Dr Tam Mateo Naturopath Brochure Information

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I copied this information straight from Dr. Tam’s Brochure by re-typing it. I scanned the brochure and will be posting a pdf format at the bottom of this post.

Dr Tam Mateo
Brochure Information

Free Health Seminar:
Sundays 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Office Address
Living Food Phils., Inc.
433 F. Legaspi St., Maybunga, Pasig City
Tel. Nos.: +63-2 900-0547 to 49
Cell Phones: (+63-917) 951-8529 and +(63-921) 592-0908
We are Closed Saturdays

Dr. Tam’s Health Products (House of Cleansing)
Delicasies Village
J. Vargas Cor. C-5 Ortigas Ave.
Cel No: +63-921-592-0908 and +63-917-846-0546
Tel No. +63-2-633-9877

For Consultations
Mondays – Thursdays
2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Download PDF: Dr Tam Mateo Brochure

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  1. hendryx says

    help please.i was post depressed,the result of that is that i neglect proper nutrition.i hardly ate and intentionally delayed my bowel movement.so i now felt this shortcoming.i thought i punished my digestive system big time.im experiencing indigestion and bloating senasation also i cannt resolve my periodic diarrhea.i hope you could give me some advice really soon.i will deeply appreciate.help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee dr. tam mateo

  2. Chairein Lim says

    good day doc, my mom who knew you through the program of ABS-CBN’s Salamt Doc would like to ask if you have any clinic in Cebu City. Hoping to hear from you. Thanks and more power to you. God bless

  3. Jeanette P says

    Dear Doc,

    My 36-yr-old sister underwent operation 2 weeks ago to remove the mass on her colon. Upon operation, they found that her left ovary is severely damaged. She was then diagnosed to have Colonic Adenocarcinoma Stage III. But the doctors cannot determine what Chemotherapy should be given ~ if Colonic Chemo or Ovarian Chemo.
    Please help us on what to give her to spare her from chemo or while she cannot have chemo yet.

    would really thank you for your help.


  4. eesc says

    You just missed it in the article, I’ll copy and paste it here.

    Dr. Tam’s
    Free Health Seminar:
    Sundays 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

    Office Address
    Living Food Phils., Inc.
    433 F. Legaspi St., Maybunga, Pasig City
    Tel. Nos.: +63-2 900-0547 to 49
    Cell Phones: (+63-917) 951-8529 and +(63-921) 592-0908

  5. bopeep dormitorio says

    Dear Doc Tam,
    Ang anak ko pa ay may lagnat 2 days na.Meron din syang ubo. Natatakot ako baka magka-dengue dahil uso ngayon. Ano ba dapat kung ibigay sa kanyang gamot? Please help…

  6. scarlet says

    Dear Dr. Tam,

    I appreaciate you so much for d many help and ideas you shared in d Salamat Dok program..

    I just want to inquire what would be d best natural cure if a woman has fats in her breasts?

    Thanks so much and God bless you more and more!

  7. joy says

    Dear Doctor Tam,
    I heard from salamat doc about you.do you have a clinic in bacolod?or distributing office of your health product.thank you and God bless!

  8. Clarissa says


    I would like to inquire about the treatment of Dr. Tam. I had a hysterectomy last sept. 2007 and was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, Stage1B with 5% myometrial infiltration. I would like to know if Dr. Tam will be able to help me. My doctors have recommended chemotherapy but I refused to undergo such treatment due to financial matters.

    Will I be able to finance the treatment of Dr. Tam if it will be quite expensive. Can you give me ways on how I will be able to afford it.

    Thanks and hoping for your response on my queries.

  9. Clarissa says


    I was able to contact Dr. Tam Mateo’s Clinic and scheduled an appointment with her partner, Dr. Elaine. I will just redirect all my questions to her when I consult with her next week.

    Thank you.


  10. alma de la rama says

    Dear Doc Tam,
    My husband is suffering from impotency. Do you have any natural way to solve this? please help…

  11. Roland Aquino says

    Dr. Tam,
    My 40-yr old brother in Manila was diagnosed last Oct.2007 with stage 4 lung cancer which had metastasized to his spine.He is in constant pain.

    What regimen would you recommend for his case?
    I want to ease his pain.What are his chances ok recovery?

    Would like to see you asap.Thanks and God Bless!

    Roland Aquino


  12. carmina mariano says

    hi, im a student taking up introduction to sped class at u.e., my report is about a.d.h.d. pls. help me by giving info. if u have thru email. thank you and more power. carmina (tel no: 4404027)

  13. Theresa says

    Hello doc, it’s me again. My mom’s breast CA has advanced despite 1 year of Gerson therapy. But that’s also because we were never really able to follow it strictly. And we have unkowingly given her a supplement that wasn’tfor her. Now her lump has grown so big, her lymph nodes are swollen, and she’s dropping weight. Fungating wound on affected area also present.PLease advice. TNX

  14. Enrique V. Reyes says


    my renal carcinoma cancer po ako at ito ay inoperahan…tinangal po ang aking reght kidney ngunit nag matastasize po siya sa aking lungs.ossible po ba na gumaling ako sa proper diet na nababasa ko sa inyo.sana po ay matulungan nyo ako kasi di na po ina advise ng dr o na magchemo ako.salamat po at god bless

  15. donna says

    i have a cervical polyp.I have bloody dischage in between periods. It was diagnosed 6 mos ago and I was advised by my obgyne to undergo a d&c operation.Is there any natural way to get rid of this? Pls help. Thanks a lot..

  16. clair' says

    can you refer me to a clinic wherein they could do me an colon cleansing such as an enema cleansing?

  17. ecy says

    Dear Doctor Tam,

    I heard from salamat doc about you. where is distributing office of your health product of live green and how much? pls give me same contact. or is my 9275667 thank you and God bless!

  18. says

    hi doc,

    i have a problem about my hair because its thinning, i have tried lots of medicines that my friends says but still it doesnt work… can you help me. I have seen you at salamat dok and it seems like you have helped lots of patient. can you help me pleaseee.thank you


  19. victor says

    dear doc,

    can give some advice on what to do for people with severe anemia…can herbal medicine cure it?

  20. Melyn says

    Dear Dr. Tam,

    we used to watch Salamat dok and we are very glad learning from you the natural ways of healing. We just want to inquire if you accept invitations for even a 2 hour seminar for government employees. We have invited already before someone from Dept. of Health and really felt very interested that we want a follow up seminar on naturophathy, this time, from you. At least, hope you could include us in your tight schedule.


  21. ashley says

    hi doc,

    i just want to ask something about breast cancer. ksi po s left breast ko po my nakakapa po ako bukol n mlpit s nipple ko po..pero d ko p po n try mg p check up sa doktor kasi natatakot po ako na kuhanan ng ibat iba test gya ng biopsy. ano po ang dapt ko gwin ?

  22. Ann of Bacoor Cavite says

    Hi Dr. Tam, ct scan test of my husband shows there is a mass on his right upper lungs. He will undergo a biopsy to check what kind of mass but then his prothrombin activity is very low even though he takes vitamin K for 10 days. now he is now having Phytomenadione IM for another 10 days. I would like to asked if you can recommend to us any of your product that can help improve his blood test and overall his health. He was not used to eat vegetables since birth.. so I want to kow what diet is good for him from your product.
    thanks and hope to hear from you.

  23. Shiela says

    hello po doc tam!
    Itatanong ko lang po regarding sa payo niyo sa DZMM na “umiinom ng 10 kalamansi mix in a lukewarm water in the morning” n pwede po ba un sa may gastritis, hyperacidity at ulcer?

  24. vicky says



  25. eesc says

    Hello to all who write to Dr. Tam:

    My name is Edwin Casimero and I own this blog. This is MY blog. Not Dr. Tam Mateo’s blog.

    I advise you to download Dr. Tam’s Brochure attached to this blog post. Write down his telephone numbers. Attend his free Seminar. Drink 1 liter of his Miracle Tea and be on your way to good health. Get an appointment with Dr. Tam so he can see you.

    In any case, I made my own cure website http://www.curemanual.com that includes the use of Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea.

  26. Glenn says

    Dear doc Tam,

    Hello there im from baguio city is there any store or drug store here selling your miracle tea coz i want to try it.Also My contact no. is 09285065205

    Pls reply

    Thanks and God Bless

  27. carolina lim says

    i acquired type 2 diabetes 3 yrs ago. what diet is good for me? how can i keep my pancreas produce normal amount of insulin?

  28. permie says

    dr tam.. my mother was diagnosed with gallbladder stone.. and he is required to have a surgery.. can you help us to have another way to cure this? thanks

  29. permie says

    dr tam.. my mother was diagnosed with gfallbladder stone and her dr. suggested an operation.. can u help us to hev another way to cure this?? thanks

  30. Maria Daist E. de Rama says

    I heared a lot of things about you and the good effect of your product thru SAlamat DOC, I live in Quezon province I just want to know if you have an accredited store where we can buy the productcoz I want to try. I want to try also the diet that you shown in SALAMAT DOC, coz i believe that health is wealth, I want to change my diet and way of life. THANK YOU PO. My e-mail add: mde2913@yahoo.com tel# 09718600452

  31. jun lisondra says

    I want to have cleansing or detox for my body since I am overweight… I live in Cebu..
    Hope u can spare a bit of your time…

  32. says

    I just want to know how much the price of live green / green tea? I want to try this products i know that there is something miracle on it. Pls. reply to my e-mail address. thanks. And by the way i always watch salamat dok, I love it talaga. Team kapamilya maaasahan talaga.

  33. says

    dear dr. tam

    i would like to know what food supplement is better for me if if have a high blood pressure ranging 150/100 which i acquire during my pregnancy last 2006.

    i am also interested to use your dietary program. please help

  34. Eileen D. Baylon says

    Thank you so much keeping a nice ideas on how to acquire a healthy life style on your website,I just happen to come across this site today.Am Eileen D.Baylon the lady lecturer who helps Dr. Tam in giving his health lectures.You can send me your querries and questions in my email ad veggieleen@yahoo.com or sansunick2004@yahoo.com and be assured we will try to keep you updated on health matters and ideas on how you can deal with your health problems in a very natural ways.Much better if you can attend our free health seminars every Sunday in our office address and keep a lifetime memory of good health advices…promise ….hahaha…Thanks for this health blog you also help us in our crusade for achieving a healthy lifestyle

  35. donald says

    Dear Dr. Tam,


    I’m from Davao City, Thanks to Salamat doc, I’ve came to know your MIRACLE CLEASING TEA an its benefits of curing illness and deseases. I would like to know if you’re planning a Mindanao office, based in here? Or just a FREE SEMINAR to know more about it, coz going to Metro Manila is very expensive. Let me know how much is your MIRACLE CLEASING TEA? Glad to hear from you soon.


  36. arvin mark says

    Dr. Tam, im really interested on the natural products you made at gusto ko rin malaman kong meron noon dito sa mindanao specifically cagayan de oro. ask ko din kung meron kaung clinic sa mindanao o mga kasamang naturopathic doctor dito para makapagkunsulta ako.

  37. arvin mark says

    where can we buy your miracle tea? do you have any outlet in cagayan de oro? pls mail me some informations. please, please, please…

  38. flor says

    i’m suffering from chronic asma despite of taking medicines prescribed by my doctor and i have chronic bad breath…makakatulong po ba ang miracle tea para magamot po ako

  39. says

    dear dr. tam,
    i am believing u how to treat ur cleint… and i want to buy ur miracle tea.. when can i buy? thank u very mucg….


  40. Dina says

    Hi Doc.

    I heared a lot of things about you? and the good effect of your product. I live in the Us,where can we buy the product.
    and how much your Miracle Cleansing Tea
    and Live Green Food Supplements?

    hope to hear from you soon.

    my e-mail address:
    OR DinaD10082002@yahoo.com

    Thanks & God bless

  41. Dina says

    Hi Doc.

    I heared a lot of things about you? and the good effect of your product. I live in the Us,where can we buy the product.
    how much your Miracle Cleansing Tea
    and Live Green Food Supplements?

    hope to hear from you soon.

    my e-mail address:
    OR DinaD10082002@yahoo.com

    Thanks & God bless

  42. says

    Hello Again, just wanna update everyone bout your queries. All info’s about our service could also be seen in our website, furthermore you could contact our office for a more detailed answer to your questions. Dr. Tam’s guesting sched at “Salamat Dok” is every 2nd Sunday of the month. Also at “Kabuhayang Swak na Swak” for the whole March every Sunday the program is every Sunday 8-8:30am, on these two tv programs we always had case studies of patient who had undergone or still undergoing the natural program that we give. Thanks & God Bless!! Healthfully yours.

  43. jezreel says

    sir, ive watched your tips at salamat doc… treating bato sa apdo… i just don’t know if your tea and seminar could cure “bato sa bato”????
    my mom has 4 millimeters of that bato in her kidney… could your tea and seminar can cure it???? just asking lang po…

    and dun lang po ba sa seminar place makakabili nun??? thank you po and more power,

    i hope to read from you… or pls e mail- jezreelangels@yahoo.com

  44. says

    Dr. Tam Mateo
    Doc, we… my brothers & sisters are very glad to hear about you. I mean, we have friends here in zamboanga city who testimonied about the cure of cancers after your medication. Our dear father is now confined in the hospital, his 1st finding was pneumonia though he has ephyzema & asthma. After 4 days of treatment he again x-ray but unfortunately the result was has worsen almost 2/3 of his lungs were already white. Today, he is sched for CT scan to confirm the diagnos of the doctor. To cut the story short we were vry shocked downed at this moment when the doctor says “her findings that my father might be positive to cancer”. Doc, we are very glad that at this point in time we were able to contact you… please help us….I know its God’s will that we found you….

    God Bless & more power!!!

  45. says

    i noticed that some of the querries here are intended for dr tam. and this blog is not owned by dr tam mateo.

    sir edwin you have a nice blog here. maganda kasi ranking mo sa search engines kaya blog mo ang napupuntahan ng mga interested malaman yung tungkol sa products ni dr mateo.

  46. Flora C. Rabago says

    I have tumor growth in my right lower lobe lung. I tried drinking Live Green brougt by my daughter here in Guam. Can I buy your products online and have you shippped those to my address here in Guam, USA?

  47. carol says

    tanong lang po.ano po ba gamot sa mayoma…nagpapabili ako sa kapatid ko miracle tea hidni daw pwede ipadala kasi baka kapag dumating na dito sa japan e masira na daw.wala po ba kayong powder o capsule na miracle tea…sana po masagot po nyo katanungan ko salamat po

  48. Michelle says

    I would really like to know how I can buy some Dr Tam tea, I suffer from bad constipation and my mum would really benefit from the tea too.

    I live in Scotland, United Kingdom and assume there won’t be any shops I can buy it from, please can you let me know if I can buy it on line. I would really appreciate a response and look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you

  49. fran says

    where can i buy dr.tam tea? i live in marikina and don’t know where to look for it.how much is it?where can i get more info abt dr. tam’s tea?tnx!

  50. cel says

    nalaman ko po yung produkto niyo nung napanood ko ito sa isang episode ng salamat dok sa tfc. nakakagamot din po ba ang live green sa may taong may soriasis? at kung saka-sakali saan po ako pwedeng makabili at kung mgkano po. aasahan ko po ang inyong kasagutan. maraming salamat po!

  51. Ms. Leah Jimenez Sengseng says

    Dear Dr. Tam,
    I’m very much interested to attend your Free Health Seminar and consult you with my Mom’s case.
    My mother was diagnosed with PGO Secondary to Rectosigmoid Adenocarcinoma(cancer stage-4) metastasized to colon, kidney, ovary, liver & lungs. She has undergone surgery (Exlap) with repair of tumor perforation and Transverse Loop Colostomy last March 17, 2008. She was scheduled for Chemo Therapy but we decided to consider the alternative treatment first like Herbal medicine. We have watched you on TV (Salamat Dok!) and we are convinced to try your Herbal system of healing.

    Hope to hear from you soon…
    Thank you so much!

    Ms. Leah Jimenez Sengseng
    Tarlac City

  52. elmer says

    hi doc, my father sa dx with ESRD last oct 07. he presently undergoing hemodailysis 2x a week. we also tried chelation theraphy aside fr the hemo…ano po ba maganda para sa prestnt condition nya?

    more power

  53. nel says

    Dear Dr. Tam

    I have a cousin with goiter and she is suffering much of her situation. She looses her job and become very thin and depending on her mother only. The come to albolaryo and they don’t have money for the operation. I want to help her with your natural healing process because I know that they believe on herbal medicine. Does this live green and miracle tea can help cure her goiter and please advice me how much is the cost of this medicine.
    Thank you and God Bless

    Best Regards
    Arnel of Abu Dhabi UAE

  54. JOJO DUENAS says

    dear doc,
    do you have a clinic here in cebu city or what store can i buy your live green products?

    Thank you very much

  55. iwanttobethin says

    Dear Doctor

    I will get straight to the point. What are the alternative methods to get thin? Im developing a fat build-up in my belly and I want to get rid of it? Does you miracle an alternative method in burning up my flabs?

    Thank you……

  56. jerk_shop says

    Ako po ay dumolog sa inyo dahil sa ang akin ina ay may sakit na rayoma ngayon po marami na po silang damit na ininum at marami na po kaming nainvest na pera dahil sa sakit nila. Ano po ang magandang solosyon upang magamot ang kanilang sakit? Sila na po ay nahihirapan at ako po ay naghahanap ng lunas para sa kanilang karamdaman. Ako po ay naluluha habang ginagawa itong dulog na ito…. salamat po sa sagot



  57. joannah oliquiano says

    Dr.Tam,last week my friend who is a doctor, notice and call my attention while having a kwentuhan that I have a goiter, maliit lang daw po,I cant believe nga po kc clean living naman po ako when it comes to my health,sabi nila heridetary daw po.Ung mother 20 years ago nadetect na nagkaroon po pero gumaling uminom lang po ng mga medicnal plants ng mga intsik,nag undergone po cya ng accappuncture.effective naman po kc nawala.Ako po sana bago magconsult sa isang endocrinologist e baka may other way pa po tulad ng paginom ng miracle tea mawala po ng kusa.hoping that you can help me with this.at san po ba nearest na mabibilan ng irerecommend nyo sa akin d2 po sa Bulacan,Im from Calumpit and Im 33 years old po married with one child.maraming salamat po.

  58. dan dulay says

    I’ve been looking for this product everywhere but did not find it. Can you help me know where to buy it?

  59. rochelle says

    this day may 3,2008,my father was diagnosed a blood poisoning because of his kidney,wala n dw sbi ng doctor ididialysis n sya…eh sobrang mahal nman po un.my iba way pba kung wag muna idialysis…

    more power & god bless

  60. rochelle says


    gud evening, if ever napalitan na un blood nya today, whats the other alternative.,my possibility na gumaling pa ang father ko

  61. Len says


    If you would only read, you’ll find out that Mr. Casimero owns this blog ….he was just a good samaritan to share information on Dr. Tam’s healthy concoction.

    Please give him (Mr. Casimero) a break and
    SEND all QUERIES to the contact info below instead:

    Free Health Seminar:
    Sundays 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

    Office Address
    Living Food Phils., Inc.
    433 F. Legaspi St., Maybunga, Pasig City
    Tel. Nos.: +63-2 900-0547 to 49
    Cell Phones: (+63-917) 951-8529 and +(63-921) 592-0908
    We are Closed Saturdays

    Dr. Tam’s Health Products (House of Cleansing)
    Delicasies Village
    J. Vargas Cor. C-5 Ortigas Ave.
    Cel No: +63-921-592-0908 and +63-917-846-0546
    Tel No. +63-2-633-9877

    For Consultations
    Mondays – Thursdays
    2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

  62. jovan says

    good evening dok im one of ur avid viewer in salamat dok prog in abs-cbn i just want to ask regarding the alternative medicine of a breast mass. Thanks and god bless

  63. cloelia guinto says

    i am cloelia guinto i am interested in medicine to be a distributor of your medicines/product.thank you.

  64. maria nieves villaflores says

    good day! ask po namin f saan po makakabili ng miracle tea? I believe na its effective. Most of us in the house are diabetic. So maybe you can help us.
    God bless & more power

  65. william bolivar says

    saan makabili ng miracle tea/live green dito sa davao/gensan cities? kung wala dealer/distributor ano ang requirements para subukan maging dealer/distributor/retailer?

    ano ang magandang kainim/inumin para sa mga stroke survivors especially those are recuperating from half-body paralysis?

  66. mariane says

    Hi! dok I would like to ask po sana kung ano ang marerecommend po ninyong para ma detox po ang tyan ko….

  67. Marissa Pinlac says

    Dear Dr. Tam,

    Good Day!

    I’m interested to avail your products for business. I’m from Pangasinan… Do you have any pick-up points near our place? Do I still have to go to Pasig to have it?

    May I also inquire the product price lists and send to my email.


  68. susette says

    hi po.. just want to ask is there any herbal meds that will help cure myoma, im suffering for almost 5 yrs now ang i dont want to go on surgery coz im too young for that..im only 28 yrs old, pls help me is there any herbal meds? do u have office based here in davao city? pls let me know…thanks…

  69. says

    Dr. Tam, my wife laboratory test for open biopsy result was invasive ductal carcinoma, Grade 2. can you suggest us what to do. Do we have to send her for treatment thru chemoteraphy and cobalt. Please give us your opinion.

  70. joel bituin says

    Dr. tam ask ko lang po bakit parang nalulunod ako parang may nakabara sa lalamunan ko at naninigas minsan yung tyan ko. d rin po normal yung pagdumi ko.

  71. Rowena says

    Dr. Tam,
    My sister diagnosed with ovarian cancer last Nov. 30,2004 and underwent for 6 courses of chemotherapy .She has been in remission until recently when her CA 125 has been noted to be increasing.Her Dr. wants her to go for another chemotherapy but my sister doesn’t want it .What we should do? pls help us …i need your advice my sister is in the province right now.thank you and more power.

  72. says

    Dear Dr. Tam:

    I am a female, 41 years old and I want to buy your products so that I will be totally healed with my Thyroid Problem. I was diagnosed to have a nodular goiter few months after I delivered my first and only child last January 2001. I already had consulted this to 5 Endocrinologist since 2001 but the nodule is still here in my neck. I have undergone several laboratory tests like TSH tests, Ultrasounds, biopsy and I even maintainedtaking levothyroxin from 2001 until 2007. My latest doctor advised me to quit taking levothyroxin last October 2007 because it might make my goiter toxic. I don’t know true.

    Please advise me how to buy you products because I am from the visayas speacifically near Negros Oriental.

    I hope you will help me.

    Thank you so much.

    Truly yours,

    Glenn Galvan

  73. says

    Dr.Tam i just want to ask about my wife she’s had a cyst operation on her right breast 10 years ago my wife age is 33 now.Is’t natural sometimes paining especially before her monthly period and after.In the last couple years she has been to a cople doctors and found no lumb and her last check-up was nov.2007 pls we need your advice she cant go mamography because she was only 33 and the doc told her that she could not have mamogram and she can have mamogram when her age is 40.pls help us what we need to do?And is’t ok for her to take your Live Green?Thank You and more power

  74. Leah S says

    saan po ako puedeng mag-order ng product ninyo Dr Tam im here in the us meron po ba kayong website na puedeng mag-order pls reply thanks

  75. carmina says

    hello Dr.Tam,my mom is hypertensive, she has allergic rhinitis also she consulted a lot of medical practitioners already,, she was given different kinds of medicines but still i think her health is not improving,,,she always has attack of her allergic rhinitis and she gets fatigued very easily…what should we do with this…what would you recommend her…and how can i avail of it through internet because im out of the country…God bless people like you!!

  76. angel says

    I would like to know if your Miracle tea can cure diabetes,kidney failure,athritis Can you give me a recipe because i just want to share it to my father.kapag umiinom daw po siya ng gamot lalong sumasakit at nahihilo sya…

    thanks and regards,
    angel of cavite…

  77. says

    I want to know the email address of Elaine and Dr. Tam to keep in touch with them and asking questions kasi po malayo po ako sa bacoor cavite po ako .Eto po ang first question ko ang susundin po ba na protocol ay yung binigay kasama ng bumili ako ng TEA at Live green o mayron pa kayong ibang protocol depende sa sakit.

    Ano po ba ang protocol sa paginum kung ang patiente po katulad po ng tatay ko na may karamdaman na diabetes,arhritis,kidney ,uric acid ,lumalabo na po mata nya sa catarata. Hihintayin ko po ang kasagutan yo po MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA INYO
    at marami kayong taong natutulungan god bless…..

    bacoor cavite

  78. Wilfredo A. Ramos says

    Hi! Dr. Tam, good day! I got an information about your Miracle Tea through the TV Program of ABSCBN ” Kabuhayan SWAK na SWAK” hosted by Ms. Amy Perez and Mr. G. Remulla. Then , I mmediately put in my mind and idea on how can i order your product of Miracle Tea because of my daughter who has an ASTHMA since she was in grade 5 and she is actually now an 18 years old. Please send me an idea on how can we have it or to order your product , since we are from Davao City. THank you very much and GOD Bless us always. More Power!

    Mr. W. Ramos

  79. Tess Bague says

    Hi Doc! Good day… This is my second time to email you…asking kng paano at saan mkabili ng mga products nyo dito sa Davao. My husband has been suffering from psoriasis for almost 2 years now.. Noong na confined xa sa Libungan Cotabato mdyo gumaling sya with your miracle tea, livegreen etc…kya lng mdyo malayo kasi ang libungan dto sa davao kya d namin na sustain yong paggamit ng mga products. Ako din po ay me chronic kidney disease… gusto ko rin sanang i-try mga products nyo. Kya gusto ko sanang maging dealer ng products nu dito sa davao.. Would that be possible? Paano? Salamat po and m hoping na sana mka avail ako ng mga products nu.

    God Bless!

  80. Romi Lea Macelo says

    hi doc!may clinic po ba kayo dito sa bulacan?taga baliuag po kami..ano po pwede niyo irecommend na gamot sa may gouty arthritis at high blood?san po kami pwede bumili?

  81. chao says

    I’ve heard a lot about Dr Tam miracle tea. I would like to know if where can i find the product here in Davao City. I really wanna help my sister who’s having multiple cyst on her breasts. Hoping a positive response from you. Thank you very much.

  82. chito says

    good day. may i know where can we buy your miracle tea and other health products? thank you, more power and God bless.

  83. George Dalayon says

    dr. tam is your product available in davao? where could i can get one? thank you

  84. choy says

    gud day po.ask ko lang po kung ano yung herbal medicine na feature nyo sa tv para sa bato sa apdo. mother ko kasi na diagnos sya.sabi doc na after 2 mos di wala pananakit ooperahan daw sya. baka po ma agapan pa. 59 yrs old napo sya.

  85. Eileen Baylon says

    Hi everyone! Good news! As we continue our Crusade for Health & also to support the people who have changed their lifestyle to a Vegetarian/vegan diet. Kita kits po tayo sa ULTRA, Oct 5, 2008 para sa ating (DTVAP) Dr. Tam Vegetarian Asso. of the Philippines. Lahat po ay ating inaanyayahan, mga vegetarian, may sakit, health buffs at ang mga interesadon sa kanilang kalusugan. Meron po tayong Food Expose’, insights mula sa isang doctor na gumagamit ng natural method mismo sa kanilang hospital, music therapy – mula sa isang Lupus Survivor, April De Los Santos (Pinoy Pop Superstar Finalist), survivor stories at marami pang iba.

  86. Eileen Baylon says

    ADMISSION IS FREE!!! Nood din po kayo ng “HEALTH REPUBLIC” the 1st vegetarian show in the Phils., hosted by the 1st Filipino Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Tam Mateo. Every Wednesday @ studio 23, 11:00 pm. HAPPY VEGGIE DAY!!!!!!

  87. erwin says

    dr. tam is your product available in general santos city or in any neighboring cities. I am interested in your products, where can I buy it? thank you

  88. erwin says

    Where can I buy this products in in general santos city or in any neighboring cities. I am interested in your products, where can I buy it? thank you

  89. janice llanes says

    dr Tam i really want to mimic your diet and leave my unhealthy diet and lifestyle can you please help me loss waight and have a healthy body. Thank you so much and i wish your reply soon

  90. Eileen Baylon says

    Hi everyone. Its Eileen Baylon. I would like to invite you all this coming Ocotber 5, 2008. 2-5pm. on our 5th Dr. Tam Vegetarian Asso of the Phils. (DTVAP) @ the Ultra. Hosted by Winnie Cordero & Ariel Ureta. W/ Special guests, Dr. Noel Velasco (Dentist Implantologist), Dr. Wetzel Dela Cruz(practises Family Medicine that turns His very own Hospital into a Natural Program), & Dr. Gary Dy (radio personality). They will give their views & experience on alternative medicine. Food expose’s & survivor testimonials. Be inspired & be Healthy! See you there! ADMISSION IS FREE! For info’s 9000-547 to 49 / cp#0917-9518529.

  91. Cesar L. Pantaleon says

    Gud a.m po Dr.

    interesado po kami sa mga products ninyo, gusto po sana namin magbenta dito sa Binalonan,Pangasinan. Meron po ba kayong sangay dito sa Urdaneta city para makabili kami ng prodokto ninyo.

    Mr&Mrs Cesar Pantaleon

  92. Cesar L. Pantaleon says

    Gud a.m po Dr.

    interesado po kami sa mga products ninyo, gusto po sana namin magbenta dito sa Binalonan,Pangasinan. Meron po ba kayong sangay dito sa Urdaneta city para makabili kami ng prodokto ninyo. Contact no. 75 562 1798. cell# +639294259701,+639296352025 e-mail caradanas2002@yahoo.com

    Mr&Mrs Cesar Pantaleon

  93. Mr.Rufin says

    Gud p.m po Dr.

    Ask po nmin kung meron po kayong branch na malapit sa paranQue,sucat
    gusto po naming magbenta sa mahusay nyong produkto at magkano po ang
    presyo? paano kmi mag-aatend ng seminar po.salamat po
    Contact no. 823 -36-26 + 09189014155 email rmrufin@yahoo.com

  94. lani says

    pls help me po i have a stone in gallbladder at nasakit po ang tyan ko lalao na sa right side. nagpa ultrasound po ako at nakita ang bato sa gallbladder. ayoko po sanng magpaopera ano po ba ang pwedeng igamot ko o magpatunaw sa bato, salamat po

  95. says

    gud am!!im analyn from caloocan city i saw in abs-cbn in Salamat Dok n ngpa2galing ang inyong produkto kya nais q snang masubukan po..san kya po q maka2bila ng inyong produkto??slamat po..

  96. Jessica Cansino says

    gud day! i, together with my groupmates, are doing a research about naturopathy and is currently working on our thesis. we are so much interested in helping naturopathy be well known in the best way that we can so can be able to help. as nursing students, we are concerned of the wellness and ,really, a miracle naturopathy will bring to all.

  97. donna bella o. sosmeña says

    dear doc tam,

    do you have any clinic here in cebu city?do you have distributors of you health products here in cebu?hope to hear from you soon.

    thank you.


  98. mae duarte-dela cruz says

    gudpm. i’m interested in your products. is it available in Leyte? I’m also interested to distribute your product. How much is it? thank you

  99. teng cortez says

    good day doc,san ko po ba mabibili ang mga products nyo? i’m 51 yrs old suffering from GERD for 5months now,hope to hear from you soon,thank you

  100. jane says

    Hello….i just want to know where can i buy dr tam mateo’s product here in olongapo city, Zambales? I would like to try this product…And i also want to know if dr tam has a product to eradicate halitosis? Coz my friend has it and i want to help her…I found out that barley , alfalfa, wheat grass can help to eliminate it… and i thought that live green will be good for her isnt it? thanks…please send the answer to my email ad dream.soulmate@yahoo.com

  101. jane says

    hi doc. nag pa ultra sound po me sa breast ko. at mrami po cla nakitang cycstic nodule both breast?ask ko lang po may gamot po ba dun?minsan sumasakit po tatakot po me eh…thnks and god bles

  102. amelia versoza says

    Dr Dr. tam
    hello po Doc. willing po sana ako mag karoon ng kaalaman tungkol sa Miracle tea and live green .Alam ko po malaki ang maitutulog nito sa katawan ng mga tao lalo na po yun mga may endad na.may husband po ay nasa saudi engineer po at next march punta po ako don to visit him. marami po mga pinoy doon at gusto ko po mag mag dala ng mga product niyo don.
    Sana help po ninyo ako ,kung saan po ako puede makakuha ng mga procduct at the same time to have more knowledge tungkol sa procduct.

    thank po.

  103. dhez says

    gud am po!
    i’ve been watching you at abs-cbn programs and i was so amaze with all these natural healing products.where can i buy miracle tea and live green,meron po ba sa mga malls?hope to hear from u soon!
    thanks a lot and God bless you po…

  104. avic says

    gud pm doc!! im 40 yrs old….interesado po ako s products nyo san po b mkakabili at mag kano po? plagi po tumataas bp ko khit me gamot n ako maintenance at mataas din po blood sugar nd cholesterol ko….plagi p po ako nahihilo.sana po matulungan nyo po ako pra bumalik s normal ko n gawain.thanks in advance GOD BLESS PO!!!

  105. luisa says

    hello doc tam,im 41 yrs old na ngaun 01-12-09,last yr nagpa check up ako sa obgyne,dahil 8yrs old na anak ko di parin nasusundan,result ultrasound ko my endometrial polyp right cornual area at proximal obstruction both fallopian tube,kaya di ako mabuntis prescribe un obgyne ng antibiotics for 7days at no treatment sa endometrial polyp ko,until now doc di pa rin ako mabuntis,my pag asa paba ako mabuntis,sa herbal medicines ninyo,at ano sasakyan papunta sa clinic ninyo sa makati.thanks,god bless

  106. djhoanna says

    Dr. Mateo,

    I watched you in the episode of Boy and Kris last 13 january 2009, I was amazed to your product specially when i see the good result to one of your costumer used your product..medyo mabilis nga lang po exposure niyo sa show kaya wala po ako nakuha masyado details about your product..i am presently based here in bahrain, i really wanted have brochures and other products na meron po kayo..sana po mabigyan po niyo ako ng advice to how can i buy ur products…thanks po, and god bless…

  107. says

    Dear Dr. Tam

    Good evening po… ask ko lang po kasi po just 3 days ago nakapa ko po sa dede ng anak ko mismo po sa may nipple nya na may bilog n bukol…movable naman sya at ask ko anak ko kung masakit sabi nya hindi nman daw po…ano po kaya iyon, saan ko ba sya pwedeng dalhin for check-up…payuhan nyo po ako…email nyo po sagot nyo skin…..mai.1970@yahoo.com sana po mapansin nyo po ang message kong ito. Salamat po!!

  108. pia says

    gud pm po doc, tanong ko lng po dilikado po ba ang magkaroon ng mayomata? kc po sa left ng ovary ko my bukol po at medyo malaki n po cia, dok nasakit po cia lalo n pag magkkaron po ko, tanong ko din po bakit po tuwing magkkaron po ko na hhighblood po ko. ? sana po matulungan nio po ko e2 po email ko >shallagirl327< sana po mapasin nio po message ko. salamat po

  109. akoeto says

    bumili na ako ng live green(P1500) at miracle tea(P1400) mismo sa pasig.sa main ofc nila dr.tam.ang live green ay gawa sa wheatgrass.kung may alam kayo mabibilian nito, eto n lamang ang inumin nyo.lasang damo un kay dr.tam.powdered form, mga 25x nyo maiinum.may freshly juiced na wheatgrass.matamis daw.meron n s mall ng fresh kaso mahal.85pesos. meron din nabibili na damo pa, at kailangan nyo ijuice, kaya lang mahal un juicer, mga 12k ata.availble un juicer s ofc ni dr.tam.pero wala silang tindang damo.tanging live green lng. maganda ang wheatgrass.so kung may alam kayo.uminom kayo nito. di ko na nainum ulit to.pero kung may pagkakataon at kung sakali mura. iinom ako nito parati.

    un miracle tea naman, wag na kayo bumili, oa kasi magsalita si dr. tam s boy and kris.masyado salesman ang dating nya. ang gagawin lng ng miracle tea ay madumi kayo.mahirap inumin ang miracle tea kasi panget ang lasa. bumili na lang kayo ng fresh papaya at iblender eto ng walang halong tubig. uminom ng halos 3 baso sa umaga ng walang laman ang sikmura(sinuggest din ni dr.tam to, sa show nya dati sa studio 23 tuwing martes). im sure, matatae tlaga kayo.un ang ginagawa ko.kung gusto ko magcleanse ng bituka.may puno kasi kami ng papaya, kaya nagagawa ko.pero bili n lng kayo kung wala.mura lng kesa s miracle tea.

    walang miracle sa tinda ni dr. tam. tamang diet lang at iwasan ang bawal.maganda un live green nya kaso sobrang mahal kaya dissapointing. business pa rin ang iniisip nila dahil di pa gaanong available sa bansa ang wheatgrass.

    kung may karamdaman kayong malubha tulad ng cancer, i suggest na uminom kayo nito.dahil alam kong makakatulong. natural healing tlaga kailangan ng katawan natin.sana maging bukas ang ating isipan tngkol sa naturopathy lalong lalo na ang mga demonyong doctor mds. dami na nila pinatay na may cancer dahil sa maling gamot.

  110. elizabeth yanagi says

    good afternoon dr.tam hi! im beth ,problema ko po kc ang biglang pag taba ko 10 kls. ang tinaba ko hindi naman po ako pala kain kayat nahihirapan po akong mag diet. napanood ko po kayo sa salamat dok/at boy &kris .gusto ko po sana bumili ng product nyo .

  111. says

    Good day po!ask ko lng po ano po dapat itake o gawin ng asawa ko para dumami sperm count nya kc nung nagpa sperm analysis po sya 10% lng dw po ang buhay.salamat po!

  112. melany says

    gud pm po doctor, may tanong lang po ako sa blood test ko dito sa middle east. ano po ba ang magandang gamot or pagkain para dito,kc lagi mo akong nahihilo na parang block out at parang mahuhulog ako.ganoon po ang nararamdam ko at pati batok ko sumasakit na.please advice

    1.hemogglobin ko po ay 133
    2. wbc ko pa ay 11.8
    3.Lymphocytes 4.2
    4.Monocytes 1.1
    5. Basophils 0.0
    6.glucose 6.5
    7.calcuim 2.09
    8.alb 34

  113. jojo says

    i’m selling dr. tams miracle tea and live green at P1,495.00 and P1,265.00 respectively. If you want it delivered, shoulder nyo na lang yung courier charges. Pwede rin pick-up. My office is in ayala cor herrera. email me at jysosa2@yahoo.com if you’re interested.

    one of the featured patients in their shows (i.e. salamat doc, health republic, boy and kris) is my mom. she’s also one of the regular speakers in their seminar in Pasig (kung naka-attend na kayo). she’s been using dr tam’s products for more than 5 years na. It works for her.

    Sinukuan sya ng St. Lukes. Almost 2 inches thick ang medical records nya dun. Underwent 2 major operations. And yet, walang effect. Sinubukan nya rin other forms of treatment like iridology, herbalife stuff, etc… Pero wala. She’s suffering from multiple sclerosis.

    May ibang patients pa na may cancer of the jaw. Advised by (MD) doctor na 6 months to live. Pero upon treatment kay Dr Tam, maayos na ngayon. Hindi lang live green and miracle tea ang meron sila Dr. Tam. Marami pa aside from that, hindi lang ako familiar mga anti-oxidants etc.

    Last year featured in Wish ko lang si April delos Santos – pop Rock singer winner or finalist..sa Channel 7. She was also treated by Dr. Tam. LUPUS ang sakit. You can search the net what Lupus is. Na feat sya ulit this year, magaling na sya. Walang synthetic medicine na ginamit sa kanya, all natural all Dr. Tam’s products.

    Live green is not just wheatgrass, combination ng kamut, alfafalfa, barley. I you want to know more, my suggestion is to attend his seminar.

    Naka inum na ako ng miracle tea ni Dr. Tam. for 3 days, i’ve lost around 20 lbs. from 145 to 125. I can attribute it from the loss of “WASTE” in my body. Imagine mo yun, 20lbs of waste inside your body. In 1 day, at least 5x ako sa toilet. I just drank it for 3 days (following the correct protocol). Pero it’s a wrong notion that we use it for weight-reducing purpose. Kasi ang principle is “TOXIC CLEANSING”.

    This is different from xenical or mga tea (kankunis ata yung isa dun). Though it makes you “go” masyadong mahilab sa tyan and yet very little ang lumalabas. I’ve tried it also. You do the comparison after trying these products.


  114. lucy says

    Good evening Dr. Mateo,

    Meron po ba dito sa bicol (Camarines Norte) na pwede mabilhan ng miracle tea, mabibili po yan sa mga drugstore?

    Thank You,


  115. lita says

    dear eesc/ Mr. Casimero

    don’t you wish dr tam’s miracle tea will also miraculously make people learn how to READ?
    just making you laugh :) have a good day.

  116. eesc says

    Hi Lita,

    I have observed that when people are sick, their reading comprehension also takes a hit, so I’ve learned to be patient with the sick… I once was very sick too.

    Thanks for making me smile :)

  117. bhelle says

    hi to everyone,,,

    I used live green and miracle tea since i was diagnosed of lupus last 2006 it’s a great help for me …the cleansing and the protocol helps a lot but it needs a self disciplned.. many things to avoid specially in eating you will become a vegetarian… but unlucky i stopped it coz of financial prob i wish i could still continue the treatment it’s just that i cant afford it for all my expenses… but even if i cant buy the product i didnt eat meats…but for all who want to try it… it wil be a great help for the people who loss hope… God Speed

  118. Antonette says

    anu po ba ung mga causes at symptoms ng myoma?at anu pong herbal medicine ang kaylangang inumin para ma prevent ito?

    salamat po

  119. Gen Cabili says

    year 2004 i been taking live green for just one month – nadiscover ko malaking pagbabago ng katawan ko. Nagakaron ako dati ng hypertyroid na dapat operahan na ako,dahil sa live green at follow ng protocol nya nasave ang buhay ko.Salamat kay Dr. Tam Mateo, nakikinig lang ako dati sa programa nila sa radyo every thursday 9pm. LiveGreen and Miracle tea lahat ng sakit mahiheal nito.Dapat lang iwasan ang mga bawal kainin.

  120. jeannette says

    gud am. Dear doctor Tam, my child is diagnosed og juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Please help how to manage in natural way
    Jeannette of davao city

  121. Hannah says

    Hi Dr. Tam,

    My sister has been in and out of the hospital for the past 2 months. She’s had Lupus Nephritis for the past 12 years. Nagsimula po ang flare up nya about 7 weeks ago. Hindi po sya maka ihe for more than a week, sunod sobrang grabeng joint pains all over to the extent that she could not move anymore. After that, hindi nman sya maka-pupu. Sumunod nman she was losing blood kc bumaba platelet count nya. Ngaun asa ospital po ulit sya and has been having blood transfusion kc bumaba hemoglobin nya. She has also been losing blood in her urine and stool. Just this week, se was diagnosed with Crohns disease. Sobrang depressed na po sya. Living with Lupus is already very hard for her, now she has to live with Crohns as well. Magpapa-pull out na po sya sa ospital ngaun kahit hindi pa sya magaling. pagod na pagod na po sya labas pasok sa ICU and taking so many medications. Wala nman nakakatulong, may sakit pa rin sya hanggang ngaun. She’s only 29. Matutulungan nyo po ba sya doctor kahit matindi sakit nya ngaun? She’s very swollen, still losing too much blood in her urine and stool and both kidneys nya affected na so she had to go through dialysis as well.

  122. geraldine says

    pano poh ba madaling mabuntis kasi poh 1taon na poh kmi ng asawa ko hindi pa ako nabubuntis ano poh bang kaylangan kong gawin ko gustong gusto ko na poh na mag kaanak
    sana poh ,matulungan nyo poh ako

  123. says

    interested in using the miracle tea where can we buy it directly.i am believing u how to treat ur cleint… and i want to buy ur miracle tea.. when can i buy? thank u very mucg….

  124. teresita eugenio says

    dear doc,

    I’m 47 and suffering from osteochondritis dissecans along the lateral tibial
    plateau and along the lateral side of the tibia.I opt not to have surgery.can you help through “naturopathy” SALAMAT PO

  125. Ma. Rissa says

    Dr. Tam:

    I just wanted to know the psychotheraphy institution featured on april 5, 2009. My sister has been mentally depressed for 8 years now and i guess that place is more suited and comfortable to her possible recovery.

    I hope will be able to know the exact name and address of the institution.

    With high hopes for your support.

    You can text me through my number 09297616144.

    More power po sa iyo dok

  126. jhun magana says

    Hi Dr. Tam,
    gud am po my gastro oesoplhageal reflux diease or ulcer raw po ako. sumasakit po la2munan ko at sikmura ,marami na rin po akung pitingnan na doctor at halos parihas na gamot binibigay nila omeprazole di rin po ako gamagaling .sana po matulungang nyo po ako .
    Meron po ba dito sa bicol (Camarines Norte) na pwede mabilhan ng miracle tea, mabibili po yan sa mga drugstore?

    Thank You,
    email: jhunmaganajr@yahoo.com cp no.09282821888

  127. casey fionnah says

    dr. tam
    goodpm po..
    gusto ko lang po malaman an cause ng ovarian cyst at anu po bang maiadvice nyong herbal medicine na itatake??
    my mom has this and among her family pangatlo na po sya ngkaroon nito yung dalawa niyag sister meon narin..nagtataka ako bakit kasi alagang alaga namn sya ng papa ko eh..
    puede nyo bang mafeature yung ovarian cyst sa salamat doc…
    sa po ba mabibili yung mga gamot nyo im from mindanao particularly in iligan city lanao del norte.gusto ko po sana itry yung mga gamot nyo…
    hope matulongan nyo ako at makabili kami na gamot nyo….

    salamat po,
    casey fionnah

  128. mark sioson says

    Dr.tam good pm po kmusta npo kyo? doc may mlaking prob.po ang asaw ko baka po pwede nyo kming matulungan.may sakit po ang asawa na alfa-thalassamia sakit po yata ito sa dugo.may lunas pa po ba ang ganitong sakit.alam ko po na malaki ang maitutulong ng inyong gamot doc. paano po ako makakakuha o makaka order ng inyong gamot para sa sakit na alfa-thalassamia.wala po kase ako sa ating bansa.ako po ay nasa bansang italya.sana po ay matulungan nyo po kami sa aming problema. maraming salamat po Dr.tam

  129. julieta jover says

    saan po ako makabili ng gamot nyo dito sa davao city diabitic po ako at mayroon mild fatty liver and gall ballader stone and also hypertensive… gusto ko rin mag detox…

  130. girlie espinosa says

    dear doc.tam

    may sakit po asawa ko,lumalaki po ang kanan nyang kamay at namomola
    linalagnat po sumasakit ang ulo at ang tyan,,ano po ba and dapat kong gawin
    natatakot na po kasi ako, mag aapat na araw na syang ganito, thankful po ako kasi may taong katulad nyo na nakakatolong,,sana po matolongan nyo po ako,, hoping u will reply my massage..thanks.. girlie..

  131. erma says

    Dear eesc,
    Good day to you, salamat at s ganit2ng paraan naka2rating mga mensahe nmin k Dr. Tam. d ko po alam f paano ako maka2kontak s kanya, we’re frm Puerto Princesa City at malaking gas2s f pupunta pa ako ng Manila. I’ve been suffering frm my hika for how many years and now feeling ko hindi ako nauubusan ng plegm. Regular din po ako ngpapa check up sa doktor d2, meron po ako gnagamit na inhealer kya lng naka2sawa na gamitin kc for prevntion lng din po un. pabalik balik lang po. Makakatulong po kaya Miracle Tea at Live Green ni Dr. Tam? Bata pa po ako at gus2 ko pa po gumaling. Maraming salamat po and God Bless.

  132. Jerry B. Ambatali says

    Magandang araw po sa inyo Dr. Tam, ako po ay taga d2 sa Region 2 Cagayan Valley, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya.
    Ako po ay may sakit na RPGN (Rapidly Progressive Glouneprithis)Nag undergo na po Ako Sa 7 months medication (Methlprednisolone, 6 x Cyclophospamide pulsing , and Steroids tablets) Ngunit pataas po ng pataas yung Creatinine Level ko, advice po ng dr sa akin malapit na po daw akong mag dialysis, Kung maari po sana ayaw ko pong ma dialysis kci hirap na hirap na po ako malilit pa po mga anak ko, Kaya po ako dumulog sa inyo para po ako malunasan SALAMAT PO Dr Tam.

  133. Dindo H. Vergara says

    Magandang araw po Dr. Tam. My father was diagnosed of liver cancer. he was suffering on his abdominal pain and itching. The doctor said that the cancer was already on stage 4. doc may paraan p b para gumaling ang tatay ko.? hindi po kami mayaman pra e pa chemo theraphy sya. Doc may iba p bng way para gumaling ang tatay ko? Salamat po Dr. Tam

  134. tomasa villamil says

    good day… gusto ko sanang malaman kung may clinic kayo or gamot kayo ng breast cancer dito sa zamboanga del norte??? kasi may bukol po ako sa susu at gusto ko sana bumili ng miracle tea… mayroon po ba kayong brach dito sa zamboanga del norte.. pls reply.. matulungan nyo po sana ako.. thank you

  135. ann says

    good day!

    thanks for discovering this cure or as we say alternative medicine.would like very much to buy your product but i’m in negros.i’m suffering from gall stones and reactive to Hbs Ag. would like to ask if this can eliminate the said ailments.please do help me.how much is the tea or what will i drink to cure this ailments.pls do email me.very much appreciate and thankful for it.

  136. cenon salvador says

    masyadong mahal ang pamamaraan ng herbal medicine na ipinaiinum ninyo sa mga pasyente, ang makaka apord lang ng inyong pamamaraan ay mga milyonario o may mga kaya sa buhay, wala ba kayong alam na herbal na naaangkop sa mga masang pilipino o sa mga mahihirap lang.

  137. Pia says

    I was being diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer last Feb. this year. Nagpaconsult ako sa office niyo last March 03, pero hindi pa ako nakapagsimulang mgdetoxify kasi nag iipon pa ako for my 1month of detoxification. for the meantime na hindi pa ako nakakaipon, anong pwedeng gawin ko muna for the meantime, kasi sabi ng doctors need ko maoperahan ASAP, before daw kumalat ang cancer cell sa ibang organs ko. At 4mos. na ang nakakalipas di pa ako nakakabalik diyan sa inyo. Please help me ano dapat ko gawin, ayaw ko maoperahan at ayaw ko ipatanggal ang uterus at ovaries ko. Thanks very much, Godbless you more.

  138. Betchay Payoyo says

    hi… i just want to know the real prize of miracle tea, i bought one bottle to a friend it cost 1695.00. pls help.. thank you!

  139. eesc says

    1695 pesos is the new price.
    They increased their prices this month from 1,500

    Leave your name and number with the store clerk and she will text you when Dr. Tam offers the miracle tea for 50% off. You can pre-purchase miracle tea and just withdraw when you need it. My in-laws do this.

  140. Michelle says

    I tried the Live Green and it really works for me. I have hyperstension and acid reflux and nanormalize naman sya after taking it for a month, continously yun with proper diet. Pero mahal talaga yun treatment, and sometimes mahirap ibudget. Luckily my frend recommended a cheaper alternative, ito yun wheatgrass powder na Php 33 per sachet lang, everyday ko tinitimpla at kasama nun tablet na may wheatgrass at barley.Ok naman na pakiramdam ko and nirerecommend ko sya sa mga friends ko rin na may mga diseases at gusto lang magpapayat at magmaintain ng healthy body. Eto yun no. ng inoorderan ko in case gusto nyo umorder 0920-9626100. Nagdedeliver sya kahit sa US.

  141. Olym says

    Aug. 1, 2009

    Dr. Tam,

    Good day! I inquire regarding the illness of kidney disease cause my auntie suffer from it.
    Na confine na po siya sa hospital and have dialysis for a several times. Is it really applicable for her to drink a MERACLE TEA and LIVE GREEN to be cured and treated her. . . . Please reply to my email address: mamigo52268@yahoo.com. . . Thank you very much and God Bless. . . . . . . . .

  142. Olym says

    Aug. 1, 2009

    Dr. Tam,

    Good day! I inquire regarding the illness of kidney diseases cause my auntie suffer from it.
    Na confine na po siya sa hospital and have dialysis for several times. Is it really applicable for her to drink a MERACLE TEA and LIVE GREEN to be cured and treated her. . . . Doc. we are here in Nabunturan, ComVal Province (Northern Part of Davao – Mindanao) Please reply to my email address: mamigo52268@yahoo.com. . . Thank you very much and God Bless. . . . . . . . .

  143. grace says

    dr. tam

    good day!!!!!!
    pls. reply me saan po nabibili ung meracle tea at live green and magkano.

  144. May Nitura says

    gud day,
    i am interested on the dr. tams miracle tea. and i also want to know if i can be a dealer here in our province at Vigan locos Sur. hope to hear from you soon.

  145. tim says

    hello DOc..tanong kulang kung ano pwede ko inomin na GAmot ..kasi doc me tolo ako…sakit un sa ari yong me nana kapag umiihi ako msakit din nagkkanana siya….kaya Doc ano pwde ko inomin na GAMOT? plsss i need your hepl?????????

  146. Cris says

    Hello Doc…tanong ko lang po twice napo nag pa medical ang asawa ko for abroad…ang problema may trace po daw sya ng hepa…nag pa hepa profile na po kmi magaling na daw po pero everytime na mag pa medical palagi daw un makikita sa kanya at ma trace kahit magaling na…maaalis parin po ba un thru detox?Please help me….

  147. Andy says

    Good day po! Pwede po ba na malaman kung magkano ang price ng miracle tea at live green ni Dr. Tam? at may discount po ba ang senior citizen? Salamat.

  148. joy estrella says

    dr tam
    may cyst po ako sa breast mag te ten years na po,hindi naman lumalaki pero madalas kumikirot,at gusto ko din po itong maalis.ano po ang dapat gawin?

  149. maha says

    hi dr. tam,
    i am positive to chronic hepatitis B what would be your alternative medicines to cure myself out… thank you po..

  150. peachy says

    Good day Dr. Tam,
    Diabetic po ang mom ko and meron na rin syang CKD as complication ng sakit nya, ngayon po nasa 7 ang creatinine level nya, ang dami po nya masyadong medicines na tinetake madalas po nagvvomit na sya pag-inom nito. ano po ba marerecommend nyo para bumaba ang creatinine nya? pwede po ba ko magpaconsult ng di kasama mom ko, dadalin ko nalang po ung mga lab results nya. if pwede po, san po ung clinic nyo and ano po ang schedule?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  151. Lhen Atienza says

    Hello Dr. Tam,
    Lagi po akong nanonood ng Salamat Dok kaya po nalaman ko itong tungkol sa inyong naturopathic healing at mga herbal products.

    My 40-year old brother in Pampanga was diagnosed of a brain tumor and he is already bedridden. He also suffered from pneumonia and sepsis as complications kasi di na po sya masyadong gumagalaw since bedridden n nga po sya. pero na cure naman po ito at meron syang trache at kumakain thru NGT.

    What regimen would you recommend for his case? We would like to try your Miracle Tea At CA Liquid Form. Ok lang po ba na i take nya yon? nagpa appointment n po kami kaso nung magpunta po kapatid ko dyan super haba ang pila at gagabihin n sya paguwi so hindi n po sya nakipila.

    Please reply ASAp.

    Thank You

  152. Lhen Atienza says

    Sabi po pala ng mga doctors hindi n sya pwedeng operahan dahil po malaki n yung tumor nya(about 7 cm). kaya po pinauwi n lang po sya. wala na daw pong treatment yung bukol at ibigay n lang daw po namin yung pinaka da best na pagaalaga sa kanya.Pease tulungan nyo po kami kasi gusto ko po matulungan yung brother ko. Hope you will reply asap para po makabili n kami ng products nyo suited para sa sakit nya. pero kung gusto nyo po kaming pumunta sa clinic nyo pakitext na lang po sa 09159207332 or mag leave na lang po ng message sa email add ko.

    Maraming salamat po

  153. anchita flores says

    hi Dr.tam almost 3yrs na kami nagsama ng asawa ko pero wala pa kaming baby,tanong kulang po kong may herbal ba para makatulong sa akin at sa asawa ko na magkaroon kami ng baby???

  154. emma sumo says

    Dear Dr. Tam,

    Good day po.
    Ang tatay ko po ay 88 years old at nadiagnose po ang right kidney po nya ay hindi nag fu function na Grade2 at meron pa sya prostate at meron pong dugo sa kanyang ihi. Me nireseta po sa kanya ang Uro Doctor nya for 3 months na iinumin. Humihingi po ng payo kung ano pa pwede nya kainin or inumin na herbal. pinapainom namin sya ng sambong kaso di nya ma take ang lasa.



  155. alma says

    god blesssss and more power to u dok sana marami kpmatulungan na katulad naming mahihirap.ako po ay may mayoma ano po ba ang gamot na maiibibigay nyo po saakin tnxxxxxx and more power

  156. says

    DEAR DR.Tam Dr.Tam itatanong ko lng poh yng kaibigan ko poh .pagumiihi cya masakit dw at my kasamang dugo ano poh b ang sakit na yun? Dr. plsss reply ..sana poh matolongan nyo kmi.. thanks mhay

  157. dora says

    dear dr. tam,
    i want to as some advice, my husband and i wanted to have a baby, his 30 and im 27 but it was found out that i had a cervical polyp and a polycystic ovary i was adviced to undergo an operation to removed the polyp, what im gonna do?

  158. joanne says

    hello po..ask ko lang po kung may napagaling na kayong sakit na scleroderma? meron po kasi akong scleroderma for almost 8 years na at nasabi po sa akin ng friend ko na try ko daw po kay Dr. Tam Mateo..thanks a lot at sana kayo na nga ang answersa prayers ko. more power!

  159. Ivan says

    gud day dr. tam mateo i’m ivan i have a findings of anterior mediastinal mass nalaman eto ng nagpa x- ray po ako para sa medical exam ko going for abroad hindi po ako natanggap kaya ngpa ct- scan po ako para malaman kong ano ang mediastinal mass sa dibdib ko sa PGH pero hindi maayos ang pagkuha ng sample ng tissue ! ang gusto ko sana mag alternative medicine na lg ako through your help sana matulungan mo ako i’m still working kasi kirot lg naman paminsan-minsan ang naramdaman ko pero gusto ko ay maclear na ako na sana matunaw na lang ang mediastinal maa ko para matuloy ang pag-apply ko for abroad!!! thankz and more power sana matulunagn mo ako!! i watch you minsan sa salamat doc sa abs-cbn pag-sunday!!!pls reply to my e-mail GOD BLESS!!

  160. bojie says

    dr tam… ask kolang po.. me gamot po b s imon imon n herbal…kc kahirap po ng pa check up.. laki po kc ng gastos eh..// thankz.. bojie

  161. bojie says

    dr tam… ask kolang po.. me gamot po b s imon imon n herbal…kc kahirap po ng pa check up.. laki po kc ng gastos eh..// thankz.. bojie

    sana po matulungan nyo ako… salamatz po ulit..

  162. jhawin says

    Doc gud day po sainyo!…ask ko lng po,bakit po may parang may naka bara sa lalamunan ko at minsan parang dry hindi naman po masakit,,mag 1 week na po siguro!…nararamdaman ko lng po pagkatapos ko lagi kumain..,,,pag sa umaga naman po hindi ko naman po nararamdaman!.ano po ba yuon doc?..at ano po pwedeng magpagaling o ano po pwede inumin na gamot meron po ba?..sana po mabasa nyo po ito salamat po doc,,..god bless!

  163. janice says

    good day po sainyo doc,tanong ko lang po kung ano po ang mabisang herbal plant or herbal tea sa pneumonia para sa baby?sana po doc mabasa nyo ito katanungan ko..thanks po and god bless you!!

  164. says

    good evening po doc,tanong ko po regarding sa mother ko may sakit po kasi sa kidney ang idad po ng mother ko ay 76 yrs old,advice po kasi ng doctor ay magpadielysis kc po mataas po ang kreatinin,anu po ba ang dapat kong gawin?salamat po…

  165. betty says

    Praise be Jesus and Mary!
    Doc. Gusto ko sanang malaman kung ano ang natural na paraan kung paano matanggal ang bato o dumi sa galblader? Anong herbal medicine ang makakatanggal sa mga bukol-bukol katulad ng nodules sa leeg?

  166. eesc says

    Yes, it is part of the cure. Eating a lot of raw fat is the other part of the cure. Chelation therapy may also help.

  167. min says


    i just want to ask. anung klaseng sakit ung pag iihe subrang sakit na prang malalaglag matres ko tapos may kasamang dugo pa sa ihe

  168. johan says

    ok din ba miracle tea for reducing bad cholesterol? papayat ba ako dito? I dont want to kasi my weight is just right..I’m also looking for medicine to treat Psoriasis. Please HELP. MANY THANKS in advance!

  169. shei says

    hello dr.tam last 2006 naoperahan po ako ng gallbladder ..nagpaconsult ako minsan dahil laging sumasakit ang liver ko sabi ng doctor fatty liver daw ako ..ngayon laging sumasakit ang kanan na side ko mula sa sikmura at tagiliran pag sumpong po ng sakti talagang di ko kaya natatakot po ako mallit pa anak ko..please help me

  170. dinerdash78 says

    Hello po, ask ko lang po kung ano ang natural cure for Lupus SLE. Thanks in advance po..

  171. jerly says

    hello dr. tam, i have a sister diagnose early stage of breast cancer. interested po kami sa natural way of healing. were from cebu. Please help us. Thanks in advance

  172. Marina Buzinskas says

    Hello Dr. Tam
    Sana masagot kaagad ang tanong ko kung saan makabili ng live green & miracle tea dito sa Chicago, US. Ang husband ko po ay naoperahan ng brain cancer surgery last Feb. 17, 2010 kasi metastacised na yong colon cancer nya. Sa ngayon pinapainom ko siya ng mixed juice ng ampalaya, cucumber, celery & carrots. Ano ba ang tamang templa kasi napanood ko noon sa Salamat Dok na may nag testify na while she was in chemo umiinom din siya nito. Ang aking email add ay aniram2k4@yahoo.com po. Thank you so much.

  173. Rose says

    Hello Doc, i undergo Stat CS due to pre-eclampsia last jan. 28, 2010. after that hindi na po nawala ang hypertension ko,. meron na pong binigay sa aking para sa highblood pero di po naaddress ang sakit ko, lagi po akong nahihilo, sumasakit ang ulo at nahirapan po akong huminga, nagpa blood chemistry na po ako,ultrasound, xray, 2d echo, ecg at thyroid normal po, pero mataas po ang bad cholesterol ko. ano po ba ang dapat gawin. kasi nahihirapan na po ako. thanks.rosana222002@yahoo.com

  174. baby says

    hello doc, ano po ba ang gamot na mabisa para sa scleroderma, kc po d2 sa canada ung kaibigan ng sister ko ay may ganun na sakit pero d pa rin gumagaling sa mga bnibigay na gamot d2, tnx po and God Bless

  175. obet santos says

    tanong kulang po anu po ba na maganda sakin para po ako tumaba ang height ko po 5-9 weight knaman po 65 ang payat knman po anu po ang maganda para lumakas po ako kumain…..obet ng dammam saudi arabia

  176. obet santos says

    tanong korin po bakit po ganun wala nman sira ang ngipin ko pag kumakain po ako sumasakit ang bagang lalo na po pag puyat ako…. sana po pkisagot po ninyo maraming salamat po

  177. obet santos says

    nka2takot po kasi mag pagamot d2 saudi marami pong nama2tay na pilipino at ibang lahi po tulad po ng kasamahan nmin sumakit lang po ang tiyan tinurukan lang po namatay na kaya po kami d2 hindi nag papa ospital sana po matulungan ninyo ako……salamat po

  178. deeda says

    doc, i am 60 yrs. old and suffering from a variety of illness such as gall stones, myomas, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, acid reflux and cyst in my eye. i am taking medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol,and high triglycerides.i am taking these medications for a long time and i want to be free from all these chemicals and go natural. please advice. thank you and i look forward to hearing from you very soon. God bless!

  179. SELFA Q. CORDOVA says

    Doc, mayroon po akong sinutis, sa ngayon gumagamit na ako ng nasal spray, gusto ko ng herbal
    medications, pls. advice me. at tanong ko lang po kon mag kano ang miracle tea including the
    freight for I am from Cebu City, and how will I pay?
    Thank you and hope to hear from you.

  180. milet says

    dear dr. tam. inquiry: and anak ko po 22 years old is suffering from acute myelogenous leukemia since may 2009. he undergone 7 sessions of chemotheraphy and ended in february 2010. ha was well for about more than 3 months but sad to say that this June 2010 he was diagnosed under relapse stage. he again undergone another session of chemo and until now nasa hospital pa po sya because of high fever and chills and other side effects of chemotheraphy. he will undeergo BMA bukas and next will be another chemo. can we ask some advise from you po? parang ayaw na po namin na ipa chemo pa uli sya. salamat po.

  181. MARINA says

    gud am doc,ask ko lang po if you have available treatment or medicine for hepa b,para po di madevelop as cancer.tnx a lot

  182. mercie hernandez says

    Dok, yong pong anak ko 34 years old na she has not out grown yon hika niya at feeling ko mas lumalala pa. naopispital siya ng february and last week na sugod ulit siya. sabi ng doctor niya, di na daw gagaling ang sakit niya kasi daw walang gamot sa hika. Itong 2 beses siyang na ospital, nangingitim na siya at di makahingi. sa ngayon she is given antibiotics, & steriods. my hypertesion pa siya dumadami ang sakit niya imbis na mabawasan. Tulungan mo naman kami Dok may roon po ba kayong puwesto na malapit sa cavite? Marami pong salamat at umaasa po kami na sasagutin po ninyo ang e-mail namin.

  183. mavic says

    dr tam good evening po! vegetarian na po ako since na makilala ko kayo at palagi umaatend sa seminar every sunday! my question is………….minsan nakakaramdam ako pananakit ng mga buto ko lalo na sa likod anu kaya ang maganda kong gawin? sana po matugunan nyo. salamat po

  184. Melanie T.Aure says

    i’m 26 yrs.old and i notice na un varicous vein ko sa binti e lumalaki,ano po b ang mganda inumin para maging ok po ang flow ng dugo para po lumiit or mwala ang varicous vein ko kumikirot po ksi.hoping 4 your reply,thank you!.at kung my gamot po b kau n pampataba.

  185. arniel says

    doc gud am..saan po ba mabibili product nyo dito sa bohol? gusto ko po bumili..kung wala dito anu po ba ang paraan to have ur product?tnx..hoping 4 ur answer

  186. calixto says

    dr. tam may tanim po akong serventina, sabi mo magaling ito sa hypertension, paano po ba ang pag inom nito?

  187. daisy ong says

    dr,tam, i am 38 y.o female single,suffering from Rt.breast cancer was diagnosed 5 years ago, radical mastectomy was done,finish my 6 cycles of adjuvant chemotherapy,on tablet 10mg tamoxifen once daily for five years,and finish my 2 years injection Goserelin 3.8 mg once a month. after finishing my oral tab want to go for natural… pls need your expert opinion .
    thanks a lot,hope to hear from you soon ! Godbless n more power.

  188. Robdenire says

    Hello po Dr. Tam,

    My uncle is suffering from diabetes and right now his two kidneys fail.. and the doctor said he should undergo a dialysis but wala pong pera ang family nila.. tanong ko lang po ano po bang alternative na medication sa kanyan sakit.. nakakaawa po kasi..

  189. Sonia Bacasmot says

    I have a female friend, she has undergone TAHBSO operation last July 2010 and the mass removed from her fallopian tube are said to be cancerous, she was further advised to undergo chemo. She wants to explore the natural methods of healing. Any advise for her?

  190. lawrence says

    ano po marere-commend nyo n natural treatment sa hemorrhoids? Ano pong natural supplement n meron kayo? email nyo po sakin.

  191. Jocelyn says

    Hi Dr. Tam..Ang 4 year daughter ko po ay nadiagnose na merong allergic rhinitis. Meron na po sya ng laman na sa both nostrils nya. Nirecommend ng dr. nya ang nasal spray at antihistamine. nearly 2 months na po sya naggagamot at nandun pa rin po yung nasal polyp nya. Sabi ng dr. kapag hindi yun nakuha sa nasal spray ay surgery na po ang kasunod. Pero as much as posible po sana ayoko nun para sa anak ko. Meron po ba kayong natural supplement na pwede sa bata para sa nasal polyp? Please po pareply po email ko. Thank you po.

  192. Mildred D. Joaquin says

    Dear Dr. Tam,
    Isa po ako sa masugid nyong taga subaybay, mapa tv or radio guesting nyo, sometime i just drop by sa mga bookstore to read some of your books, kc i can’t afford to buy it e.so i really look forward na kada guesting nyo sa tv e sinusubaybayan ko po kayo..mahilig po ang family sa mga educational program na we can learn a lot. Alarm clock na po ng aming family ang aking 3 kids kapag about health na po ang pag-uusapan. Although we can’t consider ourselves na we are in a healthy living but we tried to live it right and best. We make sure na balance ang pagkain ng aking family sa gulay, prutas, gatas at iba pa. Sinisikap po naming iwasan ang pagkain me mga additives, tulad ng mga sarisaring mix na pampasarap sa pagkain..hangga’t maari po e natural lamang ang gamit namin sa pagluluto. Hindi rin po naming iminulat ang aking mga anak sa mga junk foods..normal na po nilang kainin ang mga gulay, tulad ng ampalaya, okra, kalabasa, malunggay (dahon/bunga), petsay, talbos ng kamote/kangkong/kalabasa at iba pa.Sa totoo lang po kahit po sa sandwich, ipinapalaman po ng aking mga anak ang talong o kaya naman e ginisang amplaya na me kamatis.

    Doc, maybe i can consider myself a breast cancer survivor ‘coz two years ago i was diagnosed to have a breast carcinoma, although it was diagnosed as stage 1 or 2, i had undergone two major operation ( mastectomy) but i haven’t tried to have chemo therapy but instead my oncologist and surgeon just give me an oral medication (tamoxifen). Right now so far naman po ok naman po with no recurrence with regards to my cancer but ang problem ko po is my fatty liver , ano po kaya ang magandang remedy sa fatty liver ko? nagtetake po ako ng silymaryn capsule pero mas gusto ko pa rin po yung natural way lang na hindi ko kelangan gumastos ng malaki..Me tatlo po kasi akong anak (ages 6, 5 and 4 pa lang po sila) at ang husband ko lang po ang nagwowork ngayon sa amin. Sana po you can help me para po makasama ko pa ang aking pamilya ng mahaba haba pang panahon.. minsan po kasi mejo nanghihina ang loob ko pagdating sa isiping me sakit ako e..Doc sana matulungan nyo po ako..Salamat at salamat po ulit..

  193. marilou says

    Dr. Tam.

    Tanong ko lang po, pwede pa po ba ma cure ang hypertension ko without taking drugs prescribe by my doctor. gusto ko kasi drug free ang body ko.

  194. Ren del Rosario says

    Hello po i just want to confirm direct to you dr.tom if its really beneficial drinking kalamsi juice in an empty stomach first hour in the morning.thank you very much ,hoping one of these days i can attend your sunday health information in pasig.

  195. almira cacabelos says

    hello! i saw this webiste and im interested in buying ur product.however i just wanna ask if u conduct health seminars on provinces? both my parents have health problems.my mom is hypertensive and my dad has this lump below his ear. even before i couldnt convince them to try alternative/natural medicines and so difficult to persuade to go on veggie diet. i do hope u have plans in doing provincial seminars..maybe u could enligthen my parents on the benefits of natural medicines. tnx and Godbless :)

  196. says

    doc tanong kulang po kung ano pong mabisang gamot para po sa ubo kasi halos one week na po akong nag uubo at kapag mag hihinga po akong nang malalim saka po akong inuubo tapos kapag napapagod po ako inuubo rin din mtabang narin po ang aking pang lasa per malakas naman po akong kumain sana po mtulungan nyo po ako sa nararamdaman kung ito maraming salamat doc

  197. ALBERT JOSEPH S. NON says

    HI DR TAM…MY MOTHER IN LAW WAS DIAGNOSED WITH CHRONIC SUBDURAL HEMATOMA AND NEURO OPERATION WAS RECOMMENDED BY NEURO SURGEON IN PGH…THE PATIENT DON’T WANT TO because she is neurologically stable at the moment…the nuero surgeon xplain she’s stable right now because the blood clot outside her brain have not spread yet…her physician advise us to let her drink enzymes because it can help absorb the blood clot to her blood stream..can i ask if u have alternatives medicine with enzymes that can help treat her sickness…please help an advise us..thank you and god bless…

  198. regie says

    good pm po matagal ko na po tinitiis ung pagsakit ng tyan ko minsan makati iniisip ko po bka may parasite po ako na matagal na na nasa tyan ko 30 yrs old po ako nung bata ako lagi akong pinuporga at lagi po may lumalabas din ,gusto ko sana subukan yung natural nyo na paraan pam porga sana matulunganpo nyo ako panu ako makaka bili sa inyo nito thanks po

  199. cherryl b. sagario says

    Good day doc! I want to know how i can purchase this miracle tea and live green of yours. I am living in Cebu City. I happen to have a 15.6mm kidney stone. Makabubuti din po ba sa akin ang mga ito? My mother also was diagnosed of blocked arteries and was so eager also to avail of these products of yours. She is in Bicol. Please let me know how. Thanks!

  200. romy ignacio says

    dr tam.sir gusto ko po sana malaman kung ano ang food na gamot sa high cholesterol at high blood pressure kc gusto ko subukan yung natural way na gulay at prutas lang ang kakainin,thank you sir.

  201. Chery says

    hellp po Dr. Tam ako po si Cheryl at my arthritis po ako for 2 years now… ilang gamot na i take ko and injection also pero it’s not working on me. please help me kong anong hern na good for my bones.. God bless and Thank u

  202. che says

    Hi Dr.Tam..
    I am 32 years old..I am on perotinial dialysis for 2 years now.
    And the doctor told me that both of my kidney is not functioning properly…
    my kidney function is less than 30 percent.
    I watched your show and it give me hope not to undergo a transplant…
    I wanna know if my kidney still go back to normal without transplant?
    please i need your help….

  203. alex roy cruz says

    hi doc.tam i just want to know if what should be the best natural health food for the patient who undergone dialysis.. and stage 5 kidney problem.?can i ask for the responds…thank you … god bless

  204. Len says

    hello, just want to share my mother’s story…she have breast cancer, kasing laki na ng malaking apple ang laki ng bukol sa breast nya, we decided na ipa-mastectomy sya, but when she was at the operating room, her doctor advice us for color ultra sound sa kidney nya dahil may nakitang bukol sa kidney nya after ng ultra-sound. so the surgery didnt happen, and we decided na dalhin sya kay dr. Tam, binigyan sya ng gamot para sa cancer at tea for 10 days, may kamahalan, but it doesnt matter kung gagaling lang naman ang mother namin. After 10 days of taking her medicine given by dr.tam’s assistant, yong balikat nya sa left side where is cancer affected ay naigagalaw na nya, lumambot daw ang bukol at medyo lumiit, as of now, dinoble ang dosage nya at di na ne-require sa mother ko ang surgery dahil maganda respond ng health ng mother ko sa gamot na bigay ni dr. Tam….i’ll update you all sa mga development ng medication ng mother ko kay dr.tam.

  205. DUCUTMANDY says


  206. dani says

    hi doc, may severe gout ho ako and osteoarthritis. May mga bukol na rin ho ako tumubo sa mga daliri and elbow, ano ho ang remedy na maipapayo nyo sa sakit ko. Salamat ho.

  207. Luisito G. Tumanda says

    hi doc, I’m from Davao city, i would like to know if your miracle tea is available here. where can i buy it here if ever?

  208. elizabeth says

    Good pm po doc. tanong ko lang po, kasi sumasakit tyan ko bandang kaliwa. Tapos nagpa-doctor po ako last august 2007, sabi may bukol sa labas ng ovary sa lift side ko. Inupirahan po ako, ang kaso sumasakit parin yong lift side tiyan ko. Every month po sumasakit parin ang tiyann ko. Pina-check-up ko uli, sabi ng obe-gyne okey na man daw ung tinanggalan ng bukol. Doc.? Posible po ba na sa bituka ang may problema? Kasi po pagnaka dighay ako at utot nababawasan yong sakit. Maraming salamat po……… God bless…

  209. TEOFILO M. DUABE says

    wala na po akong ngipin at ayaw ko nang magsuot ng pustiso. ano po ba ang maipapayo ninyo na mabuting pang-agahan, pantanghalian at panghapunan sa katulad ko?
    maraming salamat po.

  210. mardy mortel says

    hi doc tam! ano po ang ibig sabihin nitong result ng ultra sound ko sa pelvic: Prominent ovaries with complex cyst,right,probably endometriotic foci and unilocular cyst left. Minimal Posterior cul de sac fluid. kasi sabi po ng obgyne ko kailangan na daw po akong operaha kaso ang laki po ng magagastos! sana may iba pang paraan na di na kailngan ng operasyon.SANA MATULONGAN NYO PO AKO! SALAMAT PO!

  211. maria teresa says

    good day doc.,3yrs ago lumabas po s ultrasound ko my myoma ako s labas ng matres.di nmn po inalis kc ala p po me ank at di nmn daw ganun kanecessary pra tanggalin..last summer nagpa ultrasound ulit ako kc nakakaramdam ako ng pananakit ng puson..my nakita p rin po s ultrasound..then nagpa ct-scan po ako ala nmn lumabas n myoma s ct-scan ko..ngaun po nakaka experience po ulit me ng pananakit ng puson minsan..taz ngaun lang pong january nakakranas rin me ng pananakit ng tagiliran s left side po.taz minsan parang puno ng hangin tiyan ko..pero pag umutot at dumighay me nawawala n ung bigat ng tyan ko….ano po kya possible n sakit ko..pls.help me po..

  212. jonathan camposano hagad says

    isa po akong adventist taga sorsogon city.pwede nyo po ba akong padalhan ng video kung paano gawin ang mga feeds para ipakita ko sa iba na maencourage kong mag vigetarian sila.salamat po.

  213. jonathan camposano hagad says

    nahiapan po akong umihi.mga 6 times every night at palagi maskit ang baakang ko.uminom na ako ng gamot sa uti.cotrimoxsasol bactrim pero wala pong nangyari.

  214. noel nacisvalencia says

    hi, im a kidney transplant patient, i want to experience natural healing, ano po maipapayo niyo sa akin tungkol dito…. salamat po…..

  215. Dale Katigbak says

    gud eve. po Doc
    May karamdaman po ako paty liver po anong dapat k pong gawin para magamot k po eto sana po matolongan ninyo po k eto po email k po ladramec@yahoo.com maraming salamat po

  216. geranie oral says

    hello po…I’m 43 and was diagnosed of having a 1 cm. myoma and 2 polyps. Last december it caused me so much pain that i was in bed for 3 days; i experienced spotting for more than 10 days before my regular period and my period lasted for 10 days but bleeding is minimal. My ob gyne wanted to do a hysterectomy but i refused. I tried the internet and so far i was educated on my illness; it somehow relieved me of the thought that i’ll die of cancer but i still want to get rid of these myoma and polyps. I did the nuga bed therapy; it relieved me of the pelvic pains i had during menstruation and the heavy bleeding. Now i wanted to try accupuncture to shrink my myoma. Any suggestions on how i can get rid of these from my body without the knife?

  217. Mildred Dogos says

    Dear Doc Tam,

    Doc often times when i wake up in the morning i hear you being interviewed sa Salamat Doc regarding different illnesses na napapagaling ng natural drinks mo, i hope you can help me sa problem ko. My friend was recently diagnosed with Blood Dyscrasia-nos, a blood disorder that could lead to several complications. Is there a way para malinis ang blood nya without taking six (6) different medications that can destroy his liver? is there a diet na pwede nyang sundin? I really need your answer the soonest time possible. thank you and God bless.

  218. Nanette Alcaraz says

    Doc ask ko lang po kasi my problem ako s tiyan ko every month po ngLBM ako mula nung aug 2010 mg uumpisa po sya s pag kulo ng tyan bago kasunod po nun mg LBM n ako ng lose n po ako ng 8 kilos s timbang ko nmayat n po ako. Gusto ko po sana mag avail ng mga gamot nyo kaya lang po bc po ako s trabaho sk malayo po ang clinic nyo pero meron po mga dealer po kayo dito pwede po b kahit s e mail bigay nyo po list ng bibilin ko gamot s inyo sk kung pano po inumin…… Thank u po and God Bless…

  219. tess says

    gud pm po.dr.Tam ask ko lng po sana,kung pano ako maka attend ng seminar nyo gusto ko po malaman kung papano at ano gagawin ko..bothered po isipan ko ngayon kung ano gagawin ko kasi advice po ako ng OB ko tangalin ang left ovary ko at uterus may cyst po kai akosa left ovary nasa 10 cm na ang laki nya at may mayuma din ako sa uterus ko ..at masaklap pa po…hindi sya benign ratio nila na malignat kasi ratio nila ng 14…papano po ba kung mag herbal ako gusto ko maintindihan willing ako mag attend ng seminar..maraming salamat po …God bless

  220. willie says

    gd am po may lupus po ang asawa at na diagnose sya 2006.. may chance po ba na mwala yung mga gamot nya na iniinom kung skali na uminum po sya ng MERACLE TEA and LIVE GREEN

  221. willie says

    Good day Dr.Tam,

    ask ko lang po sana kung magkanu yung live green and miracle tea….

    paki reply na lang po sa email ko…wamendoza182yahoo.com

    maraming salamt po…

  222. jen says

    hi po…ask ko lng po if san ang clinic nyo for consultation…and how much po ang cost ng consultation at ng miracle tea…my mother undergo shoulder pain according to the dr sa ugat daw un so we’ve plan to visit to your your clinic….GODbless

  223. Marjorie Olivarez says

    Dear Dr. Tam,

    I was diagnosed more than a year ago na may gallstones po ako. Maliliit lang po. Pero madalas ko pong nararamdaman ang sakit ng sikmura ko na tumutugon sa likod ko every morning pag bangon ko from bed. Umiinom na lang po ako ng water pag nakaramdam ako ng sakit and after a while nawawala din naman po. I also tried twice na ng gallstones flushing using apple juice and water i know po na malaki ang naitutulong sa akin ng cleansing na to dahil after 4 days po ng cleansing marami po akong nakukuhang gallstones.. Pero sobrang hirap po kasi halos bumaliktad na po ang sikmura ko sa pag inom ng total 8 Gals. of water and apple juice. And since hindi naman po pang lifetime ng maalis ang gallstones kaya atleast every 2 or 3 months kailangan ko pong mag clensing..

    I know meron pa po kayong ibang alternative way para po matulungan akong maalis po ang gallstones ko ng di na need mag-undergo ng operations. Sana po matulungan nyo ako..

    Thank you.

  224. Myles Yadao says

    Dear Dr Tam,

    I heard about you from my mom who is diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, on her behalf I’d like to inquire what are the natural food that would help her. She is very much willing to try this natural healing process if this would be the answer to her struggle.We are planning to buy her juicer but we do not know the right food for her. I hope you can help us by giving us more info.She is now into oral chemo and the maintenance is really expensive.

    Hoping to hear from you soon and more Power !

    can I pls request a reply at muyadao@gmail.com Thanks in advance

  225. says

    Ako po ay laging nanonood ng programang salamat doc.
    Ito ay pra palawakin pa ang aking kaalaman sa mga bgay
    bgay ng ikakabuti ng ating katawan,
    may isa po akong concern, ang mother ko po ay na diagnose na
    may rheumatic heart desease cya, ngayon po gusto ko pong
    malaman kong ano po ang magandang diet para po sa kanya
    sa ngyon po nag mamaintain po cya ng gamot. ang gsto k po sna
    ay maayos nag kanyang diet. salamat po sa magiging kasagutan yon.

  226. harold data says

    dr. sana mta2lungan nyo po ako meron po ako hemorroids maliit lang po gusto ko ng mwla mrami n po akong nainum na gmot ganun pa rin d prin nwala.09273779966 no. ko sna help me..

  227. says

    doc, may gamot ba na orsufok? ksai ung mama ko nag patingin sa doctor lahat ginawa nla ultrasound ect..ang finding may bato rw ang abno nya at kailang upirahan..ang tanong ko, wla bang ibang dapat inumin para matunaw ung bato na sinasabi ng doctor? pls txt me if alm mu ang sagot..this is my # 09213130632 hihintayin ko..thanks and god bless

  228. Marissa Manila says

    Hi Dr. Tam,

    I’m just wondering if you will be giving special offer again this coming Sunday. My mother attended the seminar last Sunday and wasn’t able to avail your tea. We called your office but we’re informed the offer is only for that day. I would like to purchase a tea for her and as well as for myself. I hope to be notified for any discount with regard to your tea.

    Thanks in advance!


  229. Jerry Sartorio says

    Good Evening doc ako po ay may bato sa right kidney 4.2×3.2 cm at 1.1x 0.8cm sa left kidney. at kaylan lang nakita sa blood chemistry ko na high creatinine ako. 1.5 ang normal 1.7 ang sa akin. ang creatinine k ang pinuproblema ko.may pag asa pa po ba na mapababa ang aking creatine? sana po matulungan nyo ako. thank you very much doc.

  230. Cristy Fetalino says

    Hi! Dr Tam gaya ng iba isa rin po ako sa masugid nyong taga subaybay sa guesting nyos sa Salamta Dok,. Last March 14, 2011 i noticed n may ovarian cyst ako. 1.49 cm na at kanan sya, Ano po b pwed kong inumin to cure it. pwede po ba iyong miracle tea?

  231. era t. misagal says

    i will just ask if still theres hope sa sakit nf mother ko. she was diagnose a lung cancer stage 4. what will be going to do. we are from leyte, palompon. pls tell us. thanks.

  232. says

    dr tam ask ko lng po kung magkano po ba ang estimated budget na magagasto kung mag pa consult sa inyo kasi taga bohol po kasi kami at gustong magpa konsulta yong lolo ko sa inyo.. thank you po :)

  233. eli mae says

    doc ask ko po..is there anyway na pwede pa malunasan ang kidney failure ng uncle ng husband ko? the doctors says na ang left kidney nya is totally damaged na…the right kidney is functioning by 22%…kaya pa po ba yan ng naturopahy?? one month po sya nahospitalize sa cebu..then umuwi here in iligan city,4 days later bumalik ulit xa sa hospital…he’s currently in the hospital right now…is there anything we can do??? we badly need your answer doc tam…

  234. Pia says

    Dr. Tam, me ask po ako sa inyo. yugn wife kasi ng officemate ko hindi madetect ng mga doctors ang illness nya. na rule out din ho yung cancer pero patuloy yung pamamayat nya, and right now, inilabas na lang sya ng hospital kasi wala naman pong diagnosis ang mga doctors lumalaki lang ang bill. She was hospitalized sa Makati med, asian hosp., and lastly sa pgh but the doctors can’t find anything. she’s on oxygen now. I hope you could give me some advise on what to do. Salamat po.

  235. jason sabanal says

    magandang umaga po dr. tam mateo ako po c mr jason sabanal 35yrs old married frm cabanatuan city nueva ecija may sakit po ako dilated cardiomyopathy nais ko po sana mag patingin sa yo pwede pa po kaya gumaling sakit ko para ma kapag trabaho uli ako . tnx po GOD BLESS

  236. jason sabanal says

    magandang umaga po dr. tam mateo pki email po kung pwede ako mag pakunsulta tungkol sa sakit ko dilated cardiomyopathy jasonsabanal@yahoo.com cell phone number 09228259367 thanks po GOD BELSS

  237. Josephine Carlos says

    Hello Dr. Tam,

    I’m 31 years old. may dalawang anak ang isa 5 yrs old and ang isa 10 months old po. After 2 days ko pong manganak nag last june i was hospitalized. findings severe eclamsia. last october ma hospital uli ako biglang tumataas ang BP ko. wala pong findings. pina check po ang heart ko, lipid profile, crea, thyroid kidney all are normal. tumaba po kasi ako after ng panganganak, mgayon po ang timbang ko is 65kilos. ang feeling ko po parang may nasirang nerve after I gaving birth. madali na akong mag panic and magnervious. sa ngayon po iniiwasan ko na pong kumain ng meet ng baboy and beef. feeling ko po kasi bumibigat ung katawan ko kaya konti nalng ang kina kain ko po. Dr. gusto ko po maka kuha ng mga sample receipe ninoyo par ma cleans ang system ko.

  238. lilibeth m. bautista says

    hello doc dood morning. tanong ko lng po kung ano po ang pde kong inuming gmot in natural way sa sipon at ubo kong pblik blik mtgal npo ito malapot n mlapit po kc itong plema ko at nhihirapan po akong huminga khit po umiinom ako ng antibiotic ska gmot png ubo prang d ngbbgo .salamat po and godbless..


  239. joy says

    Good day po Dr. Tam,
    Ask ko lang po sana if meron kayong gamot for my mother, currently she’s been diagnosed of stage IV chronic gastritis with metastasis to liver & pancreas. She’s being feed thru jejunuscopy tube as a prevention kung mag clog-up napo yung aesophagus nya. Medyo weak po cya but alam naming mga anak she wanted to be cured, there’s hope na makikita mo sa kanya at gusto sana rin namin na humaba pa ang buhay nya. Sana your miracle products can help my mother. Pls. po enlighten us anong gamot ang pwde nyong mairecommend para sa kanya pati pagkain po nya. She’s using peptamen now as her sole full diet meal every 2 hrs.

    Sana po matulungan nyo kami.
    Awaiting for your response.

    Contact no.: 09213178360

  240. jerelyn says

    matagal na po ako nag hanap ng solusyon kc po ang asawa ko po ang my mababa ang sperm count ang total sperm count niya is 11.2 million lng.ang over all motility is 41 percent…gusto ko na po mag ka anak kami.. ano pong herbal ang kakainin nya?or saan kmi makabili ng product ninyo..dito po kami sa zamboanga city…

    jerelyn ferrer..

  241. says

    hi dr tam ,my name is velda taga oriental mindoro, working in uk at the moment ,napanood ko po sa salamat doc ,ang about your product ,ako po ay may gallstones daw ,at nakatakdang operahan pero takot po ako sa operasyon ,dahil diabetic ho ako ,sana ay matulongan po ninyo ako,paano po kaya ako makakabili ng product ninyo,pls.gusto ko po bumili ng live green at tea,

  242. marilyn santos says

    Good day po Dr Tam,

    Napanood po nmin sa slamat doc nung june 12,2011ung patient nyong mag ina na ung anak ay may gallstone…Kc po ang asawa q po ay my gallbladder stone po,2 times po kmi nagpa-ultrasound sa magkaibang hospital pero pareho po ang result ng mga ultrasound..At pareho din po ng findings ung mga doctor na tumingin sa knya,need na daw po nyang mag paopera kso ho wla ho kming sapat na pera pang opera at nata2kot din po ang asawa q…kapag ho inaatakeho sya ng sakit nanla2mig ho sya at nagsu2ka ng prang bula ho ata un..At sakit na sakit ho sya na prang gusto na nyang sumuko sa sobrang sakit..talaga hong nami2lipit sya sa sakit..Magkno ho ba ung gamot nyo para sa may gallbladder stone?Sna po masagot nyo po ung katanungan q,,salamat ho..


  243. says

    good day po”kasi po may sakit po ako sa bato 6mm n daw po gusto ko sana subukan yun miracle tea san po ba makabili non dito po ako malapit sa novaliches sana matulongan nyo ako.

  244. cindy says

    hello po, ano po ba ang gamot sa high cholesterol na 310 at high blood pressure at saan po makakabili nito.ano po ba mapapayo mo dok?

  245. gerry catalla says

    good morning,
    i had my angiogram 2 days ago, they saw 4 blockages in my arteries . 1 totally blocked, 1 severely blocked and 2 80 % blocked they advised me to have a bypass surgery w/in six months, but i cannot afford it. Can i depend on the naurapathic way to declog my arteries, can i go to your clinic for a second opinion?
    Thank you

  246. Regina says

    Good PM po pde po ba uminom ng Live Green ang lola ko madalas po kasing mamaga ang mga tuhod nya nagkakaroon po ng tubig ganun din po ako madalas mamanhid ang mga kamay ko saan po ako pwedeng bumili at magkano napanood ko po kasi sa salamat Doc

  247. VIctor Belmin Jr says

    napanood ko po sa salamat dok ung meracle tea & live green. san po ba pwd makabili dito sa bicol area???

  248. Alaiza S. Layug says

    Good morning Dok Tam ,para po sa asawa ko karamdaman, anu po kaya ang mabisang cleansing ng fatty liver and enlargement of the heart,? at angmabisang maintenance cleaning habit para sa mom ko na survivor sa mayoma cancer, nadiagnos sya 2002 na meron cancer sa matris and at ntotal restrectomy na cya , and tinaningan ng 5 mos noon , pero she survive pero ngayon po may nararmdaman na namn cya, with other complications like eczema, and heart, ano po kaya gagawin ko ? please advice me , ano po ang mabisang remedy?

    thank you po God Bless You

  249. Eddie C. Caranzo says

    Hi Dr. Tam,
    I am from T. Sora and presently working here at Saipan.
    I am presently having some problem with my stomach aching as well as my back numbness. I was suspecting that this was due to some kidney’s stone as I had this problem before way back 1997 and was taken by means of lithotripsy but I was afraid to have stone removal or operations since I am diabetic now. Pls. advise me of what herbal medicines could I take from your healthline products.

  250. uziel says

    halu po…pwede magtanung ng.p.urinalysis po ako.. ang result po ay 7-10 ang pus ko… ano po ang ibig sabihin n? salamat po and saan po ako mkbili ng inyong gam8 against any type of cancer na taga.cdo po ako…

  251. uziel says

    halu po…pwede magtanung ng.p.urinalysis po ako.. ang result po ay 7-10 ang pus ko… ano po ang ibig sabihin n? salamat po and saan po ako mkbili ng inyong gamot
    against any type of cancer na taga.cdo po ako…

  252. Judy J. Mendoza says

    Dear Dr. Tam,
    Ang anak ko po ay nagkasakit na tb pneumonia nalaman for namin kasi nagsuka ng half glass na dugo. Naawa ako sa anak ko kasi graduating sya this school year BS accountancy po ang kurso, ano ba ang dapat na kainin, binigyan sya ng medication for tuberculosis hanggang february 2012. Tulungan mo po ako Dr. Tam kung ipkain ko sa kanya na mabilis syang maka recover.

    Maraming Salamat,


  253. says

    may high blood po ang papa ko ano po ang mga natural na pagkain at gamot ang pwede nya i -take? taga polomolok south cotabato po ako sana matulungan nyo ako…..

  254. lyn says

    nag pa check po ako sa hospital at tinukoy na may mayoma po akona bukol sa may ovary pero di pa po ma confirmed kung cancerous o hindi ? ano po ang magandang herbal medicine para makatulong po sa aking condition. Hindi pa naman po ako nakakaramdam ng sakit pero ayoko na pong mauwi pa sa ganon kasi 4 po ang aking anak e. Thanks po in advance.

  255. Ma. Teresa R. Estriba says

    dear dr. tam,

    I am from Tacurong City, Mindanao also an Adventist..We always view ur episode po sa salamat doc.gusto ko po irefer ang case ng fader ko hu was diagnosed 2 weeks ago of Squamose Lung Carcinoma (Lung Cancer) stage 3 and advised to be treated with chemo therapy and radiotherapy. pero nagkakaroon po kami second thought kasi he’s 69 y.o na po and we doubt if makaya nya ang after-effects ng chemo. so we would like to go wid alternative medicine like what you are doing with the rest na napagaling po ninyo through your products. Maxado po kaming malayo to be able to let you see him personally..so wat po gamot bagay sa kanya??pano po kami makaavail at ano po mga bawal nyang kainin???doc we stil want him to enjoy his life wid us for the coming years, so pls. help us….we want to save his life and we hope that his soul as well as my mother’s and siblings will also be saved through you…my husband and I wanted them to be in our folds kahit sa pamamagitan po ninyo…we hope youll respond to our call…okay din po ba product ninyo for my mother na on dialysis po 1 a week???Godbless po and may more lives be saved through you..

    Tess Estriba of Tacurong CIty, mindanao

  256. luz g lao says

    isa po akung ina, 53 yrs old, may problema po ako sa aking kalusogan, highblood po ako, palagi po mataas LDL ko. nag treadmill test po ako, at ang advice ng dr. ko mag pa audiogram po ako at kung my bara ang puso ko mag pa andioplasti daw ako dr. sobra pong mahal ang andio di ko po alam kung makakayanan ko po ang budget, ano po ang herbal na puede k pong inumin, God Bless po sana marami ka pang may karamdaman na mapagaling


    luz g lao of bulacan

  257. beng mangibin says

    my sister is diagnozed with myoma sa uterus, at the same time meron din pong high blood and mataas po ang sugar level if possible ayaw nyang mg paopera ano po ang recommended herbal medicine para rito.
    tnx. beng mangibin

  258. says

    concern lang po ako s kaibigan ko kasi meron po siyang sakit na hindi ko po maipaliwanag.meron po kasi siyang chronic bad breath, mahirap lang po kasi itong sabihin sa kanya ng harapan.mga ilang taon na rin po ito,ng mapanood ko po kayo sa salamat dok nagbakasakali ako na baka matulungan nyo po ang kaibigan ko.sa pagkakaalam ko po ok naman ang oral hygeine nya, ano po kayang sakit nya? at meron po ba kayong mai-rerecommend sa kanya na gamot? meron rin po siyang almoranas. sana po matulungan nyo ang kaibigan ko tnx.

  259. says

    gud pm po..ask ko lang po if meron kayong marecomend na pedeng inumin ng may hepa-b…pls paki email na lang po ako…thank you..

  260. nerli....049 says

    Doc…am from Olongapo where can i get your Live Green and Miracle tea..can this cure..i have blood in my urine and also mataas ang Uric Acid ko…

  261. Jay says

    Hi, I just want to know how much yung consultation fee ni Dr Tam. Kc I’m planning to visit his clinic by next week. Also, anyone from here ang may alam ng updated price ng Miracle Tea at Live green products ni Doc Tam? Pag Sunday ba namimigay ba sya ng discounted price? Please let me know. Thanks. My cel num is 0926-1026-799.

  262. mae says

    GOOD DAY!!!
    doc,gusto ko lang po itanong kong meron kayong ma i recomend na inumin sa mama kong my hepa b..at noon na diagnosed po din xia na my bato sa gallbladder..tapos my diabetes at hypertension xia..ung papa ko naman my DM,hypertension at gout..gusto ko po sanang d na cla uminom ng mga gamot at ang natural na product nyo ang gusto kong ipainom sa kanila..im from mindanao(surigao city)kya gusto ko sanang itanong kong ano ang mas pinakamadali na paraan pra makabili kmi nyan.at ask ko din po kong magkano ung mga price ng product nyo…napanood ko po kau sa salamat dok at rated k.kaya ko nahanap ang site na to..maraming salamat po,hintayin ko po ung reply nyo sa email ko..God bless

  263. Goyet G. Pinca says


    Sir may coronary artery disease po ako 3 vessel po an angioplasty po ako pero i artery kasi totally clogged na daw yong 2. Ano gamot ang mabibigay u sakin? salamat

  264. SDK says

    Dear Dr. Tam,
    I have undergone hepatitis test and the result is negative except AHBC (positive).
    What does it mean? is this serious? and what sort of natural medication can you recommend for this type.

    Thank you doctor Tam and more power to you and your entire staff.

  265. nartea,belen lira says

    dear doc tam
    may gout po ako diabetes at high blood presure.kasalukuyan ako nag maintance ng diabetes/high blood at pang palabnaw ng dugo.lagi akong nanood ng salamat doc.sana pwede kami makabali ng mga gamot kahit nandito kami sa ibang bansa.pwede bang malaman kung papano ang sestema mag pakunsulta kahit by phone at kung bibili kami ng gamot para makarating dto.

  266. says

    dr tam good day po, ask ko lang po kung ano pong dapat kung inumin po para ma cure tong hika ko hirap na hirap na po ako. di na po ako makakalakad ng malayo kasi po hinihingal po ako. pati sa pagtulog. mayron po bang gamot po ito. salamat po pls help me. god bless

  267. oliver says

    magandang araw doc anu po bang produkto mo ang kailangan ko para maayos ang prob ko sa puso,, high blood din ako, anu ang kailngan kung bilihin, lagi ako bumabagsak sa ecg, pero pasado ako sa treadmill test, wala naman daw ako prob, nag me maintenance po ako ng losartan at amiodarone ngaun, 33 yrs old po ako

  268. gina g moises says

    my son abraham 3 years old diagnose that all his large intestine have polyps, has hospitalize 5 times and they said that its inborn. now his having a problems regarding his bowel everyday. its 2 or 3 days. and i always put dulcolax on his anus. Im worried because if i will not put dulcolax on his anus he will not having his bowel everyday. please help need your advice asap

  269. Mae of negros oriental says

    Goodday…doc ask ko lang po kung ang polyps s gallbladder is need of operation kc minsan pag naooverfeed ako bumabalik po s bunganga ko. Gusto ko po sana manghingi ng advise kung ano po ang nararapat ko pong gawin…thank u very much

  270. noel says

    Hi Doc.
    Good Afternoon.
    Tanong ko lang po kung anong natural na gamot para sa epilepsy, at kung ano po ang maiaadvise nyo.
    Maraming Salamat Po.
    God Bless

  271. maricris says

    My sister is suffering from a colorectum cancer stage IV. Her doctor advice her of going into chemotherapy which all members of the family refuses, since we are aware of its side effects. Ano po ang magandang pamamaraan para magamot sya? She is very young at kakasal pa lang po nya. She wanted po na gumaling at humaba pa ang buhay nya. sana po hindi pa huli ang lahat ng makikilala po namin kayo. We are very thankful po that you could help us. God Bless po.

  272. shella says

    dear doc tam,
    i saw you on tv on salamat dok..you have a patient with a similar case to my mom..she is a kidney patient and she is recommended for dialysis with a creatinine level of 6.5mg/dl..my mom is diabetic, with high cholesterol & triglyceride levels..she has been a diabetic for more than ten years and doctors said na complication daw s pagiging diabetic nya ang pagka sira ng kidney nya…she is also a stone former particularly uric stones in her kidneys..sana po ay matulungan nyo kami…ano po bang ma i suggest nyo na diet para s kanya? yung nakita nmin s tv bumaba po yung creatinine ng one of your patients matapos nya sundin yung cleansing diet na binigay nyo..salamat po!

  273. Raygina says

    Doc Tam good day po!

    My husband & I were married for 6 years (April 22, 2006). I was 33 & he was 34 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS last Jan. 2007 and I have my continuous medication with my Ob-gyne, in fact papalit palit napo ako ng OB-gyne, my OB now was most focused sa mga Infertility cases like me, she recommends me to undergo Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) last March & April 2012 but sad to say I was not able to conceive. My husband’s sperm morphology & count is also a bit low. May brother highly recommends us to visit your office to check on your lecture and to try your herbal medicine, medyo mabigat din po kasi yung cost ng mga medicine na iniinom ko. Please advise po if ano po yung herbal medicine na pwede po naming I take, sa akin po for being Polystic and to my husband to improve his sperm morphology & count. Nagkaka edad na po kasi kame kaya medyo naghahabol na din po. Sana po kayo na ang maging way para mag ka baby na din po kami. Thank you po in advance !!

  274. says

    Good pm po… I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cyst with 3.5cm na po. Kaya po kayang gamutin ng naturaphatic po ang sakit ko doc…..
    tnx po….

  275. rufel says

    hello dok,ask q lng po kung ano po,kya pede gmot sa bukol ng mother q sa liver,mga 5cm npo ang laki nya,ask q lng q qng pa2alis po b un d po kya mksama sa knya un,kc medu may edad npo xa,pero mlkas pa po nmn xa,ano po kya mganda nming gwin gusto po nmin mg pa konsulta sa inu kso medu mlau po kmi nsa province po kmi sa mindoro,tulungan nu po aq dok f kylngan po tlga mg pa consult sa inu willing po kmi pumunta sa clinic nu.salamat po dok..pls po help us po,e2 po cp # 09397730923…

  276. doreen Bantugan says

    hello po doc, yung mama ko po kasi nagkaroon po ng inflammation ung sa loob ng esophagus niya .may nkita pong parang bukol. ask lng po niya , ano po dw ang mga herbal medicines na pwde nya pong itake? as for now hndi pa po namin sure kung ano yung bukol pero sabi dw po. cancerous daw po ung bukol na nkita. hndi po makakain ang mama ko kasi po sinusuka niya yung kinakain nya po.ano po ang dpat na itake na alternative medicine ng mama ko po? plss! I need an answer po.

  277. aina mei says

    dear dr. tam
    gud day po. my dad s diagnosed of colorectum cancer stage IV only a week ago. we wnted hm 2 stay longer wd us jz as he wanted. he eats a litle of peaches every 4 hrs now. sana po matulungan niyo kmi pra mapagaan ang knyng klagayan. thank you very much and
    Godbless po.

  278. j. luteria says

    May nakitang 10cm na bukol sa right lungs ng father at multiple sa left lungs. Ang sabi ng doktor stage iv na po daw. Nasa osptital pa sya ngaun dahl tinanggal ung tubig sa lungs. Kailangan ba namin syang isama sa clinic nyo para ma check-up. Ang advise kasi nung attending physician e chemotheraphy. 72 yrs. old na po father ko at medyo humina na resistensya nya kaya nagdadalawng isip kami na mag pa chemo o cobalt sya. Baka d na nya kayanin ung pain.Sana po matulungan nyo kami.

  279. bella dacutanan says

    hi doc ..ang anak ko po ay 13 yrs old na diagnose po sya ng type 1 diabitis..sa ngaun po nag insulin na po ,ano po ang makakatulong na herbal product nyo please email or text me at saan po mabibili mahirap po kasi pumunta sa pasig gusto ko po maturuan nyo ako thru email thanks po

  280. joann bohol says

    may diabetis po ang asawa q at bato sa bato anu pong herbal ang pwde sa kanya at anu pong paraan ng pagkaen ang dapat nyang sundin

  281. myrna stacy says

    dear dr tam,
    Good day po…under protocol po ako at makikita ninyo ang record ko diyan..meron po akong nodule mayoma at 3po ito ang isa ay 7.2com at ang dalawa ay 5.2 at 4.7cm na po…bale naka limang liquid ca na po ako at inusunod ko lahat ng nakasaad sa protocol khit late na sa time basta nagagawa ko pung inumin lahat nakasaad doon…
    sang sabi po nia it takes 6 month na macure ko at dapat ko pa bang ituloy lahat ang ininum ko katulat ng goldean seal at female form at CA form.pls paki reply naman po ako sa email na nakasaad dito..at ask ko lng po bakit sumasakit pa rin ang puson ko wala po akong bleeding…dapat po wala na sakit kasi almost 2 months na ako gumagamit…dito po ako sa hong kong ngayon at nagwowowrk ko..maraming salamat

  282. rowela branson says

    ako po ay high blood at mataas ang cholesterol ko at may myoma po..saan po nakakabili ng nga products nio po kasi nasa san diego po ako at ask ko lang din po kung ano mo gamot sa psoriasis?tenks po

  283. roseben says

    doc may saket po ang father ko sa prostate cancer marami na po kami napuntahan na doctor at marami narin po sila binigay na medicine pero sabi po nila wala na po
    ng lunas…lage po sumasaket ang katawan niya minsan d narin po makatayo…doc anu po kaya ang maganda namin na gawin o gamot na puwede para po humaba pa po ang life ng father ko dahil sabi ng doctor wala na raw po lunas pero d po kami nawawalan ng pag asa..thanks po

  284. rizalina says

    i want to drink your herbal medicine you can send by corier im in dubai and how much in your miracle tea and live green thanks po

  285. sugar says

    Dr. I’ve heard so much about ur products and I am very eager to try them.I would like to go to manila to attend ur seminar on sunday, august 19. can you give me a prominent place nearby ur exact location. sorry am from tuguegarao city and i am not familiar in pasig… thanks a lot!

  286. Arnold Donato says

    Mayroon po akong muscle pain sa likod ng binti sa kaliwa, halos 1 month na ito, umiinom ako ng dyclogesic sa gabi nawawala sya pero paglipas ng bisa ng gamot bumabalik din. ngayon po ang pain ay umaakyat na sa hita ko. anu po ba ang herbal medicine na gamot dito, nasa saudi po ako takot naman akong magpasaksak ng pain reliever, mas gusto ko po kung herbal o ipinapahid sa parteng masakit, sana po magkaroon ng kasagutan ito, salamat po God Bless You

  287. Arnold Donato says

    Yung Asawa ko nagpatingin sya sa doktor at sinabi sa kanya na mataas ang kanyang sugar 300 (blood sugar) namamanhid po dati ang kanyang mga hinlalaki sa paa at labi, ngayon po sya ay nag-iinsuline for 3 months, tanong ko lang po kung anung gulay o herbal medicine ang kailangan ng mrs ko para bumaba ang sugar nya, takot po kc sya sa mga gamot dahil baka magka side effect sa internal organ 42 yrs old, 77 kilos sya

  288. jerry Jordan says

    Dr. Tam,
    Yung pong inaanak ko ay may asthma, regular po syang nag ne nebulizer, 4 years old lang sya,, meron po bang alternative na herbal medicine na pwede s kanya,,salamat po

  289. James Rivera says

    hi Dr. Tam Im here in riyadh saudi arabia, can u ship this products here thanks please replys Godspeed

  290. Christian A says

    Is your free consultation on appointment basis? Do i need to bring my father who has stage4 Lung C or is it alright if I just let you see the Histopathology readings? He is in Davao.

  291. Leticia Gonzales Aluyon says

    Gud pm po, Dr. Tam. I was referred by your inaanak, si Noel Cruz, puntahan ko raw kayo, para raw matulungan ninyo ako. Me stage III breast cancer po ako, since Nov. 2007. Puro vegetables & fruit juicing lang po ako. Pero lumaki po ang bukol ngayon 2012. Baka kaya mali po ang mga gulay na naii-juice ko dito sa Pinas. Pls. help me Dr. Tam. Ty po.

  292. Ruby says

    Dear Dr.Tam, im here in Dubai, i would like to try your procedures on healing my sickness. How can i avail ur products. meron po b kyo supplier d2 s Dubai? pls reply soon.


  293. Mary Grace Cruz says

    Good day po Doc Tam. May PCOS po ako. Ano po dapat kainin na gulay at prutas para po babalik sa normal ang aking menstruation at magkaroon po ako ng chance na mabuntis. thanks po.

  294. jennifer conejos says

    Good evening po! ang tatay ko po klangan po idialysis.Mataas po kasi creatinine nia.Ayaw po nmin kasi baka po may iba pang paraan.May magagawa pa po ba kayong paraan sa pagpapababa ng creatinine?

  295. carlo serdeña says

    hello po, im 21 y/o i got sick easily and i have a swelling lymph in the right side of my neck for 5 months already. What should i do? What raw foof or vege should i eat? Please help,

  296. vivien l. kim says

    good day po my outlet po b kayo dito sa baguio? n pwedeng pagkunan ng product nyo po pls. reply soon maraming pong salamat..

  297. maley sanchez says

    Gud pm po doc tam, may fibrocystic disease po ako, ano po ang herbal product nyo ang pwede sa akin para matanggal to, magkano po?

  298. Aimee Joy M. Austria says

    hello doc, gud day po my pcos po ako polystic ovarian syndrome po. hingi po ako ng advises sa inyo kung ano ang healing remedy po kasi gusto ko po talaga magka baby na kami ng husband ko soon. maraming salamat po and God bless upon you.

  299. Joan of Mandaue City says

    Good am Doc Last 2005 na ospital ako dahil lumaki ang tonsil ko left and right pero hanggang ngayon hindi na lumiit ang right side. ang napansin ko na effect is halos every month my singaw ako pero pinaka worse is my tumutubo sa my ankle ko na maliliit na bukol din pag nawala na maitim na scar ang natitira tpos tubo uli pataas na. Sabi ng derma baka dahil daw ito sa namamaga kung tonsil. Wala po akong pang opera at natatakot ako sa operation mismo until naalala ko ang herbal medicine nyo doc. Sana matulungan nyo ako.. available po ba ang miracle tea dito sa Cebu? Salamat..

  300. Evelyn Jardinico says

    Dear Dr. Tam,

    May mother and I will come home to the Philippines on March 14, 2013. We both would like to see you for consultation. My mother is 87 and I am 62 yrs. old. We both have heart and high blood problems. Also I’m diabetes. We’d like to see you for help and advice for a possible natural healing as we’ve been hearing the power of your natural herbs.

    Where shall we go where is your office? We appreciate very much if you could direct us to whom we can contact even before we arrive.

    Thank you so much.


  301. says

    salam doc diabetic po ako and me kidney stones ano po herbal products nyo ang pwede sa akin im from iloilo city plz reply naman po tnx and god bless

  302. arlene cuison says

    gud am doc tam.. ako poy may fatty liver ano po pwede kng gawin or alternative pra matangal ang fatty liver ko po.. ngtra2baho po ako d2 s saudi arabia.. salamat po

  303. Lina Bañez says

    My husband, 68 yrs old will undergo operation on his larynx. This time it will bo removed. at first, he had laryngosphy with biopsy last Nov. 2011. The doctor removed the tumor, stage 1 cancer and had 33 days of radiation theraphy. He lost again his voice last January 2013, had laryngosphy with biopsy, again the it was found out to be cancerous stage 1b. At first only the left larynx was affected, now the right side is partly affected too. The doctors suggested to removed the left and partly affected larynx, but my husband said rather than it may recur again after one year better to remove all. As of now we are still looking to borrow money with least interest as both of us are jobless already. The house where we live is the only property that we have. Please help me on my problem because I don’t want also my husband to lost his voice as well as our home. Thank you LDB

  304. aidel marin says

    dok may hepatitis b po ako hbsag reactive, ano pong alternative medicine po ang dpt kong inumin. napanoon ko po sa salamat dok ung gumaling sa hepa c, sa kaso ko po kaya maging nonactive po kaya ito. please help me po dok tam..

  305. ana says

    Gud am po, Dr. Tam. My husband has been on hemodialysis for more than four years already, me pag-asa pa ba na gumanda o ma revive ang kidneys niya? ano po kaya ang pwede gawin? please do advice… thanks

  306. says

    doc,6 mos. na po naoperahan ang asawa ko sa kidney.tinanggalan po sya ng stone na napakalaki.recently,tumaas na naman po ang pus cells nya sa urinalysis and it turned out na may stone na naman sa kabilang kidney nya.gusto po sana naming umattend ng free seminar nyo.we’re from taal,batangas.mga magkano po kaya ang dapat naming ihanda kung bibili kami ng mga products nyo?at magkano po ba ang consultation fee?nasa average lang po kase ang kinikita namin kaya nagtatanong po muna kami para mapaghandaan.salamat po.

  307. Rene Aguilar says

    Good Day po Doc. Tam.. I just want to know if there is an alternative means (naturopathy) and non-surgical procedure to cure Syringomyelia? My younger sister (38 yrs old) was diagnosed nd suspected to have syringomyelia. Namamanhin ang kanyang mga daliri, especially on the right hand. Also, naapekuhan na rin ang kanyang paglalakad at medyo hinihila nya ang kanyang right legs (when walking). Also, according to a cirophractor, medyo may dis-alignment din po siya sa spine. Okey lang po bang ipa-undergo namin siya ng ciroprhactic session – to further align her spine?

    Kindly advise us kung may non-invasive procedure to cure such syrinx.

    Thank you very much.

    -rene Aguilar

  308. Rene says

    Hi Dr. Tam,
    Gusto ko po meet kayo and mag-consult regarding my small intestine cancer (Adenocarcinomas). na-tangal na po yun tumor. gusto ko po i-try ang alternative healing po ninyo versus chemotheraphy

  309. Eulogio jr says

    Gud pm po doc,isa po akong ofw d2 sa taiwan my gastritis po aq anu pong herbal product nyo na pwde skin at pwde po b aq magpadeliver d2 sa taiwan?thanks a lot

  310. Erika says

    Hi Doc Tam,

    I would like to visit you for consultation. Experienced bleeding when I poop since late 2009. I ignored this since might be usual constipation. My bowel is thin and since last year many observed pumapayat ako even if I have same food intake. Last late 2009 obgyne told me I have 1cm pcos and prescribed me to take diane for a year but did not comply after a month of using coz of palpitations. Could this be related? Please reply at email. Thanks

  311. Edna says

    Good morning ! I just would like to ask on what is the best cure for your products that you would recommend for my daughter age 26 who has hepatomegaly with mild fatty liver with infiltrative changes. We were referred to consult a gastroenterologist but haven’t gone yet. I happened to see you always on TV. Hope you could give me a reply on this query since i pity my daughter who is in pain always .

    Thank you

    Thank you.5(

  312. maria says

    do you ship to the US?I have PCOS and trying to get pregnant..i am hoping that the miracle tea would help. Thank you.

  313. joy says

    Gud day doc..pwede po b magpadeliver ng miracle tea? No time po kc 2 go to ur store/clinic.tnx

  314. mary cawaing says

    Dear doc tam,
    ako po ay masugid na tagasubaybay ng inyong segment sa salamat doc sa abs cbn. gusto ko po sana magattend ng seminar nyo sa maynila pero hindi po ako mkapabyahe dahil meron po akong anak na special child. gusto do pong subukan gumamit ng product nyo na live green. wala po bang office dito sa baguio city na pwedeng malapitan para malaman kong mabuti kung paano gamitin yong live green na yon. ako po ay may hypertension at gusto ko rin subukan ang alternative na gamot nyo. pwedeng pkiemail po sa akin kung ano po ang mabuti kong gawin. salamat po and God bless

  315. dvguarino says

    my wife was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.She had MRM & completed 8 sessions of chemoteraphy.She was advised to undego Herceptin for 12 months which we cant afford.Pls help us with any sugestions.Maraming salamat po.Mabuhay po kayo.

  316. Isidro R. Ilagan says

    good day po doc gusto ko pong humingi ng apointment sainyo para sa cancer ng tatay ko cacer po niya ay sa may tumbog at may nakuhang mga bukol sa bitoka ang kalahati po non ay namamaga na.ang gusto ng doctor dito sa amin ay upirahan,nagka sundo napo kami magkakapatid na di upirahin kasi nga po ay may idad na. 84 years old napo sya.dipo kami sa VICTORIA ORIENTAL MINDORO

  317. judith amores says

    hi doc tam,
    I’m 48 yrs old and I think I’m already in menopause stage. I feel like ang dami kong sakit. Please help me.
    I live in Bohol province how will I send my payment and how can I be assured that I will get my orders? I would like to try your miracle tea.
    Thanks a lot and I will be expecting a reply from you. God bless.

  318. chiz says

    dr. im 28 yrs. old, merun po akong pcos polycystic ovary syndrome… gusto na po naming mag ka baby ng asawa ko… advise po anung magandang inumin at kainin ko para mabuntis ako..lagi na din akong nag papacheck up sa oby. pls message nyo po ako sa email ko.thank you

  319. says

    Doc, ano po ba gamot dito as per below fyi. Ngayon lang nakuha ung results worried po kami. Paki reply naman po asap.

    Maraming salamat po.

    The endometrium is thickened and hyperechoic with few cystic spaces, R/O endometrial pathology. There are several cystic spaces within the cervical stroma suggestive of nabothian cysts. The right ovary is cystic thin walled anechoic as mesured, consider follicular cyst.

    DIAGNOSIS: Slightly enlarged anteverted uterus with thickened endometrium
    R/O endometrial pathology
    Cervix, nabothian cysts
    Consider right follicular cyst
    Left ovary not visualized
    Suggest hysteroscopy


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