Was looking for Ultra Phos Liquid and bought Super Phos instead

I was inspired by Dr. Kenneth Sutter’s book the Natural Healing Paradigm and thought, maybe 20+ liver flushes wasn’t enough for me.  Maybe I’m missing something by not doing a different kind of liver flush.  Dr Sutter prefers the coke + lemon + olive oil + ultra phos + apple cider method of liver flushing.

I remember my friend Jackie showed me her bottle of Super Phos.  I thought that was Ultra Phos.  I called up Dr. Dy Liacco and passed by his house in La Vista this afternoon.  I got Super Phos instead.  It seems to be basically the same thing.  Dilute in apple juice.  Hmmm…. apple juice is much easier for me to come by than apple cider.  I buy either Ceres or Harvey Fresh because these are pressed straight into juice… not from concentrate… pure.  And they are not American products… most american apple juice I see are cheap blends… from concentrate cheap stuff.

So tomorrow I begin my 3 day apple juice drinking.  Not a fast.  Just 1 liter of apple juice per day with Super Phos dissolved in it.  And by friday evening I do the coke + lemon + olive oil liver flush as described by Dr. Kenneth Sutter in http://www.curemanual.com/blog/2008/10/dr-sutters-olive-oil-coke-lemon-liver-flush/

I’m expecting different results with this different kind of liver flush.  I dream of being a Superman when my liver is 100%.  With my raw paleolithic diet… the future is bright.

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