94 Yr Old Grandmother: Bed Ridden Upper Right Leg Pain, Circulation Problems, Nutrition Plus Incoming Vein Healer and Dorn – Energy Healer… Next

Happy to see grandma seated when I arrived. Must be some kind of progress. My aunt and her kids are really doing their physical best. Grandma’s care takers are daughter, grand children, great grand children. Grandma’s investment in children paid off, they are taking care of her. They have not yet practised inclined bed therapy… they need to raise the head of the bed 4 to 6 inches. Told the care takers to change her position every 2 hours… that should prevent and heal bed sores.

Itchy bed sores? Use her own saliva and or her own urine on the spots. Wipe some virgin coconut oil on the skin outside of the actual bed sore. The activated charcoal is still there.

While Sifu Jen Sam collects the additional healing tools he needs to address my grandmother’s bed sores, today I spent a lot of hours shopping for her yummy nutritional healing. Basically shop for the same food we do at home with what is appropriate for her. Gave her fruits: papaya, mangoes, pineapples… told the folks with her to drop the canned pineapple juice. Found they gave her fresh carrot juice.

Bought the best grass fed sirloin tender sliced thinly beef. Taught them how to sear 5 seconds each side only. Add a touch of Himalayan pink salt. Cut with scissors very small for swallowing. Brought smoked deer. Plus other healthy fats like virgin coconut oil for Cirio Italy, Anchor butter from New Zealand and virgin coconut oil.

Bought her a 12 pack of instant wheat grass juice with honey. Gave her raw wild honey from Bataan. Gave organic soy sauce from Braggs, gave Braggs apple cider vinegar, gave organic vinegar from coconuts, gave 4 x 1.5 liter bottles of Hidden Springs water. Taught her to not drink plain water. Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to the water. Gave nata de coco as well as a fun food. Gave padas fermented tiny fish bagoong.

We did lots of delicious taste testing.

Also gave them a bottle of Thieves Essential Oil to drop around the bed to stem infection. The logic is to disinfect her room and her air from her bed sores. This helps healing. Another method I discussed is pounding garlic and onions and placing them around her bed to absorb infectious microbes.

Gave LBB capsules start with 2 capsules per night. Hope to get regular bowel movements. And restore colon strength.

I did a test with a small bottle of Quantumin Minerals Plus on her painful right leg upper part to her hip and crotch and placed 3 drops and rubbed it on her to find out if this has anything to do with gout. If that area heats up, that means it is interacting with uric acid crystals. Turned out to be negative for gout.

I therefore can conclude this is an injury or an anatomical defect from ageing? The bad pain may be due to veins in the wrong position or stuck. Blood flow to the right leg is worse than the left as can be seen with the bigger bed sore. And her pain is of course debilitating howling pain.

In my bag of tricks and healer collection I have summoned two healers that I hope will immensely contribute to our cause of making grandma walk again and fix the root cause of her pain. I am suspecting bone spine hip misalignment with veins pinched and stuck.

I have called Beth Pantaleon, the vein expert healer massage expert to take a bus from Los Banos Laguna and see grandma on Wednesday morning. Beth knows her veins and knows how to untangle them. Veins are her be all end all expertise. I hope she says the problem is still fixable. The problem is this pain has been going on for more than a year.

I have called Dr. Bien Castro, the dorn – energy healer, holistic healer and anaesthesiologist. Dr. Bien is a great choice for elderly, bed ridden patients. Dr. Bien makes house calls. His dorn method is slow and methodical which is great for 90+ year olds. His use of a Carmen Bees machine for energy healing and flow is an excellent compliment for his bone and hip adjustments.

Hopefully with the combined efforts of Sifu Jen Sam (acupuncture – chinese medicine – kung fu – holistic healer), with Beth Pantaleon (vein expert healer), and Dr. Bien Castro (dorn – energy healer, holistic healer) and nutritional healing plus the wonderful care takers… our grandma will be well, she will walk again… more spryly next time. And hopefully this same experience and knowledge leaches to her grand children to make them well from their own health challenges as well.

I’ve told my cousin to schedule grandma for an egg yolk liver flush in the morning. Gave her a tray of 30 organic raw duck eggs.

Hopefully Sifu Jen Sam can come up with all the tools he bought and visit grandma tomorrow.

Let’s wait and see.


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