Applying to locate my office to the building beside the big wet market for fresh food daily

The great flood of September has forced us to move our physical office.  My target is Medalla building beside Farmer’s Market in Cubao, my favorite wet market.  This time my choice of office location is dictated by my new gut instinct, the need for fresh food, fresh raw meats, fresh fruits, fresh everything, you name it.

Besides, I go to Farmer’s market often enough I can save on parking, on gas, they have most of the things we need: the best grass fed raw beef, fresh ocean fish daily at 1:30pm, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, raw honey, and they have a dampa for those cooked food eaters.

My personal interest is raw meats daily at lunch.  Fresh from the butchers.  Never refrigerated.

My family interest is daily marketing.  Just like Japanese traditions, fresh food is the very important. I could work as early as 7am and go home by 2pm when the kids fetch me.  I come home with fresh food.

The location is very good for public transportation, just go down the MRT station and you are there.

The room we are looking at has a nice view and nice fresh air at the top of the building.  Maybe it is fresh enough that the dirty air is at the bottom.

We are still waiting for the landlord to give us a go signal.  I don’t see why not.


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