Kidney Cancer Patient Stable — awaiting weight gains

Our hero and kidney cancer patient uncle B is stable. Uncle B is now gaining weight and up 2.6 kg from 44 kg to 46.6 kg. Hopefully he continues gaining weight until he reaches 50 kg where I promised him I would do a 3 day vco detox with him. That vco detox should shrink his kidney tumor fast.

I keep reminding him to take his mind off of the large kidney tumor. Concentrate on health and weight gain first. We will deal with the tumor later. Uncle B is changing and evolving his diet as he goes along. I’m not there to micro manage everything, I just hope he is doing the right thing.

I heard Uncle B was doing his administrative church work, he is relatively well and not bed ridden or stuck at home.

Instruments left with him are the Bio Medici magnetic pulser and his supplements from his alternative medicine doctor, a Japanese supplement from rice and mushrooms (Lentin Plus) that takes 2 months to shrink tumors and colloidal silver.

I gave him a pack of the probiotics from the inventor Mr Ismael. I’m wonder how that works for him.

Tomorrow I will introduce him to Hidden Spring, a high magnesium content natural spring water, and magnesium oil for spraying. I figured he may be magnesium challenged like most of us who do not live beside the ocean. I will also see what is up with him, his food sources.

I have ordered a Bob Beck magnetic pulser and it may arrive in a month or so. When that arrives I will swap the Bio Medici magnetic pulser for the Bob Beck magnetic pulser. In conjunction with his colloidal silver, that should dig out hidden infections.

I will see Uncle B tomorrow at a family gathering.

A good strategy I am satisfied with is to just address the health issues of the patient. Keep his mind off of that obsession with tumor shrinkage. Health first. Tumor shrinking later.

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