Grandma Inner Thigh and Hip Pain Immensely Reduced, Dorn Healer Recommends X-Ray Before Bone Setting Treatment

Our 94 year old grandmother had improved immensely in less than a week of good food, acupuncture and chinese medicine treatments on her bed sores and vein and tendon fixing, healing, massage. When the dorn healer and his therapist arrived, our grandma’s reaction to touch was markedly lower, some 75% less. I was expecting immediate dorn treatment, fixing any misalignment and ta daah… magic all done… but there is that complication that the dorn healer Dr. Bien Castro thinks there may be hip fracture.

The diagnosis of possible hip fracture was suspected with her right leg in pain shorter than the left leg. Pulling expertly shows he can align both legs to be of the same length. But after a few minutes the right leg pulls back up a bit. So there is this possibility of a hip bone fracture and Dr. Bien does not want to do any alignments until this is confirmed not to be the case in an x-ray.

Grandma is thus scheduled for x-ray on Monday. They will hire an ambulance to take her to National Orthopaedic and there she can get her hip x-ray.

If there is no fracture, on with the dorn, on with the vein and tendon healing after bone alignments. The vein and tendon healer Beth Pantilone is of the opinion that there is no fracture. We will know soon.

Dr. Bien Castro is a practicing anaesthesiologist and dorn healer and energy healer. He integrates carmen bees technology in his healing, magneting therapies and energized mineral drops into his ever increasing tool box of healing tools.

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