Surprise! Raw goat testicles taste great!

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This morning we did our Saturday morning shopping and I bought goat liver, heart and kidneys, plus 2 kilos of goat meat and I added lastly, goat testicles.

I’m glad I got the goat testicles.  This lunch time I was having raw goat meat dipped in raw goat liver pate.  But then I added the goat testicles.  Then wow!  Raw goat testicles taste great!

In, a guru I respect says eating glands of animals results in benefits for your own glands.   So does this mean my reproductive organs get to benefit?  He he he, I will report here with a comment if I notice anything funny down there.

If you have never tried raw animal foods, try it.  It will save your life some day.  Try it, because raw animal foods taste great.  I know raw goat tastes wonderful.

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  1. says

    I can’t wait for your report of the results! They taste great?

    I do believe that if a gland or organ needs healing, eating the corresponding animal parts will provide the body with what it needs to heal itself.


  2. Paul George says

    WTF who eat goat testicles? you don’t see ppl eating frog balls or bull testicles ewww if you eat them its like you’re eating their life juice and their sperm is gonna be all inside you and you could get pregnant without protection and give birth to a hybrid beast a sort of unfantastic Faun or wtvr…half man, half goat flipper mutant children…

  3. Amy Hagyard says

    You are all sick bastards – goat testicles !!!
    Has anyone tried goat anus – mmmm slippery when wet and taste like shit!!!!

  4. Altaf Gaffar says

    Hey man its good. U should try it. Boil them and in milk and add sugar Then ROCK,.

  5. Amber says

    yes people eat animal nuts, some states even have what they call testicle festivals where they have lots of fried calf or bull, sheep and big nuts, though it may sound nasty they really are not bad well cooked that is I won’t be trying them raw.

    the testicle part isn’t nasty

    I saw on the news a couple days ago that the new energy drink is called stud shots, yes that is what it is, it is shot glasses filled with horse semen and people line up and do pay money to take a shot of this stuff, they say young men love it for the extra potein and elderly people like it as well say it really isn’t bad, but no I will not be buying that !!!!!!!

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