Bathing with tawas (alum) and sea salt

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These days my brother is not allowed to bathe with soap or shampoo.  Not one of those blasted chemical laden, body polluting stuff.  If it has SLS, it is bad for you.  The healthy person can absorb these bad chemicals and process them, but not my currently sick brother.

I called Doc Gerry Francisco for help about this current infection and he recommends bathing in tawas.  You got that right, alum.  You buy from the wet market several rocks of alum.  Mash them and have the alum melt in hot water.

As hot as the patient can stand, bathe with the alum filled water.

Another variation is to add one handful of sea salt.  So that is 1 pail of water + 1 rock of alum / tawas + 1 handful of sea salt. Bathe with this only, then towel dry.  This is a body disinfectant.

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