Fractured Hip Bone Healing Without Surgery on 94 Year Old Grandma?

Finally an x-ray was done on our grandma at the national orthopaedic and they said that her hip was fractured, the only recommendation is surgery to install a screw or something else more but at her age of 94 their doctors feel she may not survive the surgery. At her frail looking spine that seems to be shrivelling it may not make sense either. So what we have left is to try at home healing of her fractured hip bone without surgery. Let’s see how far diet, herbs and supplements and physical therapies will take us.

What we do know now after 3 hands on healers visited her is that we took away a great amount of pain. Tendons and veins had been cleared away. The bed sores are healing. Let me discuss my initial strategy on this.

For the physical therapy, I will choose the vein and tendon healer Beth Pantilone, she is the one who feels strongly about healing this case personally. Also ask Sifu Jen Sam for his bone healing knowledge. Dr. Bien won’t touch a fractured hip bone.

Diet, the usual raw paleo diet and bone broth soups and high amounts of vitamin K2. Take the risk with organic natto (fermented soya) for the extreme highest amounts of k2… and it is cheap. If she is allergic to natto then brie de meaux raw cheese and grass fed butter… do both if money allows.

Buy BF&C herbals from Barefoot Herbalist MH from the USA.

Maybe in 2 months she will be well enough to sit on a wheel chair, in a car, and in 4 months be able to walk on a walker. Hopefully not be too much of a burden to her carers in the next few months.

Wish us luck and skill.

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