Malnutrition, Primary Complex Cure Plan for my 8 year old son

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Now that all the diagnostics have been done. We are convinced that there are several problems identified with our 8 year old boy that needs solving. Stunted growth, he is 8 years old and looks like 6. External symptoms show skin lesions like “galis” and a rough spot on his lower right arm. He is not coughing because I’ve been strict with diet with everything organic and limited foods to meat, fruits, rice and some vegetables.

Multiple healers have seen my boy: Dr. Divina Hey Gonzales the anthroposophic and homeopath, Jimmy Dy-Liacco, Vander Gaditano, Dr. Bien Castro the Dorn and Energy Healer. Divina’s observation says primary complex, Jimmy Dy-Liacco’s muscle testing says primary complex and large intestine polyps, Vander says malnutrition and lack of physical development needs shouting to the top of his lungs, Bien says malnutrition needs appetite enhancer and his nervous system and skeletal systems have been aligned.

To you vaccination adherents… this boy is our eldest and at that time we were as western medicine brainwashed as the common horde, we had this boy given all the vaccinations required to the letter as the pediatrician wanted on schedule before the age of 2. This boy got his BCG vaccinations allegedly for the prevention of tuberculosis. No surprise now… our boy is sick with tuberculosis… the BCG did not work, in fact the vaccination may have brought the tuberculosis germs to my boy.

So here is a plan I’ve formulated to solve this primary complex problem:

1. Sun bathing topless as much as possible.

2. Follow the Oregano Oil protocol against tuberculosis by putting some oil beneath his nose. See

3. Eat raw bloody meat everyday including raw beef blood, I will buy fresh every other day feed him both totally raw and seared for 10 seconds. See

4. Get raw cow’s milk and raw carabao milk and incorporate in his daily diet. See

5. Get a good cod liver oil supplement to enhance his appetite.

6. Juice vegetables with a celery base, zucchini and cilantro and pepino. And also Ka Rey Herbal supplements.

7. Heal his large intestines with large amounts of cooked animal fat and some colon cleansing.

8. Enforce mono meals. Follow Aajonus Vonderplanitz diet plans and frequency. Probably feed every 2 hours. Lessen sweet fruits. High fat, low carb dieting. Mostly raw meat and some cooked meat.

9. Detox him and prepare him for Beam Ray. Monitor his poops and give him Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea in a planned manner.

10. A series of Beam Ray treatments will obliterate his tuberculosis germs, but this will have to come later when I see his detox organs are ready for the load.

How his day went today?

At 5am had some watermelon.

Went to Dr. Bien and received dorn and energy treatment.  Was given orange juice.

We went to Farmers’ Market and bought sliced fresh raw beef and that was his breakfast.

At home gave him some coconut juice.

Ate some sunny side up duck egg.

Gave Ka Rey Herbal.

Gave him some beef blood.

Gave him a lot of dragon fruit.

Had some coconut juice and some rambutan.

Gave Ka Rey Herbal.

Dinner was seared bloody beef sirloin.  He also ate a piece of cooked duck.

Sleep at 8pm.

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  1. Rogelio Salindong, MD says

    HI Edwin,

    Just read all the informations you have about your 8yr kid. You are in the right track especially giving nutrients and organic foods.

    But there’s something you forgot to do and I think this is the important and what your kid really needs.

    Your not doing the right DETOXIFICATION for your kid. You have to to HEAVY METAL DETOX. And what your giving your kid will not pull out the mercury, aluminum and other toxin out of his body.

    You mention that he has ALL the vaccination that was recommeded by his pedia. If you familiar with vaccine, they contain THIMEROSAL ( it’s an 49% ETHYL MERCURY derivatives) and aluminum. They use this stuff as preservatives. And your kid has all the mercury in his system that’s causing problem to his body. Mercury toxicity suppresses the IMMUNE SYSTEM (kay ng ka TB), it affect ENDOCRINE SYSTEM (stunted growth?) dahil hormone production is affected, and the NEUROLOGICAL SYSTEM.

    Mercury is the one of the most toxic threat today (with lead and arsenic, top 3) pag pumasok in the body ang MERCURY, the are not metabolized kaya naiiwan sya and it accumulates.

    Also check your wife kung mayroon sya amalgam (mercury) filling, “silver filling” in her mouth during the pregnancy. Did she have vaccination during pregnancy (Hepatitis B, tetanus and Rhogam)? If she did, chances is that during the 9 month pregnancy, she was passing all the mercury and also the other toxins to his baby, it crosses the placenta kc. Not only that, it is in the breast milk as well. So everytime she breast fed your kid – may mercury yun!

    And also, all the “galis” na you mention di mawala yan unless you STOP Giving red meat – they contain all the toxins, antibiotic, growth hormone that was injected sa baka and the pig. And you are giving pa “RAW” WITH BLOOD. – they might have parasites and worm eggs. Maniwala ka Hindi mawawala yan if you still continue givingthat kind of food. Stay away also from processed food, canned food, tocino, hotdogs… they have the chemicals that can disrupt your body biofunctions. I know you want the best for your child, and I think you are over whelmed by the information you getting. But to be honest, you are doing it WRONG! I think you have to polish lang some of the things…

    Check the internet with MERCURY TOXICITY and what’s in a vaccine. You find out what I am saying…

    Hope I able to share something. If you want to know how we do MERCURY detox in the clinic, call me sa clinic Klinika Biologic 4396721 (2pm).


  2. Becky Valencia-Verdin says

    Dr. Salingdong,

    Please post detox plan for those of us in other parts of the world.


  3. Ertan Govdeli says

    Dear Dr. R. Salingdon,

    My wife’s brother have colon cancer. we want to came to philipines to see you but we coulndt get your mobile or your landline numbers and your place. Please send your contact details so we can call you..

    God bless you..
    Ertan Govdeli

  4. says

    my son was diagnosed with primary complex.. he is 2 y.o… my problem is that it very hard for me to make him drink medicine… talgang sinusuka nya at niluluwa.. hnahawakan na namin we even use syringe pero hnd talaga namin mapainum… please help

  5. lily says

    my daughter’s been diagnosed with primary complex here in macau and was comfirmed last november when we had the chance to go home to phil, she was given kidz kit 3, if ur familiar with that medicine,advised to take it for 6mos,compliance is good since it’s flavored,but im still worried with my daughter since she’s not eating well though were giving her propan with iron and appebon alternately,and did not gain weight since she’s taking them (kidz kit),and one thing,her cough never stops.its not that frequent during day but before sleeping you can hear her cough likes it wet and crackles,but winter and humid in the environment can affect her condition??
    pls help.worries all the time.

  6. sarah grace ferrer says

    uhmm… i guess… about this treatment you gave to your child (Heal his large intestines with large amounts of cooked animal fat and some colon cleansing.)is not that advisable… according to what i’ve read, any kind of fats or oil is not water-soluble so that means it can’t be diluted or emulsify by water… instead it will just stay in the large intestine… and when we defecate, it will go through with the feces resulting to steatorrhea (or defecating with fats), and some of those fats will remain in the large intestine…

    what i mean is, it won’t clean your large intestine with this kind of diet… i guess…

    well my advice… if you want to cleanse the large intestine of you son, eat foods rich in fiber like pineapple, watermelon, green leafy vegetables, papaya etc. it has lots of nutrients for detoxification and also try to drink lots of water to flush out toxins in the body…

  7. sarah grace ferrer says

    @ PLEASE HELP’s prob:

    try this technique in giving your child medicine… ganyan din prob ng nephew ko, i try these, okay naman…

    Consider dipping a spoon in chocolate syrup and placing the dosage on the coated spoon (if your pediatrician or pharmacist approves). This way, your child’s tongue and taste buds only ‘taste’ the chocolate syrup.

    and these

    Avoid mixing your child’s medicine with food or liquids unless you have been told that it is okay. Although it seems like a good idea, downsides of mixing medicine with food can include your child associating the medicine with food and becoming a picky eater, or not getting a full dose if he doesn’t finish eating or drinking whatever you mixed the medicine with.

  8. nica says

    hi!my son was diagnosed of pc when he was 1 yr.old.we’d given 3 kinds of meds.pyrazinamide was taken after 2 months.i don’t understand,i never missed any of his meds.but still our medication lasted for a year pero wala nangyari.please help.are there any cure for this?how bout a vaccine?tnx

  9. Ton says

    Dear Dr. Roger Salindong,
    I want to ask if it’s purely IV Vitamin C and other vitamins only composes your mercury amalgam detox. I want to to try Dr. Andrew Cutler’s protocol, the DMSA/ Alpha Lipoic Acid but I don’t know where I can buy DMSA here in Manila. and the IV Mercury amalgam chelation are quite expensive, does it include DMSA on the chelating sessions?

  10. says

    To Nica:

    Maybe there is someone who is infected in your family or home that’s why your kid is not cure of Primary Complex. Me and my husband was advised to have an xray to know the source of Primary Complex.

  11. verlane says

    hello im verlane from here in butuan city my son have primary complex since 4years palang siya until now his already 6yo.and we went his doctor this palang 3times.then binigyan ako prescription at sa medicine niya at vitamins para doon ay Isoniazid,Rifampicin at pyracinamide.tapos clarithromycin(klaryz).immuzinc.multigrow,Ascorbic acid. is it right na eto lahat ibinigay ko in everyday?…

  12. grace says

    Hi, my 6yr old daughter was diagnosed to have primary complex today. We also had her blood tested since lagi sya may pasa. Pero cbc tests negative tnx god but is it normal na magkarn ng pasa pg may pc?pls let me know.tnx.


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