Pyroenergen Treats Dry Cough, Hard to Breath Lungs

I have a friend and tourist visitor named E. He went to Palawan and ate a good amount of lechon (roasted pig) and his troubles began. Must have been too much cooked pig skin and MSG. Had liver pain, then rashes in the front and back of his body. Initially had a bad case of diarrhea. Was dry coughing really bad with nothing expelled. Then had difficulty breathing lying down, which led to sleep deprivation for 4 days… He arrived in Manila last night so I had to take action.

Parasite cleanse. I don’t know what he picked up in Palawan, but regular dosing of dewormer should clean him up of parasites. 1 tablespoon in 1/2 cup of water. Sip don’t gulp in 5 minutes, 30 minutes before meals, 2x per day.

Kidney cleanse. Avocado leaves tea. Just 7 fresh avocado leaves in 1.5 liters of filtered water. Boil for 15 minutes. Drink the whole night. Pee your toxins away, cleans the blood.

Nutrition. E had not had his comfort food for some time in Palawan so at my house he had some raw beef, raw fat and raw bone marrow. And later on he had some raw liver ceviche and this evening I gave him some fresh raw liver. Figured on his 3 months touring south east asia he was B12 deficient from not eating any liver for 3 months.

Pyroenergen to the rescue. E felt really bad. I saw him try to lie down and he said he couldn’t breath. He resorted to try sleeping sitting up but that didn’t work too well. This young man needed his sleep. Pyroenergen works to fix the body electric aura to allow self healing. In the case of E, everytime he used the pyroenergen, he would be able to cough out phlegm! No longer the dry cough. In 1 hour of pyroenergen E was able to expel and finish off a toilet paper roll full of phlegm. In 1 hour his lungs felt it had improved 50%. He was still coughing after the machine was turned off, but E was finally able to sleep! Awesome!

Today E just spent the time at his hotel sleeping. Too tired. He experimented with the Pyroenergen and found that it repeatedly helped him in coughing out the mucus. Interesting.

We also tried a whole bunch of other stuff on E like Quantumin drops in his nose and gargling it with water, with colloidal silver gargling to stop the coughing, lagundi just once to expel mucus, oleia oil on his chest and back to hopefully relieve any inflammation. But it was the pyroenergen that was the highlight of this healing act. Of course the other methods helped. The kidney cleanse expelled some foul smelling pee and his rashes have lessened.

I left E a steam bath generator but he didn’t use it yet. E feels good enough this evening we have plans to driving out of town tomorrow. Thanks again pyroenergen!

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