Our Chiropractor Dr. Motley Says No to Vegetarianism, Proves Humans are Omnivores

There has never been a culture that has thrived as vegetarians. Hell yes I’m anti-vegetarian and pro meat, just like the healthiest cultures that ever lived. Vegetarians are the sickest people that i see in my office as a group (with the exception of people on pysh-meds).

Who lives the longest?–the japanese.

Who smokes the most?—-the japanese.

Who has a low fiber diet?–the japanese.

The Okinawans live the longest on earth and there diet is 62%+ from pork products.

Who lives the longest in Europe–the French.

Who smokes twice as much as any American and have a high saturated fat diet?– the French.

The Kitvana’a have no history of cancer or heart disease-75% smoke.

Every study on my site smoking or otherwise are medical studies.

Medical studies state that high cholesterol is good not bad.

Medical studies state that smoking has health benefits in small doses.

The healthiest cultures devoid of heart disease and cancer were predominantly high fat and meat diets.

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