How to Cure Michael Douglas of Throat Cancer in the Philippines

My suggestion for Michael Douglas to be able to cure his throat cancer is to go to both Vander Gaditano for 24 hour healing nutrition and lifestyle coupled with the beam ray expert Romy Macapagal. Both will suggest lots of raw organic liver. And hopefully the beam ray machine will stop the degeneration of Michael Douglas’ throat. The killer is when the throat degenerates to a point where he cannot swallow anything, whether food or liquid.

The basic idea is to nourish Michael Douglas while he can still swallow food. Alkalizing his body will stop the progress of throat degeneration. The beam ray is to stop any bacteria or fungus eating his throat. Once his body is nutrified enough with raw fat, raw liver, raw protein and raw vegetable juices, his throat can be rebuilt.

So Michael, get in touch with me and I’ll organize the two of them to work together on your case. Do not wait for chemotherapy to finish. Contact Vander first.


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