Teethmarks on my tongue, sign of weak pancreas

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My anthroposophic doctor tells me the teethmarks on my tongue is an indication of a weak pancreas.

The Barefoot Herbalist offers a kidney and pancreas cleanse product, maybe that will help.


These herbs are the same ones Dr. Christopher and Dr. Hulda Clark suggest to use to cleanse the Kidneys and the Pancreas of “rock” type stones. These stones also form in the prostrate, nerve endings, joints, muscle and just about anywhere the body has deposits that make it stiff. This class of herbs are considered some of the very best herbs in human health, because they are known to work very well. We receive many compliments on this formula. This is a “BAREFOOT” Original Formula! At a Dr. Hulda Clark seminar many years ago I showed the CLARK people that I made the Dr. Hulda Clark formulas in Liquid, shortly after the Walnut/Clove/Wormwood commercial liquid hit the market and my idea made someone allot of $$$$, but for some reason I have never seen my Kidney Cleanse Formula copied and many years later one of the top drclark.com owners still orders this for their personal use. I consider this one of the best effective formulas I make. This formula is also used as part of my Longevity Spices formula.

I follow the Dr. Hulda Clark method of taking these herbs for six weeks as a Cleanse. These herbs are very effective and work best when they remain in the body for the longest period; so ideally they should be consumed at bedtime. One teaspoon 6 nights per week for six weeks uses just about one bottle. I suggest 1 teaspoon per night until the bottle is empty. The Longevity Spices supplies a small portion of this formula daily and I truly believe we need daily help. Our Kidneys are the most over worked and abused organs of the body and are the first to fail in function before any disease can be established in the body.

Ingredients: Parsley Rt. / Herb, Hydrangea Rt. / Flower, Marshmallow Rt. / Flower, Ginger Rt., Uva Ursi Herb, Black Cherry Tree Bark, Juniper Berry, Olive Tree Leaf / Rt. Bark, Cilantro Herb, Cedar Berry, Golden Rod Flower, with Pure Turkey Oregano. Extracted in pure grain alcohol with distilled water. (Note: for those that want no alcohol in their herbs, they must pour the dosage in a coffee cup and fill with hot water, the alcohol will evaporate).

From the Royal Rife website cancer page, they state:

16. Chinese concepts. Dr. Chi reports that 80% of cancer patients lack some of the half-moons on their fingernails, and have teeth-marks (indentations) on the sides of their tongues. Look at the fingernails. There should be half-moons at the base of the thumbnail and the nails of the first three fingers. Not the pinkies. If there are less than 4 half-moons on each hand, this indicates low cellular oxygenation. Enzymes and Vein Lite have been used by some to increase half-moons.

Look at the tongue. Scallops or indentations along the edge are called “teeth-marks. This can indicate edema, low immunity and poor digestion. Use cooked asparagus or Chi’s “Asparagus Extract” as directed on the bottle. There are reports of cancer recoveries from eating asparagus daily. Canned is fine. Puree it and take 1/4 cup twice a day. People have also reported that taking iodine corrects teeth-marks.

We are also in the process of ordering an orgone zapper by Don Croft, just trying to arrange international shipping.

The CureZone forum has a how to cure pacreatitis post:

Pancreatitis  by #60336

As a person who suffered from passing a gallstone (I didn’t know I had them, they were not on x-rays, or ultrasounds), I can say I wish I knew about a gallstone flush long ago. But, since I didn’t, there is nothing I can do about that…

I can tell you that your information about pancreatitis is limited.

Acute Pancreatitis is an inflamtion of the pancreas, caused by the pancreas juices being caught in the pancreas, and self-digesting itself. Know for certain that scrarring from pancreatitits does exist, and each time an acute flare-up happens, the chances of having a permenant, chronic pancreatitis increases.

The main best solution for pancreatitis is to give it COMPLETE and TOTAL rest…. that means seeking medical professional for intervenous nutrients, and hydration. You canNOT take anything orally, as that will stimulate the pancreas to secrete its enzymes.

As far as your recommendations for increased nutrients, I don’t know… except that when pancreatitis becomes chronic, sufferers must find all sorts of ways in supplement the diet, especially with digestive enzymes. Because of enzyme deficiency, poor nutrition is inevitable… not all nutrients can be absorbed properly because the nutrients have not been broken down to a usable form.

The use of all sorts of supplements does NOT complete resolve the problem of mal-absorption. Supplements do help to shorten the length of attacks, and to minimize the intensity of attacks.

Pancreatitis poses interesting problems, because no matter what, you must eat to receive nutrients. The pancreas secretes enzymes to digest protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Further it secretes other enzymes that help to break down the smaller particles from the first stage of its digestion. And it secretes hormones, like insulin to allow the body’s cell use glucose properly for energy. The pancreas has many functions, some are “simple” and some are intricately balanced.

You cannot live without a pancreas… unless you take enzyme supplements and take insulin…. then remember that the pancreas also secretes glucogon which also helps to change fat back into energy (the loosing weight hormone).

Pancreatitis is EXTREMELY painful. (Liken it to acid being dropped on the most sensitive part of you skin.) Many cases are from drinking alcohol, some are physical deformities, some are from blocked ducts from foreign objects (gallstones), and the cause of some are unknown completely.



Liver Flush + Diet  by Plato

To cure pancreatitis:

Flush your liver every 2 weeks.
Improve your diet (eat more raw vegetables and fruit)
Improve your lifestyle (more outside, more fresh air, more physical activity like walking, rebounding, swimming, hiking …)
Cleanse also kidneys to prevent kidney stones

Eliminate from your diet:
– sugar
– alcohol
– fried foods
– any heated vegetable oils (oil used for frying)
– industrially processed foods
– grilled foods
– refined foods
– margarine
– aspartame
– food additives

Include in your diet:
– freshly pressed vegetable juices
– cold pressed oils
– seafood and fish (not fried fish)
– seaweed


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    Dear sir of madame
    I have been suffering for many years with food intolerances ibs Rhematoid teeth marks on sides of my tongue etc. I’ve became a gluten yeast free vegan and also take lepicol plus digestive Enzymes and i feel great and the spots are decreasing. I would assume that i have a weak pancreas like my late mother who was diabetic and had pancreatis. Should i stay on the enzmes long term?

    Yours K Webster

  2. eesc says

    You need to step up from raw vegan to raw paleolithic diet. You need super foods called: fatty raw animal food. Join our forum at http://www.rawpaleoforum.com to learn how to incorporate raw animal foods in your raw vegan regime. This is the original and natural diet of humans.

  3. Neta says

    The ORIGINAL diet for man was not animal foods at all. It was fruit, nuts, grains and vegetables.
    Animal foods were not given to man until after the Flood when there was no plant food available.
    When animal food was introduced the lifespan of man went from almost 1000 years to just a few hundred.

  4. says

    I’ve heard that opinion before when I did FRUITARIAN. (lasted 2 months)
    And when I did RAW VEGAN. (lasted 2 months)
    Both times I suffered MALNUTRITION and would have died if I had been a vegan ZEALOT.
    I did VEGETARIAN. Full of baloney, still sick.

    It is with RAW ANIMAL FOOD that I’m THRIVING on and have been so for 2.5 years now and getting BETTER and BETTER.

    The proof of the pudding is in the EATING. Hands on experience shows I thrive on RAW ANIMAL FOOD.

    Come join us at http://www.rawpaleoforum.com

    If you haven’t tried raw animal foods daily for 2 months, you cannot possibly give an opinion yet.

  5. curious says

    Do I still need lipase in pancreatin to be able to breakdown fats in vco, olive oil, and raw meat? Do I need pancreatin do be able to do liver flushes more effectively, if my pancreas is defective?

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