So Sad: Dr. Hulda Clark Died of Spinal Cord Injuries last September 3, 2009

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drclarkOh my, it seems Dr. Hulda Clark passed away recently.  She was one of my most respected researchers and authors.  She is a tireless true scientist who always sought to do honest research that benefited everyone.  She kept no secrets and published everything, open sourced technology for all to benefit and improve upon.  She will be missed.

The big impact of Dr. Clark to my health education came from her books, Cure for All Cancers, Cure for All Diseases and Cure for AIDS, Cure for All Advanced Cancers.  Although with my further education into health literacy I would later disagree with the complete de-parasitization of food and the use of artificial vitamins and supplements, I now understand that these were recommendations of Dr. Clark not for longevity health seekers but for her emergency cases in her clinic.

Dr. Clark’s gift to the world is open sourcing her and her son’s zapper technology which allowed many people to make their own and improve on it.  I own 3 zappers and use them when needed.   They absolutely work.  You just need to know when to use them.  The most significant life saver incident of our tiny hand held zapper was when my then 3 year old girl had neck pain which had gone on for 3 days with no relief from the hilot or the chiropractor.  A friend wrote me to check for germs like meningitis in a lab test and administer the correct drug… this gave me an idea, let’s skip the lab test and the drug by administering a broad spectrum electronic device – our hand held hulda clark inpired Don Croft Zapper.  I zapped my daughter and after an hour she stopped crying, her pain went away… all gone!  Thank you Dr. Clark… and Don Croft you made this healing possible!

Dr. Clark’s books also helped our family establish a basic understanding about facets of health we only realized through her books: How bad and prevalent parasites were especially combined with how bad unknown pollution was.  Before Hulda Clark I had no idea about both topics.  Dr. Clark gave us a glimpse of the detoxes and body cleanses with her kidney cleanse herbs, herbal dewormers, electronic dewormers and her version of the Liver Flush.  I had done several versions of liver flushes before I read Dr. Clark on the matter.

Dr. Clark was a true scientist and was open to criticism and improvement.  She made correspondence with Master Herbalist Joel Berry who made a better more convenient herbal dewormer and being a master herbalist taught Hulda Clark that the GREEN WALNUT was much better than the black walnut she previously wrote about to fight parasites.  Hulda Clark made that correction in the new editions of her books and in her videotaped interviews.

I took on a different direction with my health research going towards raw food and raw meat but never forgetting Hulda Clark’s teachings.  I have come to peace with the parasite and germs debate that many sides hold some truth and as the family healer you must be open as to when the parasites and the germs are beneficial and when they need to be kicked out.

Dr. Clark’s imprint on my personal education was her scientific approach, curiosity and non-stop experimentation and non-stop adjustment… always open to improvement.  And I am very grateful to have read her and viewed her videos.  Let us remember to respect her for her selfless contributions to all of humanity.

From a thread on

We just received word that Dr. Hulda Clark passed away peacefully in her sleep September 3, 2009.

Since she had retired and closed her clinic last fall she has spent much time with her family.

We will certainly miss Dr. Clark both as a friend and researcher who gave so much of her self to so many.

A website is being setup in memory of Dr. Clark where people may leave their thoughts and experiences to share with all.

Further information will be posted at that website next week:

For her family and many close friends our condolences and thoughts are with you.

And from Tim Bolen:

Posted September 5, 2009 at 8:48 am | Permalink
My friend Hulda Clark died from the complications of a spinal cord injury that plagued her for the final years of her life.

As many know I accompanied her on her lecture forays around the US and I never told anyone how much pain she was in these last few years. She simply wanted to keep going. I arranged wheelchairs for all of the travel arrangements. A year ago, last October, she was planning on speaking at the Rife conference in Seattle, and although she was able to get her lecture together she could not get her body to cooperate. The pain was too much.

I visited Hulda last Saturday, and she had lost even more functions – so I was unable to take her out to lunch at her favorite restaurant. Although I have always kept this a secret, I want you to know that Dr. Clark’s favorite restaurant in the US was the Home Town Buffett in Chula Vista, California. Going to lunch with her was a time consuming experience, and well worth it, for she bombarded me with the latest findings of her research – treating me as though I were a fellow scientist, and a good friend.

I had the joyous experience of being this wonderful person’s friend. She had an amazing twinkle in her eye, and I will miss hugging her.

Hulda Clark was not just a scientist and author. She was one of the most amazing people I ever met. She was, in person, absolutely delightful. Everything she did was for others. The world has lost a lot with her passing.

I’m going to write a lot more about my friend, but right now I need to grieve.

Tim Bolen

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  1. Rene says

    So sorry to hear about Dr. Hulda Clark’s dearth. I agree, that she will be missed and that her work was extremely helpfull to many people. Please be sure to post the URL address for the planned website in her honor.

  2. says

    Oooohhhh…. i can feel the whole left behind with her passing! Hulda will be resurrected!
    ( i know physical resurrection to be as real as the sun rising every new day! …Where we choose to go in and with our new physical body, of a much higher vibration than our body had while in the realm “what”/”where” our Societal World has as its dwelling realm. And I think it is each person’s own choice — not according to what we each wish/want, but where our ACTIONS and behaviour and loyalty to LIFE were while active in the Social World of “the Western Civilization” !….THAT will determine the Choice…AFTER resurrection… (clearly many will end up in a not so nice of a World-realm! Hulda will go to the very fine higher/highest World-realms!

  3. says

    1Hulda admirerer on Sep 7, 2009 at 1:24 pm:

    Your comment is awaiting approval.

    Oooohhhh…. i can feel the whole left behind with her passing! Hulda will be resurrected!
    ( i know physical resurrection to be as real as the sun rising every new day! …Where we choose to go in and with our new physical body, of a much higher vibration than our body had while in the realm “what”/”where” our Societal World has as its dwelling realm. And I think it is each person’s own choice — not according to what we each wish/want, but where our ACTIONS and behaviour and loyalty to LIFE were while active in the Social World of “the Western Civilization” !….THAT will determine the Choice… AFTER resurrection… (clearly many will end up in a not so nice of a World-realm!) Hulda will go to the very fine higher/highest World-realms! (“…In My Father’s House, there are many Mansions…” is the cryptic statement that –among other ones– support this
    Insight of mine)

  4. says

    Hulda has done more for suffering mankind in these last 15 years– than all others combined.

    Her help was what works– not what makes drug-pushers rich.

    All of us must now re-double our efforts to survice in a world that puts personal gain above all else.

    All human being have the RIGHT to not be poisoned, and not be weakened by negative forces– no matter what they are.

    Hulda simply gave humanity what it has the RIGHT to possess– the ability to survive and to be happy.

    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    If any of you have anything that you can now add to this honorable work, then do it now, for the judgment is soon coming….


  5. rowel says

    im one of the recipient of dr hulda clark invention. the zapper, and its great amoebaiasis, thypoid fever, dengue, a simple fever,flu were my experience that the zapper do good.. we will miss you dr… thanks for sharing these wonderful gadget..

  6. ThomasT says

    so, which is/are the healthy parasites???? And if you add bioflavanoids to synthetic C, which is derived from corn, why is that not good? Sure frshly ground rose hips, but ony in season. Synrhetic C has the same molecular structure as natural.

  7. Nancy says

    A beautiful lady with a beautiful soul. A great loss for all humanity. Sincere condolences and sympathy in particular to the family and friends of this great human being. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. Joseph Zarek says

    Thank you Dr. Hulda Clark for your many contributions and all the people you influenced, touched, and helped with your life’s work. Prayers go out to your friends and family. You will me missed.

  9. John says

    Rest in peace, Dr. Clark. The significance of open source distribution of alternative information (including all blueprints or formulas) cannot be understated. If YOU come up with a cure for AIDS, cancer, etc. DO NOT try to profit from or patent it—the feds will seek to protect the medical cartel and hound you, shut down your office, seize your equipment, prosecute you and get a court order to shut down your web site or book. Instead, for optimal protection of the discovery to the betterment of mankind, set up a site on a foreign domain and server, and sell only the information for others to build on and implement. We can solve major diseases and problems if the government is not given an easy central target to shut down.

  10. Judy Natural says

    Just a note to let you know that we will miss this great lady. Much of her knowledge was through self research and a true Gift from God. I am a Naturopathic Dr. and depend a great deal on the thoughts of Hulda…Research was her middle name and I am so proud of the work she did. My heart and efforts go out to her and her family and the people that she contacted. Best, Judy

  11. Jaimie says

    Although I never met Dr. Clark I respect the sharing and caring of her love for her research and others. I too will continue to strive with projects I am working on and remember when you have a dream that includes the love of helping otheres you will succed. My prayers are with you Dr. Clark, I honor your work.
    Bless you

  12. Dr Ann Fairfax says

    Dr Clark was a very intelligent and courageous woman. I feel the loss of her passing. I extend my sincere sympathy to her family and loved ones. Warm wishes from Australia.

  13. says

    I am saddened to hear of Dr. Clark’s passing on. I was fortunate to work with her for a week at her clinic in Mexico. She normally would not let other practitioners be with her when she had patients. I personally witnessed her treating cancer with success and wanted to learn as much as I could from her to continue her work here in Canada. I have been doing the same, but she was the one taking all of the heat for her writings. I hope all will read her books and learn what she spent her life trying to give the world.

  14. says

    Lets not forget that Hulda sent people to their death missing their teeth and having given away their beloved pets on her advise. Remember that she claimed pets were the source of many diseases including cancer so she advised people to get rid of them. As we all know people with pets live longer, have lower blood pressure and less stress related disease. I just think its a shame to overlook the fact that she made people s last days on earth more lonely as well as traumatized many animals unnecessarily. Lets face it there is no evidence that having a dog gives you cancer.

  15. Bailey says

    Dr Clark was a pioneer and a wonderful scientist. She inspired & informed me
    to take control of my own health!! I think we all need to start taking control of our health if we want to stay healthy!! Thank you Dr. Clark for all your passion and great intentions to help!

  16. Kimberly says

    Very very sad to hear this most horrible news of her passing. She was a wonderful, caring, intelligent human being who will be missed by millions. God bless her for all the wonderful tools she has given to all of us so we now have what we need to help heal ourselves and others of all kinds of illnesses.
    So sorry I never got to meet her in person and let her know how much she has helped me in my own life. Thank you Hulda and God Bless you, dear soul.

  17. DR. SONJA CROSS says


  18. Doreen Larson says

    I am saddened to hear of this great lady’s passing. Her books are treasures of instruction to bring health to all.
    One of my dear friends was diagnosed with lung cancer and given only 15 months to live, but using the treatment from The Cure For all Cancers, the cancer was killed in a few days. She is now back to her vibrant self and we are all thanking God for this miracle. One day the truths in Dr. Clark’s books will be recognized throughout the world and millions will thank God for the gift she has given mankind.

  19. says

    Two weeks a kind man, Robert K., gave me several hours of his off-duty time and told me about Dr. Hulda Clark and much that she taught. A cousin had given me a little zapper.
    I found her site and ordered Dr Clark’s Digital Zapper and it arrived yesterday, with Cure All Diseases and the ddfrequency book -came yesterday, very fast so very saddened to see that she has died

  20. Bill says

    She was an honest, intelligent, woman. A true humanitarian that wanted to cure all people from their chronic health problems.

    I am so glad that I had found her book, watched her dvd, and used her information and products. I went through hell with a respiratory condition that I acquired from an aircraft manufacturing factory. For over 21 years of (hell)..God came through, I used her zapper, herbs, went through the 4 cleanses and do NOT have it any more..What she had said would happen going through the 4 cleanses happened…

    She was a saint in my opinion and she had the guts to get the information out to the public.

    She will be unbelievably missed.

    My sympathies to her family.

  21. La Bonita says

    The ladies at the clinic called me La Bonita. I loved that they cared for me so. I had the beginning stages of cancer and was able to walk away from the clinic disease free. Many of her critics believed that we the patients stayed in the pink house. We did not. There were 2 hotels at La Playas de Tijuana. One very nice the other not so nice, but cheaper. Not many were cured of their diseases–not sure why. But I was. I worked very hard following protocols and even received free treatment when my funding was depleted. But Dr. Clark’s death certificate says she died of multiple myeloma–I knew she was sick when I was there. I could see it in her eyes, we had many conversations–but there was a component she couldn’t figure out, why not everyone would become healed from her treatments. Over the years she refined her research and whittled it down to an element found in bleach–but there was more, other cancers are caused by other things in our environment as well–it’s very complicated. Also, some of the workers took advantage and found ways to prosper for themselves skimming and so forth…there’s a lot more that is not said that many of her patients saw…the food poisoning issue for one and the unclean kitchen/shack. This was slightly remedied but the workers kept using unsafe bleach to wash the pots and pans with. There was a high re-infection rate. I was able to stop re-infecting once I left the clinic and prepared my own food. I think that perhaps the reason Dr. Clark passed on was because her care givers didn’t keep/adhere to her protocols.

  22. Mercedes says

    I was planning on getting to meet her in one of her tours, just to thank her for the many teachings that helped me and my family,with severe allergies and even a Chagas diagnosis. I have every zapper ever made and have donated to others too. I think every family should have this tool as a defense preventive at home apparatus. A very sad loss for the world of health and integrity.

  23. LK says

    My condolences to the family. You have suffered a great loss in your family, and the rest of the world has also suffered a great loss. Her work was facinating and I have quoted some of the things that she said to many individuals. One thing that she said that consistently stands out is “when you remove the parasites and pollutants, the body can heal itself.” She truely understood how fearfully and wonderfully we are made by our Creator.

    It is sad La Bonita, if what you have said is true, because something as simple as peroxide would have done a far better job than bleach and is not detrimental to one’s health, as bleach is. You can use peroxide anywhere you would use bleach — laundry, countertops, bathrooms, and the list goes one. Dr. Clark will be deeply missed, and the health community has lost a great warrior, but her work will go on, thru each of whose lives she has either directly or indirectly touched.

  24. Earlene King says

    I have a zapper and I use it., Have had it many years and cured many minor illnesses. H owever I am 75 and never really been sick. I watch my health. Thanks to many Drs. outside of the normal . Dr. Hulda Clark being one of them.


    Dr. Hulda Clark, helped me in my mitral valve prolapse in his book or via book. Her book is realy healpful. Im so sad that he passed away….. I LoVE you Dr. Hulda clark.. You Opened My Mind! THANK YOU very Much Wherever you are now! God Saved me and you

  26. Joi Adams says

    Dr Clark was an extremely intelligent person, remember, she worked for the federal gov in research for many years, I highly value her opinion in many areas.

  27. Huf says

    Dr. Clark is the most amazing person i never met, her teachings inspired me to “zap” almost anyone including skeptical docs!

  28. Jac says

    Thank you for walking amongst us and perservering the onslaught of indignities Ms. Clark.
    Here was a true physician in the purest sense, and she will be fondly remembered and most importantly, referenced.
    We appreciate your hard work and sacrifices.
    Happy Trails!

  29. Jerry says

    I am so grateful for all the work that Dr. Clark did, and for her books and products. I can’t prove this, but I do not think I would be here if it were not for her book ‘The Cure for all Diseases.’ I had discovered that I had parasites, and a book store employee in Mariposa, CA. Suggested that I read that book. That was 10 yrs ago. I still take the parasite program yearly. I wish that I had had the opportunity to meet Dr. Clark to thank her personally!

  30. Kathi Schatschneider says

    I own two Hobart Health Food stores in Cleveland, OH. For years Dr. Clark would come to my stores to evaluate people for parasitic disease, give talks and sell books. She also offered her private opinion about what employees she thought I should retain or fire.

    Unfortunately in all the times she visited she never noticed that my manager of over 20 yrs. (Lakewood store) had been embezzling from me. I can forgive this because she was a wonderful person and so helpful in other ways.

    Dr. Clark, God bless you. My condolences to her family and friends.

  31. John P. Adams says

    I find the comments that criticize Dr. Clark to be seriously ignorant! They keep putting her research down, as if they KNOW something that works better. I know they cannot be alluding to American modern medicine (main-stream). American (main-stream) medicine has NO cures for ANY major diseases! American health has DROPPED in rankings among the nations of the world to (I believe) 57th, even with us having “the most advanced medical technologies and medicines on the planet”. What a joke! 70% of all fatalities among American treated patients are due to bad medicines and/or poor judgment by their doctors. Hulda Clark’s books tell a person how to get most of what they need for free or dirt cheap, yet American doctors only push EXPENSIVE drugs that TREAT on ailment while causing another ailment that can be 10 times more serious, if not life threatening! For those who want more “proof” than has already been made public about Dr. Clark’s research being affective, I say to you, “Where’s the PROOF that American main-stream) medicine is working?”

  32. Anne Braun says

    Oh no. I am deeply sadened to learn that Dr. Hulda has passed on. Today I thought, I will look her up, having recently been diagnosed with cancer on a vocal cord after just having a cancerous tumor removed from the bladder. Now I find she left us nearly three years ago. I am at a loss for words. How I wish I’d kept in touch with her.

    I first met Dr. Clark in 1992 when I took a close friend to see her who was dying of cancer, and did die just days later. Too late. Dr. Clark was so tender with my friend, she wanted so desperately to help. She also wanted to help me as I was feeling especially bad that day. I also met her son who was working with her in the little clinic.

    I lived in Cincinnati at that time and she was practicing out of a little side yard two room shed near her home in Brown County, Indiana. I drove back to see her another time for consultation. She even hand wrote me several letters, making recommendations for cleansing and improving my health.

    Later, she wrote to me when she had to move her practice to Mexico, with instructions as to where I could stay at Imperial Beach, Ca and travel into Mexico to see her, with transportation provided. Her rates were unbelievably low. I always knew that if I ever had cancer I would track her down. Now she is gone. I am SO disappointed that I won’t be able to see her.

    She was so warm and compassionate, caring and brilliant. I trusted her explicitly. I felt a kinship with her and feel such a terrible loss. This was truly a great lady. God bless to her son, family, friends and patents. She is sorely missed.

  33. Deb Arnason says

    I truly believe that Hulda Clark’s Multiple Myeloma was a result of living in less than pristine conditions in Mexico. (The heavy metals like titanium/nickel in her hip replacements contributed to a weakened immune system as did her age.)

    We had a dear friend who owned a construction business in Naples Florida. He was only in his early 40’s. Danny drank out of one of those construction water coolers and noticed black mold growing under the cap a few days later when he refilled it for his men. Shortly thereafter, he developed what the doctors said was Multiple Myeloma. The regular physicians refused to treat him for, or even consider, black mold and eventually with standard medical treatments, he died. I love Hulda Clark. Her books helped me with mercury removal in my teeth and my husband to recover from lung and prostate surgeries as well as a parathyroid tumor years ago). Cancer is a wasting disease, much like mold rots dead trees. Many cancers are a single cell that grows crazy and feeds on sugar – like mold. That’s how a PET scan works – they feed the patient a radioactive sugar and follow where it goes – it outlines the cancer. We are all on overload in our food, air, water, suffering from parasites, toxic metals, foods, body products, polluted air. Does our planet stand a chance? I believe it does thanks to real non-profit investigators like Hulda Clark! And her legacy lives on. I like Cancer Treatment Centers of America because not only do they use state-of-the-art conventional medicine, they combine it with holistic treatments like Dr. Clark recommended. There is no need for the one to exclude the other!


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