PITAHC: Dr Tam Mateo ND on Cancer

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This is an article from the website of PITAHC under the Philippine Department of Health in their section Ask the Expert.  In this issue they interview Dr. Tam Mateo, the first Philippine Naturopath.


This Issue’s Expert: Tam Mateo, N.D.


Do you have a natural program for cancer? Please advise.

Cancer Defined

Cancer is a full-term incubation of toxin within the entire system which is the result of continuous poisoning of the entire system for more than a decade.

Causes of Cancer

People develop the disease without knowing it. They say that if your family runs with this kind of disease then you are likely to develop the same disease. In my practice as a Naturopath, I have learned that only 20% of the cases are of genetic origin, the remaining 80% have unhealthy lifestyle as the cause, which they have adopted from their own families, and this is the primary reason why family members develop the same kind of disease. I would say that there are two major ways to develop this disease: 1) food addiction and 2) stress. The quality of food people are consuming today can also trigger the development of this disease. Meats are filled with growth hormones, processed foods are filled with excitotoxins – these are but few factors of developing cancer.

At-risk of Cancer

Everybody is at-risk of developing cancer, but if they are willing to start changing their lifestyle, I could guarantee them 100% that they can be free from developing any kind of disease.

Natural Approach for Management of Cancer

As a Naturopath, I mainly recognize the healing ability within the system. We have to go directly or trace the problem to its root or main source. All the people suffering from this disease has a blood abnormality because the blood can no longer function normally to produce quality cells – to produce adenosinetriphosphate (ATP).

In tracing the root, we have to eliminate the old fecal deposits and toxins within the entire system through a process of detoxification. Then we provide the body with nutrients that would help the cellular DNA to create healthy cells. L-Lysine, L-Proline, organic Vitamin C, superoxide dismutase (SOD), anti-oxidants and metaloprotenase enzyme are supplemented to enhance the blood to produce quality cells that will dominate the dying ones and fight cancer cells, then natural healing will follow.

Preventing Cancer Naturally

People who develop cancer or any kind of disease mean that they are unhealthy. In order to prevent cancer or any kind of disease, you have to be healthy, plain and simple. People should learn as well as be educated enough to know and learn the cause and effect of every unhealthy habit they formed. The good news I want to leave is that people who doesn’t like to eat good nutritious food and are annoyed with its taste will have a chance to like it because our taste chemistry can be changed. With the help of God, you can do it especially when it is for our own good health. This is the legacy I want to leave, that people could possibly live without having any kind of disease. I fully commit myself in educating them about health, and people can come to me and learn.

About the Expert:

Tam Mateo, ND, the first Filipino Naturopathic Doctor, is a Cancer Nutrition Specialist. With his experience, with his wife as a cancer survivor, he has committed his life in educating the people in line with health and has been a Health Crusader for more than fifteen (15) years. He wants to leave a legacy in challenging people that they could possibly live a life without any disease.

He is a graduate of Clayton College of Natural Health (formerly Alabama College of Natural Healing) in Alabama, USA. Before becoming a Naturopathic Doctor, he was a registered Respiratory Therapist at North Hollywood Medical and Dental School, California, USA.

For twenty-one (21) years, he worked as a successful businessman in the United States. His last fourteen years (14) in the US were spent as a medical missionary and a Health Crusader.

He is a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA); Association of American Nutritional Consultant (AANC); and the Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine (PCAM). He is also the CEO of Living Food Philippines, Inc. as well as the President of Dr. Tam Vegetarian Association of the Philippines and the Kaalamang Pangkalusugan Foundation.

As a Health Crusader, he still continues his service in educating the people through radio programs, seminars and the like.

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  1. maria ana Cuevas says

    na diagnosed ako ng ovairan cancer stage 3-b last year Nov. 2010, at nag ke chemo ako ngayon (7 cycles na po ako) kaya lang habang tumagal ang chemo nahihirapan ako sa side effects ng gamot, at ngayon ay nag bo bloated ako…gusto ko pong makausap ng personal si Dr. Tam Mateo. Sa kasalakuyan ako po ay nag ta trabaho dito sa Jamaica……nasi kung subukan ang natural alternative na gamot….salamat po

  2. Maricel Carpio says

    doc i am having breast pain for few days now.. pero di p ko nag pacheck up.. i had my period 2 wks ago.. may nakapa akong bukol.. doc, how can i go to your office/ clinic?

  3. Maryflor Competente says

    I was diagnosed with lung cancer, I want to visit to your clinic to consult. Do you have alternative treatment for my case? Please reply asap because I’m planning to visit your clinic on monday. thanks :D

  4. L. Mateo says

    Dear Dr. Tam Mateo,

    I just want to ask if there is possibility to cure parkinsons deasease?

  5. charisma says

    doc, my father is taking up prednisone 10mg twice aday, he is also having her erythropoeitin injection once a week for almost a year. He doesnt have a final diagnosis but the first doctor says that he is having a lymphoma thats why he undergone 4 chemotherapy, but when we have his bone marrow result it was all negative. all his blood counts are low. In his ultrasound his spleen is enlarged. Can you help us doc? plsss. thank you.

  6. Ramonchito Lucas says

    i suspect that i have testicular cancers due to symptoms and swollen lymph nodes.pls help me.i want to consult doc tam because i do not want to undergo surgery and chemo.how can i reach doc tam.pls help me

  7. Ma. Arrilu Quinto says

    Dr. Tam my husband has renal failure at nag injection sya ng erithpoetin every week.Gusto po naming subukan ang alternative medicines nag umpisa lang po sa hypertension at nagka komplikasyon na sa Puso medyo may diabetic and sa Puso na sya. ayaw po namin ng Dialysis yon ang lagi sinasabi ng Nephro Doctor Nya noong last na na ospital sya ng December 2013 Ang Crea po Nya ay dati 7 Naging 4. uminom po sya ng herbal tea pangpahaba ng crea Now po nasa 9.7 uminom po sya ng herbal tea now Naging 9.2 ala pa pong 10 days sya na inom non tea.


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