CFL bulb as their symbol of green if they have not already. CFLs are said to contain loads of mercury and are an environmental hazard, they break easily too. Not only that, CFL electronic technology is measured to give out huge amounts of bad electricity, harming humans by sheer radiation. See these videos as proof:

CBC Montreal reports on the dangers associated with CFL lightbulbs. A stetzer meter shows CFLs are just way way way bad full of dirty electricity.

Dangers of Mercury Light Bulbs (CFL) – “Warning” These green energy light bulbs ( Mercury Bulbs ) are very dangerous, especially when broken. Also, ultraviolet radiation emitted by CFL bulbs, along with toxic mercury, and electromagnetic radiation, are the three threats introduced by CFL bulbs.

Solution: Switch to LEDs for the commonly used long burn lightings and incandescent bulbs for the infrequently used short burn lightings such as storage closets. I bought mostly GES 4th Gen LEDs 5.5 watt and 3 watt, some Philips 6 watt and 9 watt 4th Gen Bulbs… all of them warm white in color… trying to get close to the spectrum of incandescent bulbs… and they are good enough. Spent a good amount of money. Something like 10,000 pesos jointly with my sister in law to replace all the CFLs in the 2 houses which were installed in 2010 when the houses were fixed after that great flood of September 2009 (Ondoy).

See the ad for the 4th Gen GES LED bulbs.

Here are some photos of the 4th Gen LED bulbs and an incandescent bulb I installed in our home. It cost a lot of money, but our health is non-negotiable. Not photographed are the two 9 watt 4th Gen LED bulbs at our gate. As of press time there is only one bedroom left which needs CFL bulb replacing. That will be done tonight.

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