Partial Hip Replacement Prescribed for 94 yr old Grandma? X-Ray Report Not Released. X-Ray shows no Fracture? Dislocation only?

Sifu Sam and I were able to visit my 94 year old grandma this afternoon. Finally to discuss about this prescription for a partial hip replacement. But the fishy thing was, the orthopaedic center did not release the x-ray reading to my aunt. But they did release the x-ray slides. Well, our bone setter, kung fu master, chinese traditional medicine, acupuncturist, barefoot doctor Sifu Jen Sam looked at the x-ray slides and sees that there seems to be no fracture. For him it all just seems like a bad dislocation.

Grandma has shown improvements after more than a week of our treatments, physically and nutritionally

1. Grandma’s pain is considerably less.
2. Grandma has gained weight!
3. Grandma’s bowel movement is now regular, no constipation, no herbal assistance needed, no drugs needed.
4. Grandma’s loud cursing voice is on!
5. Her bed sores had improved.

Though our grandma is still bed ridden, she is moving better by herself in bed, not as paralized as before.

Sifu Sam thinks it is time to give it the old school try… time to man handle our grandmother’s dislocation and row those legs and pull with lots of force… and he did this twice! Then sprayed some special herbal sprays on parts of the muscles of her legs to give it some healing and pain relief.

Saw grandma trying to raise her right leg, can see the big leg muscles twitching… and she is not in pain, just still weak, but not in pain. Ho ho ho. Progress. We will know in 3 days. Sifu will be back next weekend again to see her and give her leg muscles another pull.

Maybe in the middle of the week I should again call on the vein expert Beth Pantelone to come on over and see to her veins and tendons again and give her own complementary therapy. Beth is adamant that there is no fracture and that this case is curable our grandma will walk again.

Pictures below. Video coming up.

grandma gained weight, less pain, cuts a smile with picture of sister
grandma gained weight, less pain, cuts a smile with picture of sister
acupuncture with tens machine and moxybunction
acupuncture with tens machine and moxybunction

Trying to fix a suspected dislocated hip bone. Sifu Sam thinks if there was really fracture, then grandma would be screaming to the top of her lungs at this procedure. She just complained a bit. Not loud like the first 2 sessions when we first started treating her.

A cheap and simple infra red lamp is used to treat bed sores of our 94 year old grandma who was bed ridden due to some hip injury.

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