Kidney Cancer Update: The Scare of Votrient, Lentin Plus, High Energy, Breathing Difficulties, Vitamin D and Omega 3 Deficiencies

The immense challenging crisis that arose was when Uncle B’s relatives on the pharmaceutical medical side of the fence had recommended their MD champion and brainwashed Uncle B to believe in “targeted” cancer drugs and convince him that 50,000 pesos per month worth of an FDA approved drug named Votrient was his last and final hope to allegedly “reduce” his enlarged kidney.

Our faction of the family had to bring in our own MD champion, Dr. Divina Hey-Gonzales to convince Uncle B that Votrient was not the way to go. That MD vs MD viciously battled it out for the survival of our hero Uncle B. From our point of view, their pharma stooge MD was the devil incarnate. From our point of view, our Uncle B was all cleaned out, stable and just needs fattening up, and when fat can do vco detoxes to reduce the suspected fungal based tumor… all going smoothly, and you pharma stooge are going to sabotage all this and kill him?

What made Uncle B seriously re-consider the taking of Votrient was from the manufacturer’s own website, their own user’s manual at Where the entire first page is a litany of dire warnings and that the first sentences were scary deathly warnings:

Severe and fatal hepatotoxicity has been observed in clinical trials.

Translation in lay man’s terms:

WARNING: Liver Poisoning
Severe (people gravely injured) and fatal (people died) liver poisoning has been observed in patient “guinea pigs” given this drug.

I was chatting on Facebook with our MD and gave her the link above to that drug. Dr. Divina Hey exclaimed in the chat that Uncle B most probably will not survive that kind of poisoning.

This scared the spirits out of uncle B. I did not make that up. That liver poisoning injuries and deaths info came from the manufacturer’s own website, their own prescription manual. Why did his pharma MD champion not give this information to Uncle B?

Yes, his sister believed in free choice, but all we did was merely show him the information that the pharma camp was DENYING our own Uncle B.

So hopefully Uncle B forgets about that dangerous drug. He found a new hope anyway.

Uncle B consulted with a Dr. Virtucio who did some Bio Resonance Imaging and seems he and I agreed with the treatment so far, Uncle B even thought at first that I gave a high protein diet in opposition to Dr. Virtucio’s thoughts… I said NO… I in fact KNOW of your protein challenges that is why I who supplies the cooked meat you wanted supply the FATTEST ORGANIC PORK I could find. That is low protein. And the milk I supplied is full fat raw goat’s milk.

The wonderful thing about his last consultation was the Lentin Plus 1000 supplement. I studied the literature of Lentin Plus 1000 and found nothing dangerous with it. It takes 2 to 3 months to finally get the desired results and many Japanese tumors had been reduced to nothing… total cure. That’s my kind of supplement. It’s affordable too. Some 3,000 pesos per week or 12,000 pesos per month. Uncle B’s donations may be able to afford that. I learned something new as well. See Coupled with our diet plan, large multi-magnetic belt and magnetic pulser, we have great chances of gaining good weight and eventually do a series of vco detoxes.

Weight has just stabilized around 45+ kg from 44. Energy is up. (Maybe Panax Ginseng doing its job). But there is still that breathing difficulty at times. Which Uncle B attributes to tumor size, while I sternly disagree with. As Dr. Divina Hey had taught us, the intestines are wrapped separately. And the kidneys are outside the intestines. So this very large tumor in front of the stomach is not going to restrict breathing like these even bigger basketball sized tumors had with other people. It is precisely this kind of thinking that has stopped us from addressing the true cause of the breathing difficulty.

My current pet theory with the breathing difficulty is a kind of asthma due to severe Vitamin D depletion and Omega 3 depletion imbalance with Omega 6. Let’s look at my observations and listening at uncle B’s and his wife’s stories about this history.

1. Uncle B was not fond of laying out in the sun when I slept there. His skin color shows it. He is extremely Chinese yellowish but no hint of enough sun. My boy is also fair skinned but daily beach activities at length does tan him a bit. So I recommended 1 to 2 hours of bare chested sun exposure a day.

2. His old and long love affair with Peanut Butter… sorely imbalanced with Omega 6 fatty acids.

3. His growing up and living near Laguna Lake… bereft of a true salty ocean, meant he had virtually almost nil, limited access to sea food, and they always cooked what little sea food they could get, did not have sashimi.

4. When Uncle B was in our home on medical vacation, we had been successful at drastically improving his breathing problem. And at that time he was on daily sashimi and or raw bone marrow and or raw beef fatty grass fed raw barbecue.

When he moved out of our home, his breathing difficulty came back and worse with salt depletion.

So I volunteered to send immense omega 3 gifted raw tuna sashimi, found big eye tuna… wow, premium fish at 420 per kilo and sent 1.6 Kilos to Uncle B by bus from the market. Nice, 150 pesos only and the conductor brought it down in front of Uncle B’s place.

Recommended 1/4 to 1/3 kilo raw tuna sashimi per day for the next 5 days.

How did I come to the conclusion to give raw tuna sashimi for Omega 3? First, there was my experience with raw tuna sashimi that in 1 day cured my brother’s extreme cold feelings and breathing problems in 2007… far superior than any amount of fish oil supplements. Then there was the new juicing book at home, how to address breathing problems with juicing. They mentioned omega 3, but since these juicing books are usually written by vegetarians, and their idea of Omega 3 is some inferior plant based omega 3 precursor only… then it is only logical to get omega 3 from clean animal sources and wild fish, say tuna sashimi was immensely superior in Omega 3. But not only that, since Uncle B found it unacceptable to eat raw beef, then he may have the chance to eat raw red meat via raw wild tuna. So 2 birds with one tuna sashimi stone: omega 3 and raw red meat protein.

Let’s wait and see for hopefully spectacular results!

Once his breathing difficulties are fixed, he will gain weight. I have given him as stock some Tung Shue Cowhead Brand pills for gaining wait. Later, later when he has consumed the other Chinese herbals, that may be the time to do Tugh Shue pills. Made me, my driver and my boy gain weight.

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