Ripe sweet Chesa fruit: Anybody know their nutritional value?

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Chesa is a wild crafted fruit. There is no industry or plantation for commercial cultivation. Sometimes in the fruit market you may see a few of them. A new batch we chanced upon came from my in laws’ ancestral home in Los Banos Laguna. A chesa tree full of creamy ripe fruit.

I find this chesa pretty good. The best I’ve eaten. But my father in law says he has tasted the best in Ilocos in his far home province. None of us know what this ice cream tasting fruit is good for. Nutritional value?

My mother in law thinks its good for the eyes due to its squash like color. Anybody know? Please post a reply. Thanks.

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  1. says

    Does this chesa the same with Zapote? I remember during my childhood when are still at the province, we use to eat chesa seldom. The color reminds me something when it touches my toungue. But I think this fruit has a lot of nutritional value which we don’t yet know because of infamously.


  2. Karen says

    Hi thank you rin dito sa inpormasyon… sa wakas nalaman ko na rin ang kahalagahan ng chessa… i love this fruit.

  3. says

    @ carol..,,tnx for the link,,…kung saan2 ako nghanap sa components ng chessa dto lng pla..,,,tnx tlga,,..I used it for our research..,,,

  4. lou says

    meron po ba kayong easy ice cream recipe/sherbet nito….para ma improve ginagawa ko..i just add condensed milk then freeze….

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