PITAHC: Dr Tam Mateo ND on Cancer

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This is an article from the website of PITAHC under the Philippine Department of Health in their section Ask the Expert.  In this issue they interview Dr. Tam Mateo, the first Philippine Naturopath.


This Issue’s Expert: Tam Mateo, N.D.


Do you have a natural program for cancer? Please advise.

Cancer Defined

Cancer is a full-term incubation of toxin within the entire system which is the result of continuous poisoning of the entire system for more than a decade.

Causes of Cancer

People develop the disease without knowing it. They say that if your family runs with this kind of disease then you are likely to develop the same disease. In my practice as a Naturopath, I have learned that only 20% of the cases are of genetic origin, the remaining 80% have unhealthy lifestyle as the cause, which they have adopted from their own families, and this is the primary reason why family members develop the same kind of disease. I would say that there are two major ways to develop this disease: 1) food addiction and 2) stress. The quality of food people are consuming today can also trigger the development of this disease. Meats are filled with growth hormones, processed foods are filled with excitotoxins – these are but few factors of developing cancer.

At-risk of Cancer

Everybody is at-risk of developing cancer, but if they are willing to start changing their lifestyle, I could guarantee them 100% that they can be free from developing any kind of disease.

Natural Approach for Management of Cancer

As a Naturopath, I mainly recognize the healing ability within the system. We have to go directly or trace the problem to its root or main source. All the people suffering from this disease has a blood abnormality because the blood can no longer function normally to produce quality cells – to produce adenosinetriphosphate (ATP).

In tracing the root, we have to eliminate the old fecal deposits and toxins within the entire system through a process of detoxification. Then we provide the body with nutrients that would help the cellular DNA to create healthy cells. L-Lysine, L-Proline, organic Vitamin C, superoxide dismutase (SOD), anti-oxidants and metaloprotenase enzyme are supplemented to enhance the blood to produce quality cells that will dominate the dying ones and fight cancer cells, then natural healing will follow.

Preventing Cancer Naturally

People who develop cancer or any kind of disease mean that they are unhealthy. In order to prevent cancer or any kind of disease, you have to be healthy, plain and simple. People should learn as well as be educated enough to know and learn the cause and effect of every unhealthy habit they formed. The good news I want to leave is that people who doesn’t like to eat good nutritious food and are annoyed with its taste will have a chance to like it because our taste chemistry can be changed. With the help of God, you can do it especially when it is for our own good health. This is the legacy I want to leave, that people could possibly live without having any kind of disease. I fully commit myself in educating them about health, and people can come to me and learn.

About the Expert:

Tam Mateo, ND, the first Filipino Naturopathic Doctor, is a Cancer Nutrition Specialist. With his experience, with his wife as a cancer survivor, he has committed his life in educating the people in line with health and has been a Health Crusader for more than fifteen (15) years. He wants to leave a legacy in challenging people that they could possibly live a life without any disease.

He is a graduate of Clayton College of Natural Health (formerly Alabama College of Natural Healing) in Alabama, USA. Before becoming a Naturopathic Doctor, he was a registered Respiratory Therapist at North Hollywood Medical and Dental School, California, USA.

For twenty-one (21) years, he worked as a successful businessman in the United States. His last fourteen years (14) in the US were spent as a medical missionary and a Health Crusader.

He is a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA); Association of American Nutritional Consultant (AANC); and the Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine (PCAM). He is also the CEO of Living Food Philippines, Inc. as well as the President of Dr. Tam Vegetarian Association of the Philippines and the Kaalamang Pangkalusugan Foundation.

As a Health Crusader, he still continues his service in educating the people through radio programs, seminars and the like.

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  1. Malou P. Guinto says

    Can you please provide us info on Dr. Tam Mateo’s free seminar ? When, where and what time? Also the phone no.

    Thank you

  2. Rachelle Claveria says

    Gud day i am Rachelle Claveria my mother Rosie Claveria was actually your patient,she has a stage 4 breast cancer, her cancer has metastize to her liver and lungs what would be the best treatment that i could give to her…specifically the foods,combination of juices and exercise as well.. thank you very much please do reply on my e-mail

    God Bless you

  3. Rachelle says

    Gud day….i am the daughter of mrs. Rosie Claveria, she was seen last May by Ms. BAylon. She is suffering from a stage 4 breast Cancer and her cancer has metastize through her liver and her lungs. The lumps on her breast was actually very big and the upper and the lower breast is also affected. Na oerahan po xa and ang nangyari po is doon sa sitye ng kanyang tinahian is nag buldge po and may mga pus po and kapag uubo po xa nahihirapan xang huminga ang the feeling of matatanggal ang kanyang breast. Yung kanyang pong likod ay sumasakit din po and as ofd now wala po xang ganang kumain her live green po ginawa po naming double dose…Hope you will reply on my e-mail…..


  4. Kat-kat says

    what is the contact number of dr. Tam mateo because my mother really needs it and i can’t find it here in the internet..thanks!

  5. says

    good day!! im maimai from Batangas. i saw you in SALAMt doc and id heard about miracle tea im so interested with that and i want to know whre can i buy and how much its cost,
    hope u will reply me soon

  6. Domingo Magno says

    I’m currently undergoing chemotherapy for a stage IV colon cancer. I’ll be in Manila this December and want to consult and/or attend Dr. Tam’s free seminar. Could I have his phone number and address, please?

  7. hazel reyes says

    dr. tam mateo,

    christian greetings!!! I’m hazel from laguna, and i saw you personally when you visited us in our church in san pablo and in our fellowship.. I just want to ask po kung hindi po masama painumin ang 2 year old baby ng malamig na soya milk, kung minsan po frozen pa? may side effect po ba ito? since I heard from your lecture about milk formulas I tried to stop giving milk made from cow’s milk to my baby and now he is drinking home made soya milk. Other question pa po nakakaproduce nga po ba ng female hormones ang soya na which might affect my baby boy? please reply po… thank you very much

  8. Annie P. Barrios says

    It seems that there are so many of you who are asking for Dr. Tam Mateo contact numbers. You can contact Dr. Tam Mateo at Telephone Nos. 9000547 to 9000549, 4011608 -09. Good luck and I wish you all well.

  9. raymond samson says

    i’ve been with dr.tams seminar… its so convincing… true blooded filipino… im now a vegitarian almost a year….

  10. raymond says

    i’ve been with dr.tams seminar… its so convincing… true blooded filipino… im now a vegitarian almost a year…. sana makapag seminar ka dito sa tarlac…. tnx

  11. Josephine R. Valdez, MD says

    Dear Dr. Tams,
    Happy new year! May I request info regarding herbal anti-hypertensive alternatives and its renal effects either locally or abroad. thanks

    Josephine R. Valdez, MD
    Nephrologist, NKTI

  12. marlyn diamante says

    dear Dr. Tam,

    recently i have undergone breast ultra sound and it gave me so much fear and anxiety of the impression: Solid nodule with calcifications, right breast. Suggest mammogram to characterize the calcifications in the nodule. is this malignant?
    the other one is small nodule with benign sonographic features, left breast.
    up to now i did not submit myself for mammogram for my fear regarding the results and i guess it could trigger the situation due to its radiation. i was diagnosed with mayoma but i did not submit for operation coz im still hoping for other options in a natural way.
    i thank God for Salamat Dok, ABS-CBN as you are one of their guest.
    what must be the treatments regarding these problems?
    i pray that God will bless your health mission. God bless.

    -Marlyn Diamante
    Bacolod City

  13. helen natividad says

    Dear Dr Tam- my daughter has a thyroid problem,she has a goiter. Do you have a cure for her hyperthyroidsm. She does not want to see a doctor coz she said she does not feel anything. She is presently taking thyroxine but I’ve asked her to have a TSH for further medical check-up. Maybe she is afraid that she may have to undergo an operation. Hope you can prescribed the best natural cure you can offer.Appreciate your response so i could tell her to consult/see you.Regards- Helen

  14. SheeAn says

    Dr. Tam,
    Every summer, I experience this severe itch on my throat, then, by the next day bouts of cough that makes my head ache so much and my ribs feels like it will burst. More coughing when I’m about to sleep. Is there any natural ways to relieve this? I tried calamansi with honey, gargling with salt and water and warm tea with calamansi but they seem to give temporary relief. Pls help… thanx.

  15. Sol Calumpang says

    Dear Dr. Tam Mateo, my parents watched you on TV and are very interested with your herbal system of healing. We are from Dumaguete City. My mother has serious problems with gallstones, migraine and chronic cough while my dad has very low motility (poor bowel movement) and prostate problem. I have concerns on preventing cancer, kidney and gall/liver problems. Also, my parents are interested with the prospect of distributorship, but this is secondary. Foremost, we are highly interested in your system. We are willing to organize for you a seminar in which you can discuss your system for Duamguete people. Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you soon: solcalumpang@gmail.com

  16. ELEN FELIX says


  17. Cheril says

    I am very much interested on the these products. Are these products safe to be taken on daily basis without consultation from your end. Where can we buy the products? Can’t we purchase it online? I am having constant lower abdominal pains with diarrhea and also lower back pains sometimes, is it ok to take your products both miracle tea and live green?..
    Please response on my email soon.
    Thank you

  18. Leah Jimenez Sengseng says

    Dear Dr. Tam,
    My mother is diagnosed with PGO Secondary to Rectosigmoid Adenocarcinoma (cancer stage-4) metastasized to colon, kidney, ovary, liver & lungs. She has undergone surgery (Exlap) with repair of tumor perforation and Transverse Loop Colostomy last March 17, 2008. She was scheduled for Chemo Therapy but we decided to consider the alternative treatment first like Herbal medicine. We have watched you on TV and we are convinced to try your Herbal Healing System. With this regard, I would like to know how to make an appointment with you for consultation. May we please have your contact number…?
    Hope to hear from you soon…
    Thank you so much!

    Ms. Leah Jimenez Sengseng

  19. catherine victorio says

    hi dr. tam mateo, i just wanna ask your website about your herbal medicines… my mom is confused on what product she will entake because she has fibro adenoma on her left breast… and my father is diabetec and has lump on his head… please reply me back

  20. Loren Abigail Gotauco Lay says

    Hi Dr.Tam.
    I am a student here in San fernando pampanga.I am in third year high school and yet I still don’t know what college course will I get.I always watch Salamat dok every saturday and sunday that’s why I know you.I want to get a course related to medicine but I don’t like doctor or nurse.My mom told me to get a course that has something to do with food chemistry.Please give me advice and tips on how to choose a right career that will suit me and Please give me some courses which you think will suit me also.
    I also wanted to know about your website about herbal medicines.Please reply me back.=)

  21. says

    im imelda daughter of facundo one of ur patient.gusto ko sanang malaman kung anong cause ng laging sinisinok ang aking fader na si facundo.

  22. andrea castro says

    Hi Dr.Tam,

    This is andrea and i’m a breast cancer patient and heard about you recently from my friend.just want to ask how can i see you personally so i can ask you some question about my present situation. looking forward to hear more from you thanks

  23. trisha anne says

    hi! im interested in your miracle tea… i just want to know if i can drink ur tea even if i have systemic lupus? im taking steroids now… will there be no adverse reaction if i drink ur miracle tea? thanks and more power to you.

  24. teabagprincess says

    sa mga nasa Pilipinas po, mas mabuti po kung pumunta kayo sa clinic sa pasig. tuwing linggo po iyon sa ganap na 2:30 ng hapon. napakarami niyo pong matutunan. mas maigi po kung magpakonsulta kay dr tam o kay ms eileen para mabigyan ng ‘protocol’.ako po ay naniniwala na ang pagbalik natin sa natural ay mas mabisa kaysa sa makabagong medisina sa panahon ngayon.siguro ang mahirap dito ay ang pagtalikod sa nakagawiang pagkain ng masasamang pagkain (karne, vetsin, GMO, etc) upang hindi na bumalik ang sakit. ako po ay isa lamang sa mga nakapakinig ng seminar ni dr. mateo. sa lahat ng narinig kong paggamot sa sakit na ‘kanser’ ang kanyang pamamaraan ang pinaka-positibo at pinakamakabuluhan dahil nilulutas nito ang pinagmumulan ng problema at hindi lamang panandaliang lunas. ako po ay bata pa na nabubuhay sa makabagong mundo pero nang mapag-aralan ko ang siyensiya ng “naturopathy”, naintindihan ko po na ang kalikasan at ang likas na kakayahan ng ating katawan na magpagaling ay higit na mabisa sa kahit anong gamot sa botika. naghahanap din po ako ng website ni dr. tam pero wala. sana po ay mahanapan nyo ng panahon ang pagkonsulta. hindi pa po kami nagsisimula ng nasabing ‘protocol’ pero napakalakas ng kutob ko na ito ay magiging mabisa.

  25. says

    Im angel i recently attend living foods Seminar yesterday and i really amaze about the foods that are presented in your powerpoint Many of our foods that we eat in our daily life are born with diseases.After the seminar me and my wife started to follow your protocol we started to drink 1/2 cup of Miracle TEA before bedtime and we take bowel 2 to 4 times we feel that the product is truly effective the cleansing effect works. thanks and i would say to the people out there keep patronizing this product it’s a MIRACLE ….

    thanks ans regrds
    angel miguel

  26. Eileen Baylon says

    Hi everyone. Its Eileen Baylon. I would like to invite you all this coming Ocotber 5, 2008. 2-5pm. on our 5th Dr. Tam Vegetarian Asso of the Phils. (DTVAP) @ the Ultra. Hosted by Winnie Cordero & Ariel Ureta. W/ Special guests, Dr. Noel Velasco (Dentist Implantologist), Dr. Wetzel Dela Cruz(practises Family Medicine that turns His very own Hospital into a Natural Program), & Dr. Gary Dy (radio personality). They will give their views & experience on alternative medicine. Food expose’s & survivor testimonials. Be inspired & be Healthy! See you there! ADMISSION IS FREE! For info’s 9000-547 to 49 / cp#0917-9518529.

  27. Cristal says

    Hi! Thankfully, for those outside metro manila, the live green and miracle tea is available on http://www.ebay.ph. just search for miracle tea. it is the same price as from dr tam’s store but with the convenience of ordering and having it shipped to you directly. that’s where i buy my stock as im in the province.

  28. gary says

    Hi! i already knew the place where the seminar of Dr tam Mateo is being held but i don’t know how to get there,,i live here in malate manila how can i get there in maybunga marikina city or in ortegas avenue?
    please help me email me or send me a map
    email ad: gary_deleon21@yahoo.com
    contact #: 09177311863

  29. Apol Lagarde says

    I’ve read all about the Dr. Tams miracle tea. I from Olongapo City. I would like to know where i can buy this miracle tea here in Olongapo or nearest store. Hope you can give information

    many thanks

  30. aya mateo says

    Dr.tam’s Seminar is at #433 F. Legaspi st,. Maybunga,Pasig City. He’s telephone # is 900-0547 to 0549

  31. jane says

    Hello…i would like to try the miracle tea and live green product of dr. tam…but i cant find it here in olongapo city…available ba ang product ni dr tam sa SM Pampanga? … Please naman i need help…pwede po ba na paki text na lang ako sa 09104394370 i really need info kung meron dun sa SM PAMPANGA masyado kasi malayo sa manila…Maraming salamat sa magbibigay inpormasyon ukol dito…please!

  32. carol says

    gud am po tanong ko lang po ano po ba ang mairerekomenda nyo po na dapat kong inumin.kasi may fibroadenoma po ako sa suso..bali tatlong bukol po yung nakita sa suso ko sana matulungan nyo po ako madaming salamat po

  33. Jerry B. Ambatali says

    gud am po ask ko lang po kung san po nagaganap yung seminar ni dr Tam, What time, day and location po? Willing po akong mki attend, From Region 2 po Cagayan Valley. My KIDNEY DISEASE PO AKO.. pLEASE. .

  34. anabel says

    Dr tam is not a western doctor,but a naturopatic,,that’s make him amazing..

    i’m one of his patients,who is fully cured from ashtma, hepatitis c.. Thank you so much Dr Tam Mateo…i’m sharing my experience to everyone how i overcome my illness through DR Tam protocol.

  35. anabel says

    to triffty…

    for cancer patients, they should be given only pure fresh juices, fresh fruits and vegetables kills the cancer cells and it will be easier to assimilate by the body.but of course they have to detox their body using miracle tea to expelled all the bad elements
    then, followed by live green to bring back all the lost nutrients and repair and renew to a good cells..try it .. you’ll see the results..


  36. anabel says

    for the student nurse…………

    you can be MD or phd or nurse which is actually assisting a doctor or clean up a patients
    will be no use if you dont know about naturophatic ,the first one in philippines is our very own DR TAM MATEO..so for you nurse, brush up your knowledge before you talk. let me tell you even , by attending DR tam seminar regularly you can be better than a MD..the most important is the right knowledge not the 10 years certificate.
    more power to DR TAM MATEO and all the vegan”s
    thank you.

  37. mmojosh says

    doc can u pls. give me alternative tagalog name medicine to cure my lung infection kc i had a 2nd opinion to other dr. and they said that it is not a lung infection kc negative ako sa esputum pls help me at they said na kailangan ko daw na maoperahan pls help me

  38. tomasa villamil says

    good day… gusto ko sanang malaman kung may gamot kayo ng breast cancer dito sa zamboanga del norte??? kasi may bukol po ako sa susu at gusto ko sana bumili ng miracle tea… mayroon po ba kayong brach dito sa zamboanga del norte.. pls reply.. matulungan nyo po sana ako.. thank you

  39. Pia says

    Hi Dr. Tam., I was diagnosed with Endometrial Adenocarcinoma, can you please provide for me a Sample Meal for my case? na maumpisahan ko na po ang pagkain ng proper diet for my case? Hoping for your immediate response..Thanks and Godbless

  40. wilma says

    good day po..i was diagnosed with invasive thymoma cancer po and i finished my 15 session of my radiation w/ 25 session..my oncoligist planning me to give also a chimotherapy, 6 session…my doctors said they cannot remove my thymoma w/surgery bcause it is very near to my heart…hope you will help me for my cancer…ano po ba ang mainam pra po sken?…pls..pls..help me..god bless po..

  41. aya mateo says

    You are invited to Dr. Tam’s 6th Annual Wellness Convention. The theme is The Philippine Vegetarian Revolution: A Heathy Citizenry, A Strong Nation! Hosted by: Dr. Tam Mateo the 1st Filipino Naturipathic Doctor Cancer Nutrition Expert. The Venue is at: Ultra Sports Complex, Pasig City. Date: September 13,2009, Time: 7am-5pm. Free Admission. For info please contact Living Food Phil. Inc. # 900-0547/0549 or 09215920908/09178460546 or visit our website at http://www.drtam.org or http://www.drtam.multiply.com

  42. trixie says

    hello dr tam! i would just like to know where to find you. my grandfather is sick of colon cancer… can you help us? thank you

  43. Leilanie Mojica says

    Good day! I am Leilanie Mojica from Philippines. My mother is suffering for a stage 4 cancer… her Peritoneal Fluid, Cytology is positive for Malignant Cells consistent with Adenocarcinoma. What would be the best treatment that i could give to her…specifically the foods, combination of juices and exercise as well.. thank you very much please do reply on my e-mail.

    God Bless you!

  44. beth says

    My cousin has Hepatitis-B,is there a chance that he can still be cured from this disease? Where can we get the Miracle tea and the Green Tea,
    we are from Cagayan de Oro City.Thanks a lot and God Bless You All!

  45. marilyne tomas says

    i live here in Baguio City and i want to try your product live green and miracle tea but i dont know how to order…how can i order your product for me to try it….do you have a branch here in Baguio City? i need your help plss. ill be waiting.

  46. hanielor says

    I want to know if there is a phone no. where I can contact or inquire about the miracle tea and live green and also the schedule of the seminar

  47. hanielor says

    I would like to go to his place in Metrowalk in Ortigas Center tommorow, how much is the miracle tea and live green

  48. says

    i was also diagnose with an ulcer at my colon when i was in abu dhabi year 2002 nkakaramdam ako ng pagduduwal acidic daw ako dito n ako s saipan ganon p din kondisyon ko duwal ako ng duwal lalo n pag nliligo gusto kong magcleansing o detoxification paano b ang gagawin ko? thank you

  49. says

    doc..im 24 years old, since bata pa ako nagka hepa b na poh ako..
    ano po kya dapat gawin para mawala sakit ko? gusto ko po kasi
    mag abroad at makapag trabaho..sana matulungan nyo po ako.

  50. ernie says

    Dr. TAM pwede ba dalhin ang mircle tea papunta sa ibang bansa. OFW po kase ako, di po kaya maexpire yun kase yung binili ko dyan nung nagseminar ako as frozen. pwede ko ba dalhin yan kahit di frozen di kaya siya maexpire? Salamat po.

  51. eesc says

    I’m not Dr. Tam, but I know many people have hand carried the miracle tea on airplanes. Begin with a frozen one.

    The problem is if your airline will allow you to bring a liquid in the plane.

  52. says

    gusto ko po sanang magpakonsulta, pero sa ngayong po ay bumagsak ang timbang ko ng mga 30 lbs. after 2 successive operations of may 24, 2010 and june 8, 2010. karereleased ko lamang po sa hospital noong june 26, 2010. punong puno na po ng gamot ang katawan ko lalo na ang anti-biotic. hindi po kaya ako lalong pumayat pag nagpagamot ako sa inyo.

  53. Len says

    Hello, my mother was diagnose of breast cancer, di namin alam if what stage the cancer is, when i asked the surgeon, sabi nya wewill find out after the mastectomy kasi ang oncolgy daw ang may alam and what kind of treatment she needed. Talaga bang mastectomy first before the diagnose if what stage the cancer is? Dito kami sa Saudi and very scary ang mga doctor dito. Ang gusto ng mother ko, umuwi na lang muna at magpagamot kay Dr. Tam Mateo, but since over staying na sya dito, medyo may kahirapan na makauwi sya kaagad dahil napakalaki ng penalty na dapat naming bayaran.

    Can you please answer my question above?

    salamat po ng marami.

  54. gg says

    hi po! itatanong ko lang po kung papano matutuyo yung sugat sa breast ksi dati naopera na po ako sugat na yung breast ko .anu kya ang dapat gwin pra matuyo sya.

    salamat po.

  55. Allan C. Mariñas says

    hello po dr. tam mateo.
    i thank God that i found your web site. Please help me. My wife was diagnosed with AML – Acute Myeloid leukemia last Sept.2007. She immediately underwent chemotherapy from October 2007 to 2008. Her bone marrow, according to her hematologist, was in remission since then. We were so happy that her dreaded and expensive ordeal was finished.
    BUT lately, on the last week of June 2010, her leukemia came back with barely 3 years after it was diagnosed and treated. Now, she is in chemotherapy again for the month of July 2010.
    Please help me what to do! Eversince, wala kaming perang pangamot sa sakit niya. We have sought financial help from chairity institutions. We don’t even know if we will be able to pay our monstrous debt.
    please help us!


  56. rea says

    Dr. Tam are you planning to come here in baguio to do a convention or seminar or something? Is thee a place near by the area of baguio city or maybe with in baguio city that I or we can purchase you product. please respond. thank you very much i would appreciated it. I really want to try your product.

  57. karen says

    hi.my mom was just diagnosed of ovarian cancer just yesterday.we still dont know the stage of the cancer because they would still need to remove the ovary.pls help my mom.i dont want to lose her.im begging…

  58. Rosal says

    Hi Dr. Tam,

    My aunt has a small parenchyma calcification density on her lower right lobe of her lungs. Her doctor said this is a scar. She is planning to go abroad but cannot because of this. She never smoke in her entire life. She was asymptomatic. Can this still be erased? Or is there still possibility she can restore back her lungs without this scar? What would be the medication for this. She has been a health conscious individual. I want to help her. Thank you Dr. Tam.

  59. Rebecca B. Empenida says

    Hello! Gusto ko po mag dealer nang mga products nyo. Please give the landline no. or mobile number. I’m from General Santos City. I’m working at EPL Vegetarian Food Products as a Marketing Manager. We are selling gluten, tokwa, soymilk, cinnamon wheat, plain wheat and carrot juice.Hope you can give us a chance to become a dealer with your products and give us a good price. Thank You and God Bless!

  60. jun says

    Good morning,

    I have a friend who has lupus. She has 400 creatinin in his blood. She has a cease as well. She will go an operation this week. Pls inform me what can I do to prevent her from having surgery. She might be cure still without undergoing a surgery. Pls inform at my mobile 09168303076

  61. fara carolina d pedracio says

    hi dr tam: im very interested in your services or products. im building a wellness center and i want to know if i can apply some of your wellness conecpts in my practice. im a dietitian. thanks.

  62. Eloy says

    hi doc. my mother was diagnosed of stage 3b breast cancer, pinatanggal namin un left breast nya nag undergo po ng 6 sessions of chemotherapy and 33 days of radiation therapy. chemotherapy ends december last year, radiation starts january to february. ngaun po parang naglintos un gilid ng tahi nya pagka opera ng breast tapos nag sugat cya at lumalaki na cya ngaun. ano po kaya ang mabuti nyang gawin?
    salamat po at sanay matulungan nyo po kami.

  63. anne says

    hi po doc!ask k lng po kung san po pwede mkbili ng miracle tea nio.my nkita po kc lymphnodes s prapancreatic k and need for biopsy.gusto k muna uminom ng gamot nio kso d k po alam kung sn pwede bumili.from cavite po……tnx po at sna mtulungan nio din po aq…

  64. Len says

    hello, just want to share my mother’s story…she have breast cancer, kasing laki na ng malaking apple ang laki ng bukol sa breast nya, we decided na ipa-mastectomy sya, but when she was at the operating room, her doctor advice us for color ultra sound sa kidney nya dahil may nakitang bukol sa kidney nya after ng ultra-sound. so the surgery didnt happen, and we decided na dalhin sya kay dr. Tam, binigyan sya ng gamot para sa cancer at tea for 10 days, may kamahalan, but it doesnt matter kung gagaling lang naman ang mother namin. After 10 days of taking her medicine given by dr.tam’s assistant, yong balikat nya sa left side where is cancer affected ay naigagalaw na nya, lumambot daw ang bukol at medyo lumiit, as of now, dinoble ang dosage nya at di na ne-require sa mother ko ang surgery dahil maganda respond ng health ng mother ko sa gamot na bigay ni dr. Tam….i’ll update you all sa mga development ng medication ng mother ko kay dr.tam.

  65. anafel acla says

    Hello doctor Tam,pwede ba ninyo tulungan kapatid ko na may sakit daw sa breast cancer, nasa stage 3 na daw sabi ng doctor na tumingin sa kanya.ano bang dapat gawin sa breast nya na may sugat sa ngayun,parang awa na po Doctor Tam tulungan nyo kapatid ko,ano bang gamot na pwedeng inumin nya para matuyo at maghilom ang sugat nya? Pls Doctor Tam reply my message
    maghihintay ako sa sagot mo,sana mabigyan mo ng pansin itong sulat ko.

  66. lorna says

    Hi Dr. Tam every week po Im watching salamat dok at inaabangan ko po kayo palagi marami po akong natutunan sa inyo at nag uumpisa na po ak0 kumain ng raw veg.Actually d2 po ako sa spain gusto ko po mag order ng kung ano mabuti para sa asawa ko meron po sya sakit na sciatica at lagi po sumasakit advice po ng dr.need nya operahan.at ako din po dok 2 years na po ako umiinom ng gamot para sa osteoporosis iinom daw po ako 5 years, 2 months din po ako uminom ng 2000 mg per day ng antibiotic para po sa helicobacteria pylori umuulit po ang sobrang pananakit ng tyan ko,maeron po ako cronic anemia di po nawawala ang hilo ko at last oct. lang po nakitaan po ako ng cancer cells sa breast negative po kaya lang lately madalas po kumikirot at nag iiba na po ng porma sabi ng dr ko pag ganon daw ibalik ko sa kanila.natatakot po ako. ang anak ko po ay may insomnia kaya hinanap ko po website nyo at gusto ko po humingi ng payo at tulong at gusto ko din mag order ng kung ano mabuti para sa amin ng husband ko.kung ok po sa inyo ibigay ko po ang contak ko sa inyo baka po puede ipadala d2 sa spain.maraming salamat po.

  67. says

    dr.tam,..,inoperahan po ang mother ko nung dec 23,2010 sa mayoma ngunit nung maoperahan po cia nakita ng doc na maraming bukol sa bituka nya L.M.S cancer daw un kya kelangan ulit sya operahin pra tanggalin ung mga bukol,so naoperahan ulit dec 27,2010 bale pinutol ung 3ft na bituka nia tska tinanggal ung apendix nia dahil un ung my mga cancer,matapos operahan kelangan daw cia ichemo 6mos,.ang tanong ko po ano po ba ang dapat nia inumin para lumakas cia at makayanan ang pg chemo kc ndi pa po cia machemo ngaun dahil mahina p cia,.ano po ang herbal na dapat nia inumin,.sana po masagot nyo ang aking katanungan,..maraming salamat po,…

  68. rogelio says

    hello po ako po ay nasa riyadh at mayroon po akong thyroid ca a kumalat sa ibang parte ng aking katawan ayaw ko pong magpaopera ng thyroid at mag pachemo ano po ang gagawin ko para gumaling sa natural na paraan ? God bless po


    I am a nearsightedness. The grade of my eyes are both 1250 and i feel it continue to increase. I have also a vertigo. I feel dizzy if i stand in a long minutes. My blood sugar is 6.3 which is exceed to 5.5 limit. Sometimes my BP is 140/100 140/90 130/90.
    Can you help me to cure or reduce my sickness?

  70. chona says

    dok from tacurong city po me. sa mindanao ask me lng sana kng paano me makabili ng iyong miracle tea at live green nio po. Salamat po.

  71. jaryl taps says

    Hi, please provide a direct email address of Dr. Tam Mateo so i can do online consultation. I am living too far from Manila yet I badly need asap consultation. Please provide, thanks.

  72. judith says

    dok im from davao city i just wanna ask your help ,,,meron po akong colon cancer at buntis po ako ngayon for 6 months sa matulongan nyo po ako ……salamat dok tam…

  73. Fe M. Manalo says

    Thank you Dr. tam for being part of our life, for less than 3 months gumaling na po husband ko LEONCIO B. MANALO Jr. Diabetic po cya since 1997 at nagkaroon ng CKD at klangan dialysis nung Oct. 2010, nag HAMA kami s hospital dahil nagdecide kmi hindi cya magdialysis. On November 18, 2010 ang first time kmi nagpaconsult s metrowalk, In less than 1 month inalis na nya ang kanyang medications at tuloy tuloy na ang kanyang paggaling. Regular attendees po kmi s inyong free health seminar every sunday, s front seats kmi lagi at nageenjoy makinig at matuto.. I am a medical social worker sa isang government hospital s las pinas city naging bahagi na ng daily activities ko s hospital at s family nmin ang magbida tungkol s iyo marami nagappreciate pati co-employees ko interested din.thank u po and see u again s sunday.

  74. lorna says

    Dr. Tam,

    Sana po ma response nyo na ang email ko twice na pa ako nag send pero until now wala pa rin po gusto kp po malaman kung puede ako mag order ng miracle tea.salamat po and more power.

  75. Edgardo V. Tagapulot says

    gudmorning po doc…tanong ko po ano po ba ang gamot para po bumaba at mawala na ang creatinin ng kidney? diabetic po ako…at marami na pong dumi sa kidney sabi po ng doctor na tumingin po sa kin…. ano po ba ang mga gamot para hindi na umabot sa dialysis stage ang sakit ko? aasahan ko po ang sagot ninyo…. salamat po doc

  76. says

    Hello dr. tam nabasa ko po lahat nyung ginagamot ng product nyu po gusto ku pong i e try po kc parang may nararamdaman po ako na nakakaiba kaya naisip ko po na i try pero ang tanong po san po ba bumibili po kc dito po kc ako sa baguio may branch po ba dito sa bagui please please help me po salamat. reply on this Email add x0107269@ti.com or adelyndulangon@yahoo.com dr.tam aasahan ko po ang reply ninyu po malaking tulung nyu po sa akin po.

  77. David Lim says

    Dear Dr. Tam
    I am a missionary student here in the philippines, currently in 9th grade. I am doing a research on the malunggay plant and i would like to ask you a few questions. Is there any way to contact you online? If there is, please make it possible for me to talk with you. Thank you. Have a great day

  78. marlyn tuyan says

    hi dr. hepa b positive po aq ggaling pa b ang sakit q pag uminom aq ng green tea at san po ito nabibila thnks po,,,,

  79. says

    Goodmorning to all I’m Pancho Calvo We invite you to our Health Seminar and Makatulong po sa may mga health problem lalo na sa may mga kapatid o kapamilya natin my cancer condition,give a little time baka ito napo sagot o kamiy makatuloy sa problema nyo. tnx a lot and Lets pray to all have a health problem,GOD BLESS US,
    JUST TEXT ME @ 09124562064 for info

  80. ruth ouano says

    meron bang distributor ng live green at miracle tea NEAR LAS PINAS?? pls inform me naman… 09064921167 willing to buy, a lot. thanks..

  81. romeo anonuevo says

    i was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage v secondary to cgn in uremia and now underging dialysis. ano po dapat ko gawin

  82. romeo anonuevo says

    i was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage v secondary to cgn in uremia and now underging dialysis. ano po dapat ko gawin? naka 6 sessions na po me dialysis.

  83. Renard M. Ong says

    my eldest sister died a victim of lymphoma cancer,now mother,is at risk of dying because she have a 3rd stage thoraxic carcinoma,i strongly believe in you and your ability as a naturopath doctor. Could you please please help me and my beloved mom.

    thank you very much.

  84. ruth t. donton says

    Dear Dr. Tam, my brother Ronilo T. Donton, Sr.,is diagnosed of lung cancer and it is in terminal stage. He is scheduled for chemotherapy this week. I would to ask your help on how are we able to give him the proper nutrition that he needs. Please help us. Thank you and God bless you more!

  85. liezel c.rosario says

    anu poh bng mga sintomas pag malala na ang breast cancer? at kung malala na poh? halimbawa stage 4 na..magagamot prin poh ba ninyo? salamat poh..

  86. Romer C. Patoc says

    Dear Doctor Tam I was Diagnosed with Diffused large B cell Lymphoma.Please help me Doc ano po ang gagawin ko. I came from Bicol.Natatakot po ako magpachemo. Salamat

  87. maria ana Cuevas says

    na diagnosed ako ng ovairan cancer stage 3-b last year Nov. 2010, at nag ke chemo ako ngayon (7 cycles na po ako) kaya lang habang tumagal ang chemo nahihirapan ako sa side effects ng gamot, at ngayon ay nag bo bloated ako…gusto ko pong makausap ng personal si Dr. Tam Mateo. Sa kasalakuyan ako po ay nag ta trabaho dito sa Jamaica……nasi kung subukan ang natural alternative na gamot….salamat po

  88. Maricel Carpio says

    doc i am having breast pain for few days now.. pero di p ko nag pacheck up.. i had my period 2 wks ago.. may nakapa akong bukol.. doc, how can i go to your office/ clinic?

  89. Maryflor Competente says

    I was diagnosed with lung cancer, I want to visit to your clinic to consult. Do you have alternative treatment for my case? Please reply asap because I’m planning to visit your clinic on monday. thanks :D

  90. L. Mateo says

    Dear Dr. Tam Mateo,

    I just want to ask if there is possibility to cure parkinsons deasease?

  91. charisma says

    doc, my father is taking up prednisone 10mg twice aday, he is also having her erythropoeitin injection once a week for almost a year. He doesnt have a final diagnosis but the first doctor says that he is having a lymphoma thats why he undergone 4 chemotherapy, but when we have his bone marrow result it was all negative. all his blood counts are low. In his ultrasound his spleen is enlarged. Can you help us doc? plsss. thank you.

  92. Ramonchito Lucas says

    i suspect that i have testicular cancers due to symptoms and swollen lymph nodes.pls help me.i want to consult doc tam because i do not want to undergo surgery and chemo.how can i reach doc tam.pls help me

  93. Ma. Arrilu Quinto says

    Dr. Tam my husband has renal failure at nag injection sya ng erithpoetin every week.Gusto po naming subukan ang alternative medicines nag umpisa lang po sa hypertension at nagka komplikasyon na sa Puso medyo may diabetic and sa Puso na sya. ayaw po namin ng Dialysis yon ang lagi sinasabi ng Nephro Doctor Nya noong last na na ospital sya ng December 2013 Ang Crea po Nya ay dati 7 Naging 4. uminom po sya ng herbal tea pangpahaba ng crea Now po nasa 9.7 uminom po sya ng herbal tea now Naging 9.2 ala pa pong 10 days sya na inom non tea.

  94. Fernano B. Padduyao says

    I like to do what Dr. Tam is doing. Dr. Tam, where and when could you teach me everything about naturopathy?


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