Amazing Quantum Minerals Plus drops relieves painful arthritis on hands

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My good friend asked me to fetch him some Quantum Minerals Plus to give to his mother in law. She has been suffering from painful arthritis on her hands and fingers. Whatever medical treatments they were using were not relieving the pain.

Finally found the schedule to buy her bottle of Quantum. New wrapping now. Bigger bottle too. Of course it works. I got a thank you note that the Quantum was amazing. Yes it is. It is a product of modern medicine. This was made under the direction of Dra. Delia Patawaran MD. So technically this is medical. Just not hospital.

Quantum minerals plus is said to contain volcanic minerals humic acid and fulvic acid plus other stuff, but even better is it is energized… energy medicine. So Quantum has an almost instant very fast reaction to the human body. Simple arthritis or gout deposits are easily dissolved and neutralized by Quantum.

The next trick is to stop new acid deposits from forming. The solution is as easy as switching to a raw paleolithic high raw fat diet. That is the original human diet of raw meats, raw fruits and a few edible when raw vegetables. Kidneys are rested this way. Kidneys when rested are allowed to heal. No new acid deposits are made. You will no longer need Quantum when you are on a raw paleolithic diet.

Arthritis is easy to cure when you know how. Now you know. Be well.

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