How to Cure Gout outline for 2014

I noticed our neighbor limping this morning. He was just in his early 40s and he said it was due to old age. I said, “That’s not true, what is it really?” He said he had gout / arthritis.

Oh, that’s easy, I’ve taught his uncle, the village couple tailors, the village organic vegetable store owner, my cook, my driver, my wife how to cure gout, and they were all cured. Here is how gout is cured, with improvements to my gout cure protocol this 2014.

The Principle and the Cause of Gout

Uric acid seems to be formed when the kidneys cannot process the food, mostly too much protein (plant or animal) and not enough raw fat in the diet. Stress on NOT ENOUGH RAW FAT. And most likely you are consuming the wrong fats (all the cooking oil in the supermarket is bad). This is because you are being told by your current health practitioner / doctor the wrong diet… usually the low fat diet of the “food pyramid” which is entirely fabricated wrong.

This uric acid is accumulated by the body away from the blood stream and into the extremities where the body judges it to be least harmful. Note that the body will always strive for CLEAN BLOOD and this is one way some people’s bodies decide to do it. Unfortunately over time, the uric acid deposits compound in excesses and cause pain. And people live with this GOUT PAIN for years at a time. Simply because they do not know the cause of gout and the cure for gout.

The Cure for Gout Principle

Dissolve existing deposits of gout via external means, usually with mineral drops. And dissolve the gout deposits from the inside usually with apple cider vinegar.

Detox / Cleanse the organs to allow the body to function properly. To unload burden on the kidneys.

Drink quantities and schedules of hydrating fluid / water with the correct amounts and kinds of salt.

Prevent the formation of new uric acid from the kidneys by changing / switching / adjusting the diet to approach a RAW PALEO DIET and Lifestyle… the original diet of humans. IF you cannot do raw 100%, approach it as much as you can, lightly cooked paleo diet or sanely cooked paleo diet.

The paleo lifestyle is a principle where you try to approach how people took care of themselves if they were living in nature. No chemicals, no artificial electromagnetic radiation, no stresses and worries. Lots of sleep, rest and recreation.

Details of the Gout Cure Procotol for 2014

Dissolve Existing Gout Deposits

Externally use Quantumin Mineral Drops on the spots, 1 to 2 drops at a time and massage it in. Do this for some 3 to 5 times a day. You should feel some heat. This heat is a sign that it is dissolving the uric acid on contact.

Internally dissolve gout deposits by drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar dissolved in a glass of water. You should drink this 3 times a day.

Detox: Colon Cleansing

The easiest way is the use of CASTOR OIL. All you need is 30ml of castor oil in the morning when you wake up as the first food / fluid intake. Do this at least 5 days. You can do it every other day or space it even farther apart at your leisure.

This morning intake of castor oil will also cleanse your liver if you lie down on your right side immediately after drinking. Stay lying down for 30 minutes.

Detox: Kidney Cleansing

You can do a water melon fast for 1 day. You can also do a coconut juice fast for 1 day. You may also do a diluted orange juice fast for 1 day, or 3 days or 7 days… this comes with some salt and some raw egg yolks.

You can also do a kidney cleanse with avocado leaves as described in my Click here. Do this for 5 straight days.

Raw Paleo Diet and Lifestyle

A complete forum is available in with full support from members. For gout I recommend something very basic. Fluids, raw fish, some raw red meat, raw egg yolks, raw bone marrow is most healing, raw fruits in season. Secondary sources of raw fats are coconut milk, coconut meat, avocados.

No wheat / flour in any form. No nightshades (tomatoes, tobacco, bell peppers, egg plants, potatoes). No seeds… especially no beans… especially mung / monggo beans.

For fluid intake optimization I suggest doing the water cure (comes with salt). See

Minimize wifi and cell phone radiation, sleep on an inclined bed, see Inclined Bed Therapy. Rest, relax, stop worrying, be happy.

Erectile Dysfunction Cure

So this gout cure may not be so impressive for some. But did you know I also have a cure for erectile dysfunction? This gets men interested. Here it is. The cure for erectile dysfunction is doing the above and stress on the consumption of:

RAW RED MEAT. Regularly. Raw beef / goat / sheep, raw tuna / sword fish / salmon sashimi. All this allows the flow of blood to the small blood vessels including the penis. Add raw oysters so you will produce plentiful sperm and high quality semen as well.

I will be adding the links and refining this same article in the next few days. Enjoy. Pass this on to your friends.