Vander Gaditano’s First Aid Treatment for Asthma is Pop Cola

Yesterday I drove my Singaporean friend to Vander Gaditano’s healing farm. We were talking shop last night about healing practices and one concept that I think requires blogging is that the specific brand Pop Cola is a significant first aid treatment for asthma.

Vander says Pop Cola has more carbon dioxide content than other cola brands. He says this rush of carbon dioxide when drank causes the lungs to expand and the asthma is relieved in the patient.

I have my own corollary explanation. Remember the Buteyko method where asthma is said to be caused by over breathing? That of too much oxygen. That asthma sufferers need to practice shallow breathing and slower breathing, allow their lungs to accumulate more carbon dioxide because in our lungs we humans make the effort of transforming the ambient air to a higher concentration of carbon dioxide before we are to optimally absorb oxygen in the blood. Maybe Pop Cola introduces this much carbon dioxide into the system and helps the asthmatic immediately, without the Buteyko method training.

As Vander says, there are many ways and many approaches to varying conditions. This is just one of them. I now have to look for a store that sells Pop Cola. If you are asthmatic, you need to stock up on Pop Cola.

Who is Vander? He’s my current “jedi master Yoda”, someone I consider a master of crisis healing. If you have cancer or some terminal disease, he is your best shot. More info on Vander Gaditano click here.

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