Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS) Possible Cure: Try Olive Oil Enemas

I’ve been reading about many people suffering from IBS and they are trying all sorts of diets to cure IBS. But there should be a FASTER way to cure IBS. Our intussusception experience introduced us to olive oil enemas. Historically, old time doctors have reduced colon type tumors with olive oil very very fast. Why not inflamed colons?

This curiosity was triggered by an email in the raw paleo diet mailing list:

Been suffering with IBS for years, eating raw has helped but has not eliminated the problem. Still I dont know exactly why do people suffer from IBS, yes its a inflammation of the bowels but why? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Being the goodsamaritan that I am, this was a problem that needs solving, so here are my 2 cents:

Seems there is a shortcut to cure IBS: Olive Oil Enemas

Try it, it may work for you.

Please try extra virgin olive oil enemas every other day before sleeping. Try 12 ounces at least inside. Hold for at least 15 minutes. Lie down in different positions, left, right, flat on back, flat on tummy, and with ass raised.

Please report if you have marked improvement after 1 week.

And from another website, it seems other people have clued in on olive oil for IBS before, you just have to ask google the right keywords: “ibs olive oil enema”

Why Olive Oil Re-Educates the Colon

There are certain characteristics that make olive oil the premiere choice as a medium for use in procedures that help re-educate the colon posture within the abdominal cavity. They are as follows:

1. Olive oil is heavier than water and as such, implant procedures, which utilize gravity to aid in the re-education process (posture normalization), are further aided by the heavier weight of the oil. Additionally, introducing olive oil to full colon capacity will result in a therapeutic distention or expansion of the organ. This distention therapeutically stretches the colon. With repeated implant sessions, this “stretching” process will tend to realign and reconstitute the integrity of the organ within the abdominal cavity towards a normal shape, size, and position. By using gravity along with this stretching action, old kinks, loops, gnarls, or twists of the colon can be corrected.
2. Because Olive oil is fairly stable inside the colon, massaging techniques—especially massaging techniques, which also incorporate gravity—is useful to realign and lift the colon back into a normal position, especially the transverse section.
3. Administering the olive oil in the knee-chest position is a good example of how gravity can be used to promote the “re-education” process.
4. Olive oil lubricates the mucosa lining in the colon. The lubrication process further aids in the “re-education” of the colon. Although many people take olive oil in their diet orally, rectal infusion is excellent because the mucous membrane of the bowels can absorb the oil much faster with higher saturation.

Olive oil works to heal the colon. The above technique is used with as much olive oil as one can hold, 1-3 quarts, a non-latex enema bag and a retention nozzle. In addition, smaller amounts of olive oil, along with Aloe Vera and MSM, work to heal an inflamed colon when one has IBS or any other related bowel disease.


So if you have IBS, give this a try for 2 weeks. Theoretically, it should work for IBS. Make sure it is extra virgin olive oil. I will be trying this on our son who almost got surgery from intussusception, was diagnosed with polyps and used to have tuberculosis and has growth problems… needs catching up.

May we all succeed! Feedback welcome!

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